2010 Mar 14 | regatta, St Paddy's parade, bats

A nice unexpected finding: events going on around Texas.

Some pretty apartments in the Heights.

Eating at the cheap burger joint near our tango lessons.

We noticed JD's Sports Bar & Billiard by our tango lessons, so we decided to drop by one night. The bartender said they just left this guy up after Halloween.

After a few games I realized the glass in front of where the balls are stored was completely missing, but since the bartenders were all really cool, I decided to keep using quarters instead of just grabbing the balls for free.

My t-shirt from the Great Urban Race. I put green squares around cities I've been and red ones around ones I haven't. There are mostly green squares.

I smelled some really sweet flowers here (they smelled kind of like honey), but I couldn't figure out which ones they were.

But when I stopped by another store, I found out they were snow princesses. They still didn't have jasmine, though.

A twilight tour of Bayou Bend's house and gardens with wine and hors d'oeuvres. Gotta love coupons to stuff like this.

On the patio.

Some fun servers.

Looking at flowers.

The house from the east.

And from the north.

A shiny bug.

Us with one of the gardens in the background.

One of the rooms in the house.

You crossed across this bridge to get there.

Stopped by this pizza place to try something new...

... and something just didn't feel right about this. Buy 8 for 62.375 cents a piece or 15 for 63.267 cents a piece. Although that would actually work out better because then I could get two types rather than just one.

Jenny took me to Sambuca for my birthday.

It was dark in there. Really good food.

Monica called me at 11:08pm, when I was fast asleep. "It's not my birthday yet," I said. She replied, "It is where I am!" I think that's cheating.

Saturday morning we went to Buffalo Bayou to watch the regatta.

It was a really nice day.

Us grabbing all the free things we could from every booth.

Gotta love the big hunks of meat.

After that we walked to the St. Patrick's Day parade. It was nice because it was only a few blocks away.

Shriners on bikes and scooters.

A dance team.

A band / dance team.

Some musicians.

Another dance team.

A big ol' leprechaun.

That's a big bike.

We were near the end of the route. A few women apparently hadn't given out candy fast enough, so they just dumped a lot of it on us.

Playing volleyball that afternoon.

Marian hitting.

Marina digging.

Mo jumping.

Right after VB, Lucy and I had a birthday picnic.

It worked out really well because we watched the bats under the Waugh bridge, which was only a few blocks away from volleyball.

The fly out right around sunset.

They all seemed to take the same route, too.

Us with the bats in the background.

Kind of hard to see, but some more bats under the bridge.

Lucy got us burgers from Christian's Tailgate, which I love, and cupcakes from Crave.

Even inside the box it says don't open until my birthday, haha.

All my presents before opening...

... and after.

Aw, one number away from winning $30,000.