2010 Jul 04 | foam party, Wicked, Dock Dogs

Sunday night right after we got back from San Antonio a friend of ours, Judith, called us and asked if we wanted to go to a foam party. We'd never been to one, so we said sure. Basically they just put up a barrier to keep the foam in and then keep pumping the bubbles.

Jenny and Judith dancing away.

Jenny was trying to keep her hair out of the foam, but I actually liked burrowing through it.

Jenny, Judith, and another one of Judith's friends.

If a lot of people are around, the foam dies off more quickly. So it was nice we got there early when it was still really high.

Walking back to the car. Some woman in the club loved Jenny's shoes.

I'm on roach duty at the office since I'm the only guy there. The other approximately 15 employees are all women.

That's not an alert I like seeing.

In line at the AT&T store for the new iPhone 4 at 3am.

And now the sun is coming up.

One of the employees handing out water to the people in line.

And once they opened the doors, there was still a line because they only let five people in at a time.

Bistro Calais is a fairly expensive (around $30 per plate) French restaurant, but on Tuesda nights they have a really good buffet for only $12.

Plus there's life music.

They replaced this step at my apartment. Although I'm not really sure if I trust it, so I try to avoid stepping on it, just to be safe.

My new iPhone had this weird little sideways menu on top of the messages screen. It's gone now, but I wonder how it got there.

So true.

$6 for a lawn chair, nice.

I helped out with a research study at school. They put electrodes on my head and measured the time for brainwaves to move from my eyes to my occipital lobe. They scrub your skin really well to get a good connection, and afterwards I felt what I thought was a scab from the scrubbing too hard. Thankfully it was just some hardened gel from the electrodes.

Wicked, my favorite musical of all time, was in Houston. Again, actual tickets were pretty expensive, so we tried for the lottery. You show up 2.5 hours before the show, put your name in a bin, and then they pick out the winners, who get tickets for $25.

They drew 10 names (each person can by two tickets) and there were 50-60 people there, so our chances weren't that great. But they drew my name! Then we had to run home and change, heh.

And grab a quick bite at Capone's, using a coupon, of course.

Then back to the Hobby Center.

The really awesome thing about the lottery tickets is that you get really good seats for way less than they would normally cost. Our seats were in the second row.

Looking in the orchestra pit during intermission.

The cast at the end of the show.

Gotta love when coworkers have extra food they don't want.

Bad picture, but this was a really nasty accident. The entire back end of the red car was gone and it had been pushed from the highway all they way across the feeder road.

I think an underground pipe burst here.

Jenny keeps her GPS in the center console when she's not using it. Sometimes it's not turned all the way off and talks every once in a while, which is a little freaky when you're not expecting it.

The Jeep wasn't starting Friday morning. I banged on the battery with a wrench a bit, but it still didn't start. So I waited a few minutes, banged some more, and same thing. I waited another 15 minutes, tried it, and it barely got going. That evening it was having trouble again, so I decided to take it into the shop, just to make sure it was only the battery and not something else.

My favorite part of taking the Jeep into Meineke is reading the Texas magazines that have a list of different festivals and events going on. Although it looks like they just cleaned them all up.

Jenny was overdue for an oil change, so we took both our vehicles in.

Watching the World Cup at 100% Taquito.

This kitten was back in front of my door when we got back.

Aw, so cute.

So I ended up feeding it a bit. It probably goes around to every apartment in the complex, so I'm guessing it gets plenty to eat.

Downtown Houston with the sun setting behind it.

Watching the UFC fight at Nick's Place. They had tons of TV.

We were at front table because they guy who we watch the fights with has a deal with the owner. Pretty cool.

Jenny checking out some abandoned building downtown.

She forgot her sunglasses, so she borrowed my awesome 80s ones I keep in the Jeep as backups.

Dock Dogs at Discovery Green. They had different events where dogs had to jump and swim.

We went over to the other side so we could sit in some more shade.

Cute little dogs, although I doubt they'd do very well in the competition.

Thanks, guys. Stand right in front of us so we can't see.

More cute little ones.

Dog food. With a big "no people" sticker just in case.

Jenny checking out some flowers.

No parking without a permit, so this cop was going down the line giving people tickets.

These people showed up at their vehicle right before the cop wrote the ticket, but he still gave them one. That's not very nice considering it's the 4th of July.

I guess he couldn't quite fit it inside.

Ooh, my favorite cereal: Fruit Loops with marshmallows. I usually don't see it, so I bought a couple to stock up.