2010 Apr 11 | opera, banquet, Japan Fest

Not sure what exactly these big skinny bugs are, but they've started coming out. At least they don't bite or sting.

Free food at school. They mark the type of meat and bread, but honestly, I'm more interested in what kind of cookie there is.

Uh, the white line is way back here, buddy.

We were going to play volleyball at the school court, but people were already there, so we ended up going to Spotts Park.

This was a little freaky. The reflection of my head in the window looked like it was in the driver's seat of the truck outside.

The sign on the right is missing the top half. Uh, so what's ahead? A dead end? Water? Godzilla?

I wanted to get a vest / tie / shirt / hanky for our spring banquet that matched Jenny's dress, but I couldn't find any, so I was going to rent one from a tuxedo shop. I happened to drive by this discount store and went in, and as luck would have it, I found a set there for only $20.

They had some other pretty funk items.

Unfortunately, the only dark purple one was opened. It had a vest and tie, but instead of a handkerchief, it had a bowtie. However, I can turn a bow tie into a hanky with only a pair of scissors.

We had a coupon to Pizzitola's, a BBQ restaurant. All the employees were really fun and the food was pretty good, too.

Friday night we went to Opera in the Heights, which has student tickets for only $10, to see La Boheme.

Jenny asked me to watch her purse while she ran to the bathroom. Uh, yeah, considering the income levels of the other people here, I don't think you really have to worry about them stealing it.

After that we went to Studio Movie Grill, which we went to because my classmate Tammy had emailed me some free tickets.

Silvered windows; neat.

Saturday morning we had some speakers for the Practice Management organization. This speaker gave away some prizes, including this one, a crisp $100 bill.

Remote-controlled sail boats at Discovery Green.

There was some sort of electronic music festival there, but there wasn't really anybody there for it around this time.

Some flowers in the pond.

Nice, lots of porta-pottys at Spotts Park, where we play volleyball. No more driving up a few blocks to find a gas station now.

Although that's not a good sign; lots of glass in the parking lot = broken window. Thankfully nothing was stolen from any of us that day.

Beatiful day for some volleyball.

And there was only one other group there we had to share the courts with, and we even played against them a few games.

Oops, forgot to towel the sand off after volleyball before showering.

Spring banquet for the school.

This is nice. They had a raffle for a digital widefield, which costs about $350, and I won it. I had all of my fingers crossed and Jenny blew into my hands like at a craps table, haha.

Dancing after the awards.

We were going to go to Baby Barnaby's for brunch, but the line was really long (as always) and we had places to go, so we decided to try out Cafe Express instead. We got all excited about their breakfast menu but then the cashier said they had stopped serving breakfast about an hour ago. So we ordered some lunch food instead, and it turned out to be really, really good, so it all worked out.

We went to Hermann Park for Japan Fest after that. Jenny smelling some roses in the rose garden there.

Some singers.

Kids singing.

Lots of booths.

Some cute kids.

A pond in the Japanese garden.

A tea ceremony.

Some more dancers.

A martial arts demonstration.

Lots of younger kids.


Throwing an attacker with a knife.

This guy was really good.

As was this guy.

A bo.

A sword.

A staged sparring match.

Spinning jump kick to break some boards.

Backflip and kick to break boards.

Elbow strike.

Breaking eight boards with a palm strike.

Some realy little kids.

Jump kick.

A kid with a bo.

Another jump kick.


Four people doing a demonstration.

Same four, each with a bo.


And everyone at the end.

Some drummers.

Jenny with a real sword. The guy was cutting paper to show how sharp it was so people would be careful with it.

An antique sword that would cost you $25,000 if you wanted it.


More origami.

Origami cards.

An origami hat.

Flower arrangements.

A shallow pool you can walk in.

The pagoda.

Some pretty flowers at an expensive apartment by the park.

That's an interesting parking job.

A card you can record a greeting onto. However, after you play it once, it's gone. Which would really stink if the play button accidentally got hit before the person listened to it.

NOSA banquet Sunday night at Boudreaux’s.