2010 May 31 | Cynthia Woods, cruise, Galveston

For my cell phone service, I had Helio, which got sold to Virgin Mobile, which got sold to Sprint. Unfortunately, they were discontinuing my current service and said I had to get a new plan by May 25th. They said I had to get a new phone, but the phone I want isn't out until June 4th. So in the meantime I'm using this Palm Pixie they gave me for free.

Unfortunately, they had some trouble changing my service over onto the new phone, which meant I couldn't make or receive calls. I was running a bit late to get from the office to Jenny's place (we were meeting to go and see a free movie screening of the Prince of Persia), so she called me, sent me a text, sent me an email, and sent me a message on Facebook. I got to her place right before she left. She had already made these signs, heh.

The really expensive frames at our office: Lindbergs made out of buffalo horn and gold with diamonds inlaid.

This was my favorite tie, but it got a bit of a stain at the bottom, and when I wiped it off, the bottom got lighter. It annoys me, but I'm not sure if other people really notice. Hmmm.

T-shirt transfers Jenny and I made for her.

Thursday night we went up to the Woodlands to see a free show of the Houston Symphony's Cirque de la Symphonie at Cynthia Woods Pavilion. Before it started, though, we drove around a bit. Here are some expensive homes on a lake.

And some more.

I don't like the Woodlands because all you see are trees, so you have no idea what's behind them. I can understand the idea of making it prettier without seeing all the buildings, but it makes it hard to find something if you don't know exactly where it is.

We also went to Northshore Park.

And had a picnic.

And, of course, fed the ducks.

This old fat guy took a while to waddle over.

These little birds wanted some bread, too.

These birds would fly right above the water to grab the bread.

Uh oh, we're getting surrounded.

Jenny liked the white ducks the best.


When we got to the pavilion, we found out they didn't allow lawn chairs because they wanted you to rend theirs for $6. At least they had a little area you could check them rather than having to take them back to your car.

There were some booths in this area before the concert started.

And even free ice cream.

Seating on the lawn.

A bar at the back of the lawn, but unfortunately it was closed.

I went down to the concession stand, but drinks were $6, and there was no way I was going to pay that. Unfortunately, they don't let you bring drinks in, either. Miller Outdoor Theater lets you bring your own chairs and drinks, so this place seemed really expensive in comparison.

An artist on a hoop.

And on some sheets.

And the big strong guys who lift each other up.

Friday night we went to Joystix. This fishing game was fun.

Air hockey is fun, too, although sometimes it was hard to find the puck; if you hit it too hard, it'd fly off and go under some of the other games.

Saturday we went on a FantaSea cruise for a few hours because we had some coupons to get it at almost 40% off.

Inside the lower deck.

Some really nice houses on the shore.

The captain.

Some more nice houses.

And some more.

Some guys kayaking.

Heading out to sea.

Us with Kemah in the background.

Going back in.

Us with Kemah in the background again.

The upper deck.

This is a brilliant idea: a boat that sells snacks and drinks.

There were lots of boats with women in bikinis lying on them.

Another boat and a really nice house in the background.

Us with our dessert.

Saturday night we went to Angelica's birthday, first to Mi Luna for dinner and then to Red Room to party.

Jenny showing me how to open this rice wrapped in corn leaves.

Brushing on the marinade.

Adding some vinegar to the salads.

And the finished product.

Monday we went to Galveston. You can pay around $5-10 to get in all the little houses and other attractions, but we decided to just look at them from the outside since that's free. Here's the railroad museum.

Although it's been closed since the hurricane.

The Tall Ship Ellisa.

The Ocean Star oil rig.

Some shops.

One of the streets they have Mardi Gras on.

The Grand 1894 Opera House.

A horse-drawn carriage you could rent.

Some neat old houses.

Moody Mansion.

Antique cars there.

We decided to splurge and actually pay for a tour of Moody Mansion because they had student tickets for only a few dollars a piece.

Our group going in.

A stain-glass window.

Lunch at Tortuga with a nice view of the ocean.

The Seawall beaches were packed.

As was Stewart Beach.

Quick, we gotta eat our ice cream before it melts!

We found some shells, so I stuck them in my pocket to take home.

Until the crabs inside them started coming out. I don't think I've ever cleared my pockets out so fast.

I didn't want to steal the poor crabs' homes, so I put them back in the water.

Lookin' like a fool with your pants on the ground.

There's actually a shallow ledge if you go out far enough. One of those little black dots way out there is Jenny's head.