2010 Mar 07 | early b-day celebration in Kemah

I hate the post office; the line got even longer after this.

Uh, yeah, pretty sure it's not my job to try empty the shredder and try to fix it after people keep trying to shove paper into it after it's way to full, thereby clogging it up. But I do it anyway.

Open March 13??? I don't think I can wait that long!

No ties, no hands... but no babies? Do you really need to say that?

Yeah, just want I want, breadsticks without any toppings.

What woman would want 3-D bug valentines? Maybe that's why it's in the 90% off clearance section.

There were a bunch of bags filled with various candy above the pick-a-mix. Are those bags kids put candy in and then the parents took them back? I can't think of any other explanation.

A lot of food for cheap.

The one thing I need doesn't have a price tag on it.

The guy in front of me at the regular check out had a plumber's snake without a tag. The cashier was new and didn't know the phone number for hardware to call them up and check on a price, so he wandered off, either to get a manager or to check in person. It seemed faster to use the self checkout at that point, and it all went fairly smoothly until I tried scanning the UPCs on these glasses. The stickers were stuck up in a depression, so it couldn't read them. I tried typing in the UPC number, but that didn't work. Finally I just a sticker off, stuck it on my finger, and ran it back and forth until it registered.

I hate getting change back, so this is the absolute worst price scheme I can think of. Neat idea, pain for me in reality.

A birthday present from Jenny: a book called Stuff White People Like.

We made chicken. She brought frozen chicken. Frozen chicken that was too long to fit into the microwave to thaw. So I cracked it in half with my knee.


"Uh, no, that's not how you use a vegetable peeler. Turn it 90 degrees."

She seemed to really enjoy sticking all the spices down into the chicken so they didn't fall out.

"Hand me a shovel to move them." "Shovel? Ah, you mean a spatula."

All ready to bake!

I mentioned I like ice cream caked from DQ, and that's what she got.

Saturday morning we went to Kemah for the day. Our first stop was a helicopter tour. However, when we got to the airport, we were greeted by a locked gate that nobody we called knew how to open. So we drove around to the main entrance.

Although we had to race a train to get into the entrance. Well, OK; not really race. It was going really slowly. But there was still the fear that we'd have to wait for it if it got to the road before we did, which really would have been a pain because it was going so slowly.

Before the helicopter ride we had champagne and strawberries.

Wow, really nice bathrooms.

And I come back to see her finishing off what had been a fairly full bottle of champagne. "We paid for it, right?" Well, I guess that makes sense.

Us in front of the helicopter.

I pretty much climbed on my hands and knees out of fear I'd get my head chopped off...

...but she didn't duck at all.

Some other planes at the airport.

Us in the helicopter.

A tall motel.

Some boats out on the water.

Some more at the docks.

Houston in the distance.

A view of the Kemah boardwalk.

My trusty map reader hard at work on the drive to Kemah.

Lots of little shops.

A neat little garden.

"Well, they're kid's glasses, so they don't quite fit."

This parrot made all kinds of animal noises.

Some neat antique dresses and other items.

The one ride she absolutely didn't want to go on was closed. Lucky.

Going up on the roller coaster.

Someone kicked his shoes off before starting on another ride.


On the Pharoah's Fury, the swinging boat ride.

On the ferris wheel.

They got the Drop Zone working again, but we had to go...

... to make our appointment for a sunset cruise.

Leaving the dock.

I was terrified this was going to swing forward and smack me in the head.

A speed boat.

It was actually pretty cold up top. I had brought a blanket, and that helped a lot, but we still ran downstairs to warm up a bit.

We had wine glasses, but it was too wavy to pour and cold to hold them, so we just drank from the bottle.

Some other ships.

Coming back in.

A closer view of the boardwalk.

Leaving our ship.

Some neat motorcycles lit up for the night.

Steak dinner at T-Bone Tom's.

And a wine tasting at D'Vine Winery.

The Kemah lighthouse. Actually, the day ended up being pretty cheap because we used coupons for the more expensive things (helicopter ride, sail boat) and got discounts at some others (like the winery).

We went to Baby Barnaby's for breakfast. This jerk pulled into this spot and parked like this.

Then he and his girlfriend got out and it was quite obvious they didn't fit the crowd. For example, she had heels on when the nicest shoes anybody else was wearing were tennis shoes. And not just any heels, but ones like this.

Playing chess with Shu-Ling at Teahouse.

The we moved to a little dessert place.

Where this cute little kid kept coming up and watching us.