2010 May 16 | externship, mud VB, Art Walk

The office I'm at for my summer externship.

Exam room.

Contact lens area.


Specialty testing.

Exams rooms.


Reception area.

Kids area.


Dr. Newhouse: Young Optometrist of the Year in Texas in 2010.

Ooh, I might want to see this again, but I think I'll wait until the last minute to try to get the student-priced tickets.

Jenny: "We're going to Sidhar Creek." Me: "Where?" Jenny: "Sidhar Creek." Me: "Hmmm... I think you mean Cedar Creek." Nice place, no matter how you say it.

Those are some cheap chairs.

Captains' meeting for the mud volleyball tournament.

Free beer; that's a nice bonus.

Even with this note right there, I wonder how many people put their card in the wrong way.

A woman in an electric wheelchair going into the apartments. Now that I think about it, she probably can't fit it through the gate.

Buying these wristbands online can get you into a fair number of events.

A mini spare looks especially silly when you have big rims.

I'm sure "ENVME" was taken, so this is a nice improvisation.

We park a car here when we drive together from Jenny's work, but we have to make sure we leave enough space for the owner to get his boat.

Margaritas at Pappasito's. Our waiter brought us a second round even though we didn't ask for it, so I'm not sure if he thought we did order it or if he was thinking he could bring them and we wouldn't say anything.

It was pouring so hard it flooded on some of the side streets. I'm glad we didn't take this exit because the water was so deep people's cars were dying and they were pushing them out.

Saturday morning was the mud volleyball tournament at the Pasadena Strawberry Festival.

It rained on and off, which made it a bit cold, although the rain went away by the middle of the day.

Some people having fun.

Good idea to duct-tape your shoes on.

We walked around a bit between rounds. Here we were walking through the carnival before it started. Actually, we might have been able to just grab some of these and run with them, but we didn't risk it.

They were supposed to have helicopter rides, but we didn't see the it.

I think were vendors and strawberry shortcake in here, but they wouldn't let the volleyball players in the building because they were covered in mud. Since it was raining, though, there was mud everywhere, so even the people not in the tourney would still have mud all over their shoes.

A lot of people (128 teams of 10 players) and a lot of mud.

Thankfully they did have these showers off to one side.

A kid having some fun in the shower.

Waiting for our next game.

Destinee diving for the ball.

It was almost impossible to jump.

Tangled up.

Diving for the ball.

Better to have multiple people trying to hit the ball than nobody.

Another dive.

Celebration for winning.

Eyes on the ball.

And away it goes.

Our team after a won game.

Bruce pushed into the mud right after the above picture.

Sliding in the mud.

Destinee, the mud monster.


Good hit.


Jump again!

This girl was our referee. We played on the same court the entire time. The worst part was she had to walk over to the central area and report who won each game, then they wrote it down on paper, and then she'd walk back to start the next game, which took forever.

Our brackets. Both of our teams lost the first game, then won two games, then won the next one.

Some kids playing in the mud.

Bruce hitting the ball.

A big jump for being in mud.

Nino and Leslie after both dove for the ball.

Me playing it off the net.

Jenny after being poured on for a few hours and going through three different shirts.

And then Jenny passed out in the car on the way to dinner with a couple of her friends.

A whole bumper on the road. Wanna avoid that.

The meal I wanted was in the space for C19, but it was labeled C29. Great, so which one should I say? I just pointed and said the name.

Afterwards we went on an art and culture walk. Various stores on Gray Street had free wine / beer / food. This was an art gallery called The Gallery with some pretty neat paintings.

Our next stop was Texas Tuscan Furniture Design, which had a lot of nice appetizers.

I addition to some really neat wooden furniture.

Lassaulx Studio, another art studio with some neat paintings.

our last stop was Betz Art Gallery, which had live music...

... and a few different types of alcohol to try.

Talking with the artist.

A window air conditioner in the window of their camper.

A brightly-painted Smart Car.

Performing spider-removal duty for Jenny.

Only an Asian or a college student would have a bowl full of Ramen.

We played volleyball on Sunday. The courts had a bit of water on them, but it was really warm out, so it wan't really a problem. We even kept track of how many people dove into the puddles.

Hitting back to the court.

Knocked his sunglasses off with this hit.

Bruce getting up in the air.

Leslie setting the ball.

Michael hitting across his body.

People have gotten their cars broken into on and off at this parking lot. For a while it's fine, and then there will be some breakins.

Today it looked like there had been three different cars broken into.

I had called the cops, but all they said is they'd try to drive by a little more often. Maybe we should have someone stay up with the cars with a camera and a cell phone so he can tape the guys and call the rest of us when it happens.

Jenny: "There are popsicles in the freezer." Me: "I don't see any." Jenny: "See, here they are." Me: "Uh, those are green bean flavored. I think I'm gonna be sick now."

Sunday afternoon we went to the Houston Port Authority for their free Sam Houston boat tour. This was the little pavilion area, which was really nice.

There are lots of run-down and industrial buildings around, though.

Posing in front of the boat.

A little monument for something involving Santa Anna.

Some of the many smokestacks along the ride.

There were lots of shipping vessels, too.

The channel from the bridge above.