2010 Jun 20 | Hermann Park, Track 21

Of course, they're out of the ink I need. Honestly, it's easier to just buy it online.

The people who just sit there and wait for people to pull out of a close parking spot are usually the people who would benefit the most from walking from a far away one.

CPR recertification.

The thing I hate the most about the office I'm at: the paper towel dispensers in the bathrooms are really hard to get paper towels out of.

I really wanted this new phone to work, but the battery dies way too fast (here it's almost dead before noon).

These are neat. They look like a cross from this angle...

... and a fish from 90 degrees away.

Patient list at our office. I thought writing "Eww" about a patient was a really bad idea (I mean, what if the patient saw it?), until I realized it stood for "edge while wait."

Using our $20 coupon for Niko Niko's, a Greek restaurant.

Jenny carrying our food.

I don't think you're supposed to park that close to the edge, but who's gonna do anything about it?

Horror Remix: Dummies at the Alamo Draft House. Free and kind of fun. They cut movies down by 1/2 to 1/4 and jam them together.

Another person parking somewhere they shouldn't, although a bit more blatantly this time.

Nice, a tiny bit of shade that I can fit part of the Jeep under.

We went to play soccer Thursday night, but it turns out there wasn't a pick-up game this time, just some people practicing.

At least we got to stretch and run around a bit.

These iron-ons were supposed to be good for 10 washes. I think we should get our money back. And I still like the "Made in China" barcode one better.

Jenny and I.

Some people playing volleyball at Memorial Park.

And some teams playing soccer on the real field there.

Teaching Jenny how to play Texas Hold 'Em.

I love all the over-and-under highways.

Oh come on, there was plenty of room on the other side.

Summer symphony nights at Miller Outdoor Theater.

Watching the ducks at Hermann Park.

And watching some other ducks.

Aw, poor rat. Even the ducks didn't want him around.

People were dodging around these like they were bombs, but they were just packages of chips that had fallen off a truck.

Aww... one of my favorite shirts is starting to fade.

I like it mainly because it has the route on the back.

That's a green truck.

Great phone number.

Aw, we're already a bit late. Why does there have to be a train now?

Playing dodgeball.

Jeremy dodging.

3 on 1.

Jenny catching a ball.

We moved onto the tennis courts when the tennis players were done.

5 on 1.

Jenny almost catching a ball.

Uh oh, here it comes.

Good throw.

A trailer carrying trailers.

And a trailer of cows. Don't see this in Houston very often.

I had a coupon for a hand car wash, and I mainly did it now to get the sand out of the Jeep. Although they obviously didn't vacuum all that well because there was still a lot of sand left.

We went to Track 21 because we had a coupon good for one race and one game of laser tag each.

The mech pilot beside her mech pod.

Battlemech, which was really fun.

They carts were really fast.

They even have a few TVs showing the World Cup game with Brazil.

Part of the two-story laser tag arena.

Pretty sneaky: kneeling rather than running around like crazy.

I was Magneto (third place), Jenny was Megatron (15th place).

Ooh, a $2 mini umbrella that's still in great condition.

But it's not worth waiting in this line for.

We ate at Howdy Burger just because it had a cute name.

The soccer game might be over, but the Spanish stations sure do like their pretty women.

Volleyball at Spotts Park.

Three volleyballers from three different countries.