2010 Aug 01 | Cheesecake Factory, soccer, VB

Aw, the handle on my suitcase broke off. The little feet on my other one just like this broke off a while ago, although I think I'd rather have no feet than no handle.

Every once in a while the dome lights in the Jeep will come on for a few seconds. I wonder if there's a short somewhere?

Ooh, good deal on Gatorade. Gotta stock up, although now they're taking up the entire top row in my fridge.

Houston has some really nasty ants. They sting when they bite and they itch when they form pus-filled welts. And these ants are so tiny; how do they do that?

Cooking Chislic at Jenny's.

After we take a shower and don't bother to do anything with our hair and put on glasses, we look like high schoolers. "You better bring your ID to the movie."

There are cars in the nearest row, then an empty row, then cars in the next row. Why is the one we parked in empty?

Free movie at Alamo Drafthouse.

We watched Predators. The fan-made movie previews here are often better than the actual show.

The results of Jenny's suction therapy.

The cops bothering a guy sitting at the intersection washing people's windows when the stop. Yeah, it's a bit annoying, but surely they could be doing something better with their time.

"Normal wear and tear." Or, dropping them on the highway and then going back to get them.

Coming along pretty nicely. We should use these in a Flexon commercial.

I lost my watch. Then I dropped something beside the seat in my car, went after it, and lo and behold, there's my watch.

Free tango classes at Discovery Green at 6:30pm on Thursdays for the next few weeks. We didn't learn much, so we'll see if the instructor moves faster next time. She was the same woman we watched give a demonstration at the Italian Expo a few months ago.

I was going to park behind Jenny's car, then I noticed the fire hydrant and moved. Good thing I did, because when we got back, they were towing another car that had parked there.

We had coupons for the Cheesecake Factory for $1.50 per slice there, which was an amazing deal considering normally it's like $6 per slice.


Jenny doesn't like sweet stuff, and this part was even too sweet for me, so obviously she wasn't having any of it.

Caramel and chocolate and such in mine.

Some funky shoes we saw on the way out of the mall.

Dumb semis in the right lanes on the highway going slowly.

Cooking chicken marsala.

And making our own caramel apples.

Soccer on Saturday morning. They're supposed to be old, out of shape, and haven't played in a while. Hmm... most of them seem pretty young, athletic, and really good. Oh well, we'll give it a shot.

Jenny was a little intimidated, so we had her play goalie and I stayed back to help her.

She had just blocked this shot. Actually, she stopped most of them. Good goalie!

Some cheerleaders advertising for a car wash. I feel sorry for whoever is in the mascot outfit, because it's almost 100 outside.

We ate at Cici's Pizza. We each had a salad, a few pieces of pizza, some breadsticks, and a dessert. Which was nothing compared to this family, who each had like 5 pieces of pizza, 4 breadsticks, a couple bowls of soup, and even more.

Taking pictures of each other.

Jenny loves Tabasco sauce and jalapenos. Who would have thought they'd have jalapenos on pizza?

Someone dropped a bag of popcorn in a parking lot, which made this crow very happy.

Oh man, that's such a great deal, but they don't have pockets, and I can't stand shorts without pockets.

I love my Mossimo sandals, but I can only find them at Target, and now I can't even find them there any more because they're stocking this "updated" version instead. I can't even find them on the internet. Should have stocked up and bought 10 pairs when I could have.

I typed a location in Google Maps on my phone and it decided to send me to India instead. I don't think that's quite right.

Aw, this really makes me want a kayak. They have it hanging up on their front porch for easy access.

From $18 to $1. That's my kind of deal.

This toilet was running in a store. It bothered me, and it's such an easy fix, that I fixed it right there. I wonder if anybody else does that.

Aw, now I see some pre-made Freddy costumes, a few months after we made our own. This would have saved a lot of time.

Playing volleyball Saturday afternoon.

Cooking teriyaki porkchops.

Although it's not going to be fun cleaning the skillet afterwards.

We had lunch at the Golden Corral.

Where the area for desserts is as big as the area for the other food.

Which I guess is why people who eat here tend to look like they do.

And why it wasn't such a great deal for us, since we didn't eat 7 whole chickens while we were there.

Sadly, I'm getting more use out of Yanoff and Duker as a big ol' weight than as a book. And I'm sure I could find a weight for cheaper than $400.

We played volleyball again on Sunday. It was over 100 degrees, so I brought my hoses so we could water down the sand.

It was Nino's birthday, so they brought some food and a grill.

And we brought some chips and fruit.

Jumping for the ball.

Having fun after I couldn't quite make it to the ball.

Showdown at the net.

Falling down at he hits it.

Nancy is a really good player, but she's pretty passive. Michael isn't nearly as good, but he's more aggressive. After Michael kept hitting balls that Nancy was calling, she finally got as mean as she ever gets and made a little bit of a "grrr" face when he wasn't looking. She's way too nice.

Watching the ball go after she hit it.

Running and then hitting over the back of his head.

Danny setting the ball.

Micheal making an amazing flying leap to hit the ball.

What, quit? Just because the sun's down and we can't even see the ball anymore cuz this light basically doesn't help at all? Naw, that's for sissies.