2010 May 09 | Plano and Dallas with Jenny

You know it's summer in Houston when people start parking in the spots that are farther away just because there's shade.

I took this shirt to the thrift store a while ago. Nice to see it's been re-used. Although it's a little weird seeing my name on it.

Not gonna be behind this guy.

So apparently Jenny doesn't like cones. Now that's weird.

Some pretty windows at swing dance lessons.

Thursdays at Howl at the Moon you can get in for free with a college ID. That plus $1 beers makes for really cheap entertainment.

I had some streaks running vertically down my windshield and couldn't figure out what they were. Until I saw the paw prints, that is.

Sunset on the way to Dallas / Plano.

Traffic jam.

Might as well look at the other drivers, including this guy, who looks exactly like Bernie from Weekend at Bernie's, haha.

The cause of the delay. Pretty sure that semi is facing the wrong way, unless the roads get really weird up here.

Wait, I have to wear flip flops inside the house?

Job #1: fix their toilet. Easy enough; just move the chain a bit.

I wanted to replace the battery of their fire alarm, too, because it was beeping, but they didn't have any ladders and it was way too high on the wall to get to it any other way.

Ooh, lots of ribbons at science fair from the technology companies. I never won those because I never had technical projects.

Aw, this is cute.

A lake by their house.

With lots of pretty flowers.

And a fishing dock.

You're not exactly fighting the stereotypes of women and Asian drivers by parking like that. ;)

Lots of Asian food. The chicken was really good.

I grew up being yelled at for slurping, not encouraged to do so. But it is much more efficient once you get down to just rice.

Well, that's something I wasn't prepared for. Google Maps in Chinese. Hmm... at least a few of the road names are in English.

This spider was on the car window, so I rolled down the window to brush it off, which caused Jenny to start screaming like crazy. Honestly, it's not going to crawl around inside, and even if it did, it's just a little spider, probably not even a poisonous one.

Free kayaking courtesy of REI at White Rock Lake in Dallas.

Jenny paddling out.

Managing to get out here without tipping over = cause for celebration.

Although I think we need to work on how to turn.

It was a beautiful day.

"Please don't drop my camera in the lake."

Looking at the expensive homes near Willow Bend.

It looks like these guys have their own private lake.

A neat pool.

Pillars and statues.

Nice fountain.

Big yard.

Jenny always liked to eat at Braum's ice cream.

Historic downtown in Plano.

Interurban Railway Museum.

"The kids like to play with these." Hey, I like to play with these.

An original railway car.

Old letters and stamps.

An inside view.

A farmer's market.

with real Dr. Pepper.

And lots of candy.

Having some fun at the park.

I had a game like this when I was a kid. Mick and Holly bought it for my birthday or Christmas. Boy did I have fun with that.

We went to The Franchise, a sports bar, to watch UFC 113.

Medieval Times in Dallas.

Kids getting knighted.

Jenny with the executioner.

Torture museum.

These places are always a bit freaky. Even though they all have the same pieces, it's still scary people used them on each other.

A full-sized piece of armor.

The knights lined up.

A falconer.

Whose falcon flew right above our heads.

Getting rings with their poles.

OK, enough with the silly games. This is what we really came for.

Sword fights.

And jousts.

And fights with other types of weapons.

Including axes with really long handles.

Who knew a rest stop could be so pretty? Usually you're lucky if they have a vending machine that works, but this one has a little lake and even a walking path around it.

I never knew about this, but Jenny said she always stops here to think about her weekend. I can see why; it's beautiful.