2010 Apr 11 | HoB luau, Miller Outdoor: Cats

A whole family of Jesus fish on one truck.

Making care packages with NOSA.

I think some of the meters still charge after 6pm, but when I tried to pay at this one, this message came up, so I guess it's free.

Wednesday night was the TSO banquet at the Magnolia Hotel.

I like taking stairs rather than the elevator, especially when almost nobody takes the stairs, because sometimes you find neat things like this. I guess they were basically using the stairwell as a storage area since nobody uses it.

I like how "No" was blacked out.

One of the best meals I've ever had in Houston. The steak was amazing. The only problem is there's no restaurant, but they do have a kitchen, so I don't know exactly where they got it from and therefore if I'll ever be able to eat it again.

They did a raffle for prizes and Jenny won a $50 gift card.

I love this color.

Aw, Nerf Wars on the main campus. That would be fun.

Not only did the bulb blow, it blew so hard pieces shot through this giant piece of glass in the back of the projector. Yeah, that'll make my exam go much faster; wonderful.

Thursday night we had dinner with Bruce and Leslie at Max's Wine Dive. I had wild boar pasta, which was really good.

And the dessert was yummy, too.

Behind a Target there is this sculptor's studio or something and he stores all these giant president heads he makes. Since Jenny and I were in the area, we checked them out.

One of the best phone numbers I've ever seen.

Our attending for contact lenses, Dr. Lowery, brought cupcakes for us on our last day.

Us with her.

Maybe having the one with pink frosting was a bad idea. Oh well; I didn't plan on sticking my tongue out at any patients anyway.

It's interesting how when there's a cop trying to get through traffic at rush hour, the cars in the far right lane manage to squeeze into the next one over and then merge back without too much trouble. Although it's still really slow.

Another example of how businesses in Texas tend to make a big deal about how they're Texan, even the national chains, like Burger King here. I guess the Texans fall for this, though.

Friday night there was a free Hawaiian luau at the House of Blues. I bought a few cheap accessories at Arne's Warehouse, a party supply store, and we ended up winning the costume contest. This is us on stage with the DJ and a manager. Plus, I even sold the parrot to some woman at the party for $5, so I got my money back on that.

The crowd dancing.

The wine we bought with our coupons at the wine tasting. I'm not really into drinking wine with meals, but when you've got the coupons, you might as well use them.

I have a cheap $12 yellow-and-white volleyball. Someone at our VB games had a silver and white one that was a lot better, so we went to Academy, and sure enough, there it was. The only problem is it was $30. We took them out of the cases to compare them and talked about how easy it would be to stick the $30 ball in the $12 case and scam the store. Until we got up to the register and the clerk kept spinning the ball around and mentioned how he had to find the UPC code on the ball and scan it so people wouldn't just switch the packages.

We had brunch at Le Peep. We thought there might be outdoor seating up the stairs, but actually it was something even rarer: a fairly empty parking lot in Rice Village, which is notorious for being hard to find parking. Although I wonder how you actually get up there.

I noticed the different locations all had 7337 as the last four digits of their phone numbers, and I'm guessing it's because it looks like "Peep."

Our waitress lost this piece of bacon when she was coming around the corner. She didn't know I saw it because I was looking off to the other side and noticed it peripherally. I was hoping she'd volunteer that she'd lost a slice and would offer to get us another one, especially because each slice cost 50 cents if you broke it down, but she just walked away and cleaned it up after a while.

Playing VB in the afternoon. Play it of the net, people!

Kevin being a bit of a ball hog, haha.

Jeremy about to spike it.

Michael spiking it but getting set right back.

A face-off at the net.

Jenny setting the ball.

Kevin getting up in the air.

Jenny with one of Kevin's cute little doggies.

This pigeon was inside of this box in the medical center. Seemed like a pretty nice little home for him; he has food and even a little rag to sleep on. I wonder if someone actually set it up for him.

Saturday night we went to Miller Outdoor Theater to watch Cats. It doesn't start until 8pm, but even at 6:30, which is when we got there, the place was pretty full.

Thankfully we managed to squeeze into a little spot up near the wall.

This side is for people on blankets; the other side is for people with chairs, which I think is a smart way to divide the audience.

Jenny was a little cold, so I went back to the Jeep to see if I had a blanket. I didn't, but I did manage to find a long-sleeved shirt and a towel, which worked about the same.

There are some seats with a roof overhead. Most of the performances are first-come, first-serve, but a few you show up at noon, get tickets to the seats, and then you have reserved seating for the show that night. A few minutes before the show starts, they let people without tickets take any unoccupied seats. People are actually pretty tame about it; you'd think there'd be a bit more fighting and running for seats. In fact, this time there were still some seats empty during the show. Then again, it wasn't raining and the weather was really nice.

Aw, how cute. These little girls are dressed up like cats.

The show.