2010 Aug 08 | White Linen Nights, free hugs

This is what happens to caramel apples if you set the A/C in your apartment really high during the day to save money.

We have mats for our boot camp, but I always get really sweaty and don't like sweating all over it, so I just do it in the grass instead. Which doesn't really bother me, except I have to clean it all off afterwards.

We had cheesecake at work. Half of it was left and nobody else has been eating any. Which makes me happy as a clam since I can eat a piece a day and not have to worry about taking it from someone else.

For some unknown reason the left lane only often comes to a complete stop at this area of the highway every few days. The other lanes keep moving and there's no exits around, so it's rather weird.

Nice timing. The sprinklers came on right when I was walking beside them.

Waiting in line for a free screening of The Disappearance of Alice Creed. We got there around 1.5 hours early to get good spots.

This was the line half an hour later. Glad we got there when we did.

We played chess on the set Jenny bought me, which is an easy way to pass the time while waiting. I'd have mate in two if that dumb white knight was any other piece. Instead, I faced the wrath of a queen and two rooks right in my face.

And we got more free passes afterwards to Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

Candylicious didn't have what I was looking for any more, but they still had some cool stuff.

Aw, her dress almost matches the flowers. :)

The Maui Jim rep was in the office. This is normal...

... and this is with their lenses. I can understand wanting colors to pop out, but making a black truck look shiny metallic green/purple is a bit much IMHO.

This is annoying. Why not spend a few extra seconds and pull over on the slow side of the highway instead?

We got to the free screening of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World an hour early, but they said it had been completely packed for a while and they weren't letting anybody else in.

Eating at Which Wich.

Volleyball at the park.

Getting our spots at Miller Outdoor Theater to watch A Midsummer Night's Dream. These people know how to watch outdoor theater in Houston: lawn chairs, fans, laptop with a movie, umbrella just in case, snacks, and beverages.

Continuing our chess match, which was still as we had left it the day before even after driving around due to the awesome magnetic pieces.

Oops, left the Junior Mints in the heat too long. Oh well, you can still eat them like a candy bar.

The show.

Another cop pulling someone over on the fast side of the highway.

I turn into this lot here, and I can almost make it. If only there were one less car in line. I could probably drive over the grass, but I guess I'll just wait another minute instead.

A little burger place I ate lunch at. I sat and stared at "Tuo" on the door for a decent while until I figured out it was the "out" door.

The boards at the drive-through are empty, so I figured it was closed down, but apparently you can still order drive-through. I guess you just have to already know what you want.

Their storage container is almost as big as the car.

Jenny found a coupon for a couples massage.

Free hotdogs and music at the West Alabama Icehouse on Friday nights, but we were 10 minutes late for the food.

Off to Joystix for Pac-Man Fever. This is a new game they had, which was pretty cool: it used holograms. I remember playing it like 20 years ago and thinking it was just as cool back then.

Ikari Warriors. Get in the tanks!

If you're down to one tank, just have the person in the tank go first and run over all the baddies.

The great thing about having all the games on free play: you can beat games without spending tons of money.

Cool, but it wasn't working.

A little putting game.

A bit harder with only one person per side.

Another fun oldie.

If the machine ran out of credits, you just had to tap the little button down here to get more.

Rampart, which I never really liked as a kid. But it turned into our favorite game of the night. Here's how you're supposed to play: blowing up each other's walls.

But we had more fun doing this: letting each other make really big castles.

Uh oh, that's not a very fair fight.

Another one of our favorite games: Bass Fishing Challenge. Yelling "Pull it in! Pull it in! Go go go go go!!!" makes me half horse the next day.

We did pretty well.

Even got 2nd place on the machine.

Another game where it'd be really expensive to play if you had to put in a quarter every time you died instead of having it on free place.

I hate those pterodactyls.

Some guys playing another shooting game.

Playing Guitar Hero. We aren't very good, but it's still fun.

Jenny playing.

Some games in the other direction.

Tons of pinball games.

One of the hardest games ever made.

There was a contest for the highest scores in Robotron and Pac-Man Plus by Extra Life and Video Game Armageddon. You paid $1 per play, which went to the Texas Chilren's Hospital. We'd never played either before, but we gave them a shot. The top scorers will compete at Numbers next Saturday on different games just like on The Wizard. These were some of the top scorers. Obviously a bit older than me and had played the games for years.

Another guy going at it.

OK, what are we supposed to do in this game?

Not bad; I got 5th place in a game I'd never played before. I could have also placed in Pac-Man Plus, but since we aren't gonna be in town next week, I figured I'd let someone else have it.

Another classic from when I was a kid.

A view of Joystix from outside.

It could be a real pain when a signature is required for delivery, but the delivery guy lets me sign a post-it note and put it on my door instead, and then he leaves the package in the storage room. Very nice.

A neat little lake on the way to soccer.

And a little high I like to go over fast since your stomach jumps.

Another lake with ducks.

Playing soccer. I was goalie, which worked out well because then I could take pictures anytime they weren't coming at me.

Everybody is really fun to play with, and there's a wide variety of skill.

Nice header.

Jenny going to get the ball.

Aw, she got kicked in the ankle. Maybe next time we should wear shin guards.

Another nice header.


Jenny trying to thread the ball through some defenders.

Reach again!

Uh oh, it's just Jenny before he gets to me.

He got around the other guy, so again, just Jenny to help me out.

Here he comes again.

Good stop by the other goalie.

Aw, my shoes somehow completely tore apart. I wonder if some type of glue will fix this?

Eagle-eyed Jenny spotted some garage sale signs.

Our first deal: a poker set for 50 cents.

Just follow the little green signs.

Anything good at this one?

Ooh, we can use these for the next hour and then take them to a thrift store. That's a pretty good bargain for 50 cents.

A chip in my windshield. I can't tell if it's getting bigger, though.

Saved 3 cents per gallong by being a member.

Aw, Jenny really wanted a smoothie but this place was closed.

Jenny studying at LA Fitness while waiting for our boot camp to get free Expendables tickets. And they had smoothies, yeah!

A free energy bar handed out by some guy by the door.

Wow, that dude's big.

Aw, no boot camp. He just had us run on a treadmill for 20 minutes. How boring. And I was all psyched up for some fun.

Getting our free swag: movie passes, t-shirts, bandanas, posters, and temporary tattoos. It was only us and one other woman, and he wouldn't give her any more free passes for her two friends, so we gave her two of ours.

A shiny bug outside on the sidewalk.

We went to White Linen Night in the Heights that evening. There was lots of free music...

... and people selling art.

More free music at an open house for a realtor's office.


Free wine, too.

A big ol' cat watching everybody walk by.

Ooh, this place had really good food.

We went with a woman Jenny met at her last exam and her husband. They just so happened to live a few blocks away from Jenny.

Another place with some interesting art.

Her dress matches.

Interesting, but not worth $6,000 in my opinion.

Lots of art all around.

Including this entire wall in the hallway.

The shirtless artists.

A neat old band machine.

A kid's bouncy area.

Some other old music machines.

Free hot dogs and popcorn.

Another studio with modern art.

These were kind of neat.

But this was just freaky.

Another free band.

But this place was charging for food. Glad we didn't come here first because we found tons of free food elsewhere.

Another little shop.

Jenny as a lobster.

More free music.

We just caught one of the last buses, which was especially nice because otherwise we would have had to walk two miles back to where we had parked.

A one last free band at the end.

Making posters to do Free Hugs at Miller Outdoor Theater. It's a pretty simple campaign: hold up signs and hug people when they come up to you.

Our first hugger was while we were walking from our car before we were even holding our signs up.

Another one once we got to the top of the hill.



More people starting to come.

Another one.

It was windy enough we didn't even really need to hold them. The wind was nice, too, cuz it was still super hot out. Next time maybe we'll bring some string to put around our necks to be lazy.

This guy was part of a group.

A couple women.

Another girl.

This kid wanted to hold a sign, so I gave him mine for a while.

Down by the concession stands. Jenny even got some hugs from the staff here.