2010 Sep 06 | party boat, glow party

Aw, a cute little lizard on the sidewalk at my apartment.

Two blocks, each with six sides, but the first block would only really need four numbers (0-3), so I think you could make that work for any date combination. I was going to try to figure it out exactly to be sure, but then I decided if they made the product, then obviously it would have to work correctly.

People parking at the grass in school.

These people parked just outside of the parking lines where there actually aren't parking spaces. Last year the parking cops didn't seem to mind, but I guess this year they do.

Ugh, that's no fun.

Neat cloud with the sun behind it.

Waiting in line for a free screening of Machete.

Afterwards they gave out free tacos for the first 100 people in line. Kind of a neat little promotion.

Dinner with some classmates at Miyako.

Jenny: "My mom made these sheets." Me: "Oh, is your mother's name Ralph Lauren?" Jenny: "OK, maybe not these sheets."

This is a nice change around UH. This off ramp used to have two lanes feeding into it, which could make it really bad since they instantly merged into one. Now they changed it to only one lane.

The best burger joint in the Heights. Nasty and greasy.

They only take cash, and nothing over a $20. A woman beside me realized she only had a $100, so she asked if anyone had change. Thankfully I did, so she could still get her food. After paying for mine, though, I was down to a $100 and a $1, which isn't that useful of a combination. Jenny had a lot of $20s she had just got for her trip to China, though, so we traded.

Pretty chocolate-covered strawberries from Dacapo's.

Volleyball on Saturday.

Backhand hit.

Forehand hit.

Reaching for the ball.

I much prefer the 12-can boxes since they fit in my fridge better.

However, when the 24-can boxes are only 72 cents more (or basically 10 free cans), I can't pass up that kind of deal.

Sunday I went to Austin for a boat party. Here are some really nice houses up on a hill.

And another one.

A forklift moving a boat around. You'd think it'd tip over.

The dock.

Grabbing stuff to take down to the boat.

And we're off!

We went out to this island and tied up onto it.

They had three big party boats tied together. I and these people were on the middle boat.

It was this guy's birthday, and he drove a separate little boat out.

You could walk across from one boat to another.

Lots of drinks.

More drinks.

And more.

Lots of people, too.

Got some pictures with a waterproof camera while swimming around.

You could jump off this side of the boats.

Four girls at once.

Each boat also had a slide on back.

Lots of people floated around behind the boats.

Some of the people were swimming around and some stayed on the boats.

He went back and forth to get people who were late and other supplies.

Hanging out.

Going down the slide.

People watching the sliders.


Flipping off the edge.


OK, the photos are pretty self-explanatory for a while now.

Nos some music started, so people started dancing.

This couple swam over to the island.

Birthday cake.

A parasailer off in the distance.

And a last view of the boats as we left. Really fun day.

That night we went clubbing at South Beach because they were having a glow party, so everybody got glow necklaces. This was a woman who was twirling some lightsticks around.

A guy who made some glow necklaces into a type of top.

Another guy with a lot of glowsticks on a necklace.

The crowd.

The crowd during a strobe.

Someone came through and gave everyone really big green glow necklaces.

Another shot of the crowd.

Monday I went to Moody Gardens in Galveston for a beer festival.

However, it was rainy, so it looks like they pretty much canceled it.

The pool at the hotel there.

The bar in the pool.

A band playing indoors.

Some nice houses with water access in Galveston.

Usually you can't surf in Galveston, but I bet you could today.

Even though the weather wasn't great, there were still a lot of people out on the beaches.

These pallets were pretty unstable; I made sure to stay in a different lane from this guy.

"With 2 foods roaches eat." What's that, anything and anything?

I've seen kids with harnesses with a rope attached so their parents can keep track of them, but I've never seen a kid with just a rope tied onto him until this day. Well, I guess it is cheaper.

A funny car with ping-pong balls all over it.