2010 Jun 13 | muay thai, World Cup outside

Thanks, that's very nice of you to block off my lane like that.

These guys' cart is full, so I was gonna get mad at them for having so many items in the under-20-items line, but then I realized it's all really big stuff and they really on have like 10 items, so it was fine.

Creme Brule at a local optometry meeting. I love this stuff; it always tastes like roasted marshmallows to me.

These are two different birthday cards. The same picture of a woman is used in both of them.

Oh how cute, one of those mini picture viewers in the shape of a camera. Let me just look in here and press the button to see the image.

Oh, wait, it's not a picture viewer, just a fake camera with a very real flash. Glad my eye was 5mm away when I hit the button.

We went to Buffalo Wild Wings Thursday night for dinner. We didn't realize it was the NBA playoffs, so the place was packed. We got lucky and saw a table where the people had just left but hadn't been cleaned off yet, so we grabbed it. And as a nice bonus, these women were going around passing out free shots. Later on, a family of four came in and couldn't find seats, but we let them share our table with us.

I wonder if these big windows are supposed to look like that or if they broken and just haven't been fixed yet.

Jenny dancing at the Chocolate Bar, where they had a little band set up.

One of those tiny Smart cars with a license plate that says TXPINK.

Friday night Lucy and I went to a Legacy Amateur Muay Thai event because her coworker was one of the fighters. They were trying to make people pay for parking, but I just drove around to a back entrance and parked for free.

The ring card girls chatting.

A knockdown. Although nobody was actually knocked out the entire night; all the matches went to the judges' scorecards.

Good defense.

We had an awesome spot because all of the fighters walked past us before and after the fights.

Ring card girl doing her job.

Nice kick.

Us posing with one of the fighters.

Both guys kicking at the same time.

Jump kick.

Another ring card girl.

Jonathan, Lucy's coworker.

I shot a video of his match. Here are the highlights.

Jonathan hugging Lucy after his match. I don't think she realized how sweaty he was until afterwards, though, heh.

Us with Jonathan after his fight.

The ring card girls texting away.

Nice kick to the head.

Lots of tupperware in the sink = I had lots of leftovers this week.

Saturday we went to Discovery Green to watch the World Cup match between USA and England.

Lots of people had flags, and some dressed up a bit more, but I think this guy did it the best.

Ooh, that's neat; a lawn chair with a built-in sun block. Which was especially nice because they told people to take down their umbrellas so the people behind them could see, although lots of people kept them up. It was really hot out, though, so I don't blame them. Thankfully there were clouds about half the time.

A kids play area.

Caricatures and balloon hats.

The fountain was packed.

The little lake where you can rent remote-controlled sail boats.

The place was packed.

Lucy eating her blue snow cone, which made her lips and tongue match the blue trim on her dress, haha.

Walking back to my car, these doors to the George R Brown Convention Center were open, which allowed all of the air conditioning in the building out. I stood here for a few minutes and just embraced the wonderful cold.

I always like to park over here when there are events at Discovery Green. It's a little bit more of a walk, but the parking is free and it's even under shade in some places.

Oh no, out of ice. No, wait, there's one more bag over in the corner.

Playing volleyball Saturday afternoon.

Danny hitting the ball on the other side of the net. Perfectly legal, except that he actually touched the net. Although we don't really care.

Juan not letting the poor girls have a shot at the ball, heh.

Again, it was nice that there was some cloud cover and a breeze.