2010 May 04 | go-karting with Lucy, SD

Us in our Freddy outfits with some of the promoters at the club.

Lucy and I went to Speedy’s Fast Track because she had "buy one, get one free" coupons. It has go karts...

... and mini golf...

... and video games. Although all of these were broken.

More video games, a lot of which were broken, too.

I've never seen this before. You put your money in and then tell it which table you want to play at. It didn't work, though, so the cashier just opened the pool table for us to get the balls.

Playing pool.

There were a bunch of Whac-A-Mole and other whac-a-whatever games, but none of them worked.

This one kind of worked, but only the back three moles came up. Even though a lot of the things were broken and run down, it was still fun.

Jenny and I went to Sawyer Park on Tuesday night for the Bada Bingo, or drunk bingo. We got there early to sit in front because they give out free shots for people who make a lot of noise at certain parts of the game. We only bought one drink a piece but our table got three rounds of free drinks. Here everyone is making an "O" right before the number is called because O69 gets everyone in the bar a free shot.

Some hand cleaner that we used that ended up basically gluing our hands together, resulting in us having to go to a restaurant and wash off the cleaner. It was fairly new, but it was been sitting in my Jeep, so I wonder if the heat messed it up?

Some weather and games that printed off at the bottom of my boarding passes, kind of a neat idea.

We went to the early screening of Nightmare on Elm Street. They had these garbage bags hanging from the ceiling and since it was dark, you didn't notice until you ran into them. I think they also had a guy dressed up as Freddy to scare people.

You're gonna go put some stuff in your garage with no light right after we watched Nightmare on Elm Street? I think I'll just stand here, wait until you get to the back, and then slam the door closed, haha!

On the way to the airport, we were watching the cars in the HOV lane, and like 10-20% on had a single person in them.

Some flight delights for Mom.

Nice, the flight into on the one monitor, the one I need to read, is all tiny.

Hard to see, but the hanging sign says it's 99 cents to substitute onion rings for fries in a meal. But if you just buy them separately, onion rings only cost 60 cents more.

$2 for a big box of candy in an airport seems like a pretty good deal.

Aw, the baggage handlers put a big rip in my bag.

One thing I don't miss about South Dakota.

Two remotes for one TV? Talk about lazy.

Arg, digging through 10,000 nail clippers trying to find a good one.

Running the dog at the river.

Dad moving some rocks with the tractor.

Putting some rocks on the side of the house.


And not a moment too soon because here comes the rain.

Mmmm... chocolate chip pie.

Going to rummage sales on Saturday morning.

Mom's map of the sales. It's pretty obvious where my siblings and I get our OCD organizing fetishes.

These used to be just for lighting cigarettes, then cigarettes and electricity, and now they're only for electricity.

Dad scooping some rocks to finish off the other side of the house.

I haven't put pennies on the railroad tracks in like 20 years. Ah, the glorious days of childhood.

And here comes the train to smoosh them.

The only problem is sometimes they're a little hard to find, but usually they don't go too far.

Oops. They left some copper behind on the tracks, too.

Wanna find some good, clean dirt? Go find some badger holes. Just be ready to run or smack 'em with the shovel if any come out all angry.

Some ducks in the nearby pond.

Aw, that doesn't look too so bad.

Oh, wait, yeah it does. I spoke too soon. Should have waited to comment until after scraping.

Hey, dog, would you mind not wrapping your chain around the ladder while I'm up here?

Much better now.

It's so nice to be working with latex, which comes off with water, rather than oil, which we had to dump gasoline all over ourselves to remove.

And a couple of random jobs in the quanset.

First, get the mower going. It's not starting? Well, how about we just grab some random piece of metal, like this machete, and stick it across the connection? Yeah, sure I'll sit on the seat while we try this; I don't mind getting blown up, especially with a gigantic blade right under me.

Second, getting the door out a bit father. I'll lift, you push. This worked out much better than the time we tried it in the middle of the blizzard with dad lifting the door up with the tractor and telling me to catch it if it falls. Yeah, I'll get right on that. I mean, who really needs 10 whole fingers? Surely there are plenty to spare.

This could be really good or really bad.

I was sitting here and all the sudden heard this horrific scratching. This woman had these huge overweight bags she was taking and the wheels on them weren't doing much good.

I was all comfortable in these chairs, but then we had to go through security and sit in the hard plastic ones.

I hate airport security in South Dakota. "This is too big to take." Well, the people in Houston didn't care at all, and I think it's a little more likely that terrorists are going to fly out of there. Plus, the whole limit on gels and liquids is pretty pointless anyway. It's like cops arresting you for going 2 miles over the speed limit; it's just blindless rule following. I still say she literally stole $16 from me, since that's what that cost.

Now this is disgusting. You squeeze it and "poop" comes out.

Where McDonald's hides it's freezer in the Minneapolis airport.

I can never remember which side has the down escalators, so half the time I go the wrong way and have to walk all the way around. You'd think I could remember that the giant cow in the space suit is on the down side, but apparently not.

We went to Cracker Barrel after I got back. We played this "jump over the tees and remove them until one is left" triangle game. I hadn't played it in over 20 years, but I thought I remembered starting with a peg missing one from the edge worked well, so that's what I did, and I beat it my first try. Complete luck, of course, but still funny.