There was a big rally for immigrants on May 1st. It's interesting here because a lot of the immigrants in the Bay Area are Asian, but they seem to want to hide that fact and let the Mexicans stand out as the immigrants.

The grocery carts have stoppers on a wheel, so if you try to take them out of the parking lot, the wheel locks up. Apparently, this lady didn't believe the signs about it.

I don't think I've ever seen someone walk like this. I've seen people walk with their hands in their back pockets palm-in, but not palm-out.

Not a multinational corporation.

I went to Napa to see Natalie MacMaster play. It's wine country, and downtown is really historic and nice looking.

A little brook there.

Natalie MacMaster.

"We sell cars." Yeah, I'm sure a car that's been a rental all of it's life has been taken very good care of.

What do you get when you order a burger with nothing but carmelized mushrooms? Everything but carmelized mushrooms.

We put our couch out because apparently some of the people didn't want it anymore.

And within a few hours, someone had claimed it. Not sure if the note would keep anyone else who wanted the couch from grabbing it, but I guess it's worth a shot.

The parking cops drive around and mark your back tire with chalk so they can see if it's been sitting there too long when they come around next time. I never knew how they did it; I figured they had to get out of their little car thingy and put it on by hand. I saw one doing it today, though, and they just have chalk on a stick, so they don't even have to stop.

After buying books at the thrift shops for 25 cents, even the $3 bargain books at Barnes and Noble seem expensive. I noticed they only sell hardcover books there, too.

You can trade in your old BART tickets when you buy a new one and get the balance of the old one put on the new one. Some people apparently collect a bunch of ones that other people throw away because they only have like 30 cents on them and bring them all in at once.

This lady complained to the management that the chair was dirty and she sat on something that got her pants wet. Uh, maybe you should try looking where you're going to sit next time rather than wasting 15 minutes of everybody's time whining about it.

This was fun. After getting on the BART one morning, the conductor said that it wouldn't go past West Oakland, so we'd all have to get out there and wait for the next train. Apparently, though, that had happened to the people in the train before us, and they all thought they could get on our train to go to SF. So they were pushing to get on while we were pushing to get off, and we're trying to yell that this train also isn't going any further.

This lady was complaining that her pizza had mushrooms or something on it, which she didn't want. How about just picking them off? I could see the problem if you're allergic to them, but she didn't seem to be.

Ah, the wonderful free stress tests. I've seen these around, and knew there was some catch. I finally stopped and really looked at one, and lo and behold, I saw copies of Dianetics on the table. Stress test, eh? How about sneaky way to get people into your crazy "religion?"

Kaboom! is a big yearly outdoor festival at one of the piers in SF. It starts at about 4pm and goes to about 9pm, when there are fireworks. It took me 20 minutes just to walk past the line to get in.

Justine, one of my roommates, was working there.

Pretty much everybody brought chairs to sit on. You can get away with sitting in the grass at concerts, but sitting on concrete on a pier for hours probably wouldn't be as comfortable.

Tenant parking? At a liquor store?

I can buy some of the new-age health goofiness, but electrical pollution is stretching it.

If I made these lotto checker things, when they detected a winning ticket, they'd suck it in and send it to me. Or, even better, say it's not a winner and then email me the location of the store so I can go dig in the garbage for the ticket.

That's an excellent place to put a grate; right where I can drop my car-wash token under it. I gave up after digging for it with a pen for a couple of minutes.

This building has a little park area on the roof.

An interesting sign.

I'm usually pretty good at figuring out license plates, but I still have no idea what this one means.

This kid kept opening and closing, opening and closing the door to the fridge in the check-out line. It was driving me crazy. That makes the store use more electricity and makes the stuff I buy more expensive. And his parents were right there.

Another thing I love. People who aren't paying attention when they're driving, so when the cars get backed up ahead of them, instead of stopping before the interection, they stop right in the middle of it, blocking cross traffic.