2010 Apr 04 | suturing, Vintropolis wine festival

They put in a new automatic sliding door at the school, but it's been having problems lately, so you have to push it open sideways to get out. They were working on it, though, so hopefully it's fixed.

Good timing. I saw a patient a few weeks ago with corneal collagen cross-linking, which we've never learned much about because it's still pretty experimental, and now it pops up on the cover of this journal.

It's funny how nobody wanted to park in the closer row.

In lasers lab we practiced garbing up for surgery.

And suturing.

My sutured chicken wing. Optometry is weird because you can only do procedures that the law allows you to do, but they vary by state. Some states you can do a lot of procedures in, like lasers, and other states you can do very little. So it's nice to get practice in things we can't do in Texas because you might be able to do them in another state or in the future in Texas.

For OD/Med we have to go through the patients' previous charts and write up a report on them. Some are skinny and not so bad, and some look like this and have to be held together with rubber bands. Not fun.

Tuesday night we used the free passes I got at the toga party at the club to go to an advanced movie screening (the movie didn't come out until Friday). It was also neat because we got in before everyone else and had reserved seating.

Dumb fire alarm means we all have to evacuate the building for a while.

This woman was using food stamps, and I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to buy cotton candy with them. Although I guess if you use the self-checkout lanes nobody checks it. Then again, most cashiers probably wouldn't say anything, either.

Playing pool at Slick Willie's.

This belt is a little too big, but I like it and it's really cheap. The nice thing about belts that are too big, though, is that they're easy to fix with a knife. If they're too small, though, you're stuck.

I was looking for a certain shirt and couldn't find one. This was pretty close, but it was way too big, and since it was at a thrift store, I couldn't just go and ask for a different size.

One way to warn people about a pot hole.

I finally got to use my free wash at Bubbles.

Although I had to take my antennae ball off. The main reason I like it is because it makes it easier to find the Jeep in a crowded parking lot.

Playing volleyball on a nice day.

Saturday evening we went to Vintropolis for a wine tasting.

La Madeleine was in the same area and was selling their mini parfaits and big loaves of bread for only $1.

Lots of wine inside.

Free jerky samples.

Scoring the different wines we tasted.

There was actually over 100 different wines, and after a while, we just gave up on scoring all of them unless they were really good and we thought we might buy a bottle. We still didn't even get close to trying them all, though.

Some fun women tasting and pouring.

Cheap food.

A live band. We had two coupons for $10 each, so we ended up buying three bottles and paying under $10 out of pocket for them.

Glad we saw this while we could still turn onto another road to go around. Although by the time we went over, up, and then back onto this road, he was out of the way.

On Sunday afternoon, Shu-Ling and I had a picnic at Memorial Park.

We played volleyball on Sunday afternoon, too. Great weather and there was only one other group there so we didn't have to wait to play.

Lots of pretty flowers starting to come up.

A fun license plate.