2010 Mar 28 | Frontier Fiesta, Jazz Soiree, Candy toga

That's such a good deal, but I'd just never wear them.

That's interesting.

Grr, the quarter fell in that little spot. Gotta get my keys to fish it out.

Double free food for lunch. Pizza from an organization meeting and leftovers from some vendor meeting.

Never noticed the middle name on that building before.

Thursday night we went to Frontier Fiesta, some party thing UH puts on. Here's the gambling room.

This place had a pirate theme.

A few rides.

Jenny with the UH mascot, Shasta.

Me with him.

Jenny with the mascot from Chick-fil-A.

A singer.

It was free to get into the festival, but then you had to buy tickets to get food and into some of the shows. Although the shows were only $1 per person, and they were pretty fun.

Another show.

After that we did a quick little tour of the library. This is some pretty nerdy grafitti.

I wonder how many of these books have never been checked out.

They obviously want you to know what floor you're on.

You can rent these little study cubicles for the semester, although some people turn them almost into their house. There's a coffee machine and a window shade and a computer and shoes in this one.

Jenny by this neat light-up artwork.

This is brilliant: instead of watering your plants, just put three ice cubes in them every week.

There were termites in the contact lens area. They tried just using a bug bomb, but that didn't work. So after clinic one night these guys came in and dug down into the concrete to try to find them. After they dug deep enough they found some wood that the termites apparently were in. I wonder how they got up through all that concrete, though.

A neat house.

A really strong blow drier: it pushed all my skin around.

Friday night Fran was singing at a Jazz Soiree at Rice, so I went there. Before it began there was a free lesson.

It was free, and there was free food; nice.

Fran singing.

You had to pay $1 to park in this lot, although I guess if you were really cheap, you could just move this out of the way and drive out.

After that I went to a club called Candy. I really wasn't that interested in checking out the club, but they were giving out free movie passes to Clash of the Titans if you dressed in a toga.

So I grabbed a sheet, two safety pins, some gold rope, and a wreath I had and checked it out. It actually was pretty fun because almost nobody else dressed up, so I hung out with the promoters of the event most of the night, including Becki.

Me with the club dancer. It was pretty fun and I got the passes and some other free stuff.

Saturday morning we did the beeping Easter Egg hunt.

The beeping eggs: you put a battery on the little noise-maker, stick them in an egg, and go put them on the ground.

Looking for eggs.

The kids took the eggs to the rabbits and got some candy.

There were also some face painters there.

This area had some games they could play.

This was pin the tail on the bunny, but since the tail had velcro and only one spot on the bunny had velcro, it was pretty much impossible to not get unless you just gave up.

Some clowns making balloon animals.

Cleaning up.

The NOSA group with the rabbits.

I got a coupon for a free car wash at Bubbles Express, but since the weather just got nice, it's been pretty packed.

A nice day for volleyball.