2010 Apr 25 | brake, Vocal Trash

Why doesn't Wal-Mart sell just normal Post-Its? I don't want Super Sticky, I don't want other colors, I don't want accordian-folded. Arg!

Aw, I really liked this wrapping paper, and now I'm out. How sad.

Jenny's toilet seat doesn't stay up. Not a problem for her, but annoying for me. This is her brilliant solution.

Tuesday night we went to a free advanced screening of The Losers. We both have exams coming up, so we simply took our notes with us and studied while waiting in line and then in the theater while waiting for the movie start.

Talk about a lucky girl. Out of the approximately 300 people there, they gave out about 10 prize bags, and Jenny won one. I'm not sure if she'll ever actually wear a Losers tank top, though.

They had these super-fast remote-controlled cars out at the park when we were playing VB one day. I think the must gave gone like 40mph or something.

I think I'd be a little wary of wearing these belt buckles.

The nice thing about studying is you can do it almost anywhere, including a repair shop.

What a brake is supposed to look like...

... and what the Jeep's back-right looks like. Not all that obvious from the picture, but a wire broke, which tore everything else up.

A bunch of the pieces that fell out when the mechanic opened it up.

I wonder how many of the milk jugs are unsold by the time their expiration dates come around? Most people take the ones that are the farthest in the future, so you'd think as the date gets closer, fewer people would be willing to pick them.

I was making a Freddy Krueger outfit for a club party with it. I couldn't find a brown fedora, but a different-colored one from a thrift shop and some grown spray paint fixes that.

Arg, this is a turn-only lane, but this guy didn't realize that until here, when he can't get back into the left lane because of the semi, thereby blocking all of us who want to turn until the light turns green. The really annoying part is that he actually did realize it sooner, but he didn't slow down fast enough to get into the other lane.

That's cool; a folding spork that's placed into the top of the container around the food.

This guy was buying the Avatar movie. The clerk kept saying how if he bought just the movie, it would be over $20, but if he got the combo package, he'd get the movie and two liters of soda and some candy for around $18.

He kept saying, "No," but she kept asking him until he hesitated, at which point she walked over to the display and asked him what kind of soda he wanted. I thought it was pretty cool of her.

All of my coupons in a ziplock in the Jeep, with the list of them typed out at the front. A little OCD, maybe, but easier than digging around trying to find what I have.

I bought some flowers for Jenny but didn't have a scissors to cut off the stems. A regular scissors costs around $8 at a store, but these mini scissors were $1. A little harder to cut with, but considering I'm only using them for a few seconds, it's worth saving $7.

I really liked the long skinny blues ones.

Friday night the band Vocal Trash was putting on a free show at Sugar Land Town Square, so we drove down there. They sing and use trash cans and other products to make the music.

I asked Jenny what kind of beer she wanted, she said whatever, so I got a variety. We ended up only drinking one a piece, though, but I just left them in there and hauled them to volleyball the next day, where we and a few other people finished them off.

I wonder if some engineer made a mistake here. Otherwise, why would you have a few steps go up before going down?

Also, at this point you could just climb over onto the roof. I wonder how many people actually do so.

During intermission there was some contest where kids had made things out of recycled objects.

A duck pond, but to get a prize, you had to pick out the trash, which was soda cans, not the ducks.

We had to answer a trivia question, then we got to drop a disc for this plinko game, and we won a free little bag.

The band playing.

We had a coupon for a free Redbox movie, so we went to the nearby Walgreens. There was a line of people, though, and right next door was a Kroger with another one, so we went there. However, our coupon only worked for ones at McDonald's. Thankfully there was one right across the street. Three Redboxes within 500 feet of each other; those things have really taken over.

It's kind of interesting, because they have such a limited selection compared to a regular movie store, but most people are probably interested in new releases and are too lazy to go somewhere else if they don't find any they like and just pick the least worst option.

The lady on the right was mad about something and kept asking for a manager. Which meant there was only one register open, even though there was a giant line of people. I can understand being angry about something, but she was being very inconsiderate of everyone else who just wanted to get their food and go.

We made it to Cafe Express in time for breakfast this time. It really wasn't all that good, though, although their hamburgers were great.

People still use paper maps?

This guy was just driving along in the left lane going the speed limit. The cop obviously wanted to get around him. First he waved at the guy, then he briefly hit his lights, and then he held out both hands in a "what gives?" gesture for like 10 seconds, haha. Finally the guy moved into the other lane. I think I would have done it pretty much instantly; not a good idea to make a cop mad, even if what you're doing is legal.

We went to Spotts Park to play volleyball on Saturday, but it was packed with other people. Someone mentioned another court about 15 minutes away which they lived near, so twelve of us went to it, and it was completely empty. Very nice.

Working on my Freddy Krueger sweatshirt. Costumes on Amazon were about $40, which seemed expensive to me, although I probably paid about the same amount for supplies. The hat and shirt were only a few bucks each, but the paint added up a bit. Plus it took at least a few hours to get the supplies and paint it.

I should have just done for mine what we did for Jenny's: use green strips of fabric for the stripes. Hers cost $4 total: $2 for the dress plus $2 for the fabric (plus some spray-on glue I already had). I thought painting the stripes would look better, but I'm not sure if it really did, let alone be worth the time and money.

Not sure exactly what's going on here. We saw this cop car parked in front of a fire hydrant, which we thought was interesting, and right then another cop car pulled up and turned its lights on. At first we thought they were going to give the cop from the first car a ticket, but there wasn't anybody in the first car and an officer from the second got into it like he was going to drive away. Weird.

Eating at Andaluca, a tapas restaurant. The food was pretty good, the waiter was really nice, and we used a $25 coupon that I bought for $2. Jenny loved the mussels and I preferred the chicken.

Plus, they have live entertainment:flamenco dancers.

Eating breakfast at Laredo Taco Place. It can be cheap, since the burritos are only $2 a piece, unless you end up eating a lot of them, in which case they can add up quickly.