2010 Aug 22 | House the Hill, Galveston homes

What are these people behind me in line doing?

Oh, that's real nice. Putting three packs of hot dogs in this cart of things to return to the shelves because the people decided at the last minute they didn't want them. I like the idea of this cart, but honestly, who does this with food that has to be refrigerated? This makes me so mad.

It looks like this guy has two license plates or something.

Tango at Discovery Green again.

The girl in the background was jumping rope all over the place and distracting me.

The whole group.

The instructor was moving really slowly, so we left early.

That's the perfect use for a Smart car: fit it in a tiny parking spot.

We went to the Corner Bakery Cafe because they had free frozen lemonades when purchased with a meal.

Ooh, look at all those sweets.

Off to Miller Outdoor to watch a free movie.

And time to eat our food.

The movie was Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

What do you do with wrapping paper after you unwrap the present?

You often don't realize how dirty something is until you start to clean it.

Off to buy some soccer shoes. I was worried they'd be around $100, so I was pleasantly surprised that a lot were under $40.

Of course, the ones I wanted were way up there.

I'll just grab this ladder. Uh oh, it says employee use only. Well, I'll just claim I speak Spanish and didn't understand.

So much for that; they have it in Spanish, too.

They're pretty neat looking; the color changes from purple to green depending on the angle you look at them.

Still have bugs on the windshield from when we went out on the rural roads to watch meteors.

The little hairs on raspberries always freak me out a bit.

Volleyball on a super-hot day.

Danny going up for a hit.

House the Hill electronic music festival. Half of the fun was looking at some of the outfits.

In front of the fountains and some skyscapers.

After eating Skittles, our tongues were all different colors.

It was a nice night.

Getting a little more crowded now.

The guy in the red shirt was dancing like crazy.

A guy spinning colored lights.

It got really neat looking once it got dark.

Trying to catch all the glo-necklaces the DJs were throwing.

In the crowd some more.

The glo-necklaces we managed to snag out of mid-air.

Love the light-up hula hoop.

Jumping around with the crowd some more.

Grabbing some bargains in Target's dollar section.

I doubt the $25 gift card is really only $1.

And off to a pool party we heard about at House the Hill. Ooh, volleyball; I love volleyball!

There weren't too many people in the pool, though.

Went off the diving board a few times. Some people were pretty good and got like two full rotations or spins off.

Dancing on the tables.

Fire dancers and basketball players.

The DJ was across the pool from here.

Swinging on some swings.

Some guys playing with lights on ropes.

The area with the DJ and people dancing.

I wonder what these cops were doing. They'd pull over a random person and talk to them for a while.

We went to Galveston on Sunday for their free day. First stop: 1877 Tall Ship Elissa.

Texas Seaport Museum.

Live model for the figurehead.

Sail for the ship.

On the ship.

Coins under the masts for good luck.

Looking at the engine room.

The meeting area by the captain's room.

Coming up the tiny stairwell.

Near the front of the ship.

Jenny "driving" the boat.

Us at the helm.

The markers are for the high-water levels at different dates. The one way at the top is for 1900.

Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Rig and Museum in the distance.

A cute sign we saw.

Menard House, which isn't normally open to the public.


The kitchen.



Another bedroom.

The original wall hidden behind this panel.

Reception room.

Another view from the front.

St. Joseph’s Church, which also isn't normally open to the public.

Pretty old.

Although it's no longer a church.

The organ.

The balcony.

A cute baby palm tree.

Just a neat-looking house.

And another one.

Bishop’s Palace.

Which has some amazing stained-glass windows in the chapel...

... and on the stairs.

Bishop's Palace from the back.

Eating lunch at the Mosquito Cafe.

We almost finished our dessert before our food came. Not because the service was slow, but because we were starving. And the food was excellent.

All kinds of fruit bars at The Fruit Palette.

The arms for a train came down by accident some how, and they weren't going up even though there wasn't a train. Some people ended up U-turning around through the grass...

... and this guy lifted the arms up for all the cars on the other side to drive through.

Talking on her cell phone AND eating while driving. That's true multitasking.

Gotta love the Houston accidents.

The front of this truck is held together by duct tape.