The elevator at the public library was out, so there was this sign hanging there. However, people would still hit the call button, wait a few minutes, hit it again, wait some more, and get frustrated. Half of the time they'd give up without even seeing the sign.

They have these blue containers for recycling. Some people apparently have no clue what's recycleable. San Jose has a big problem with this, by the way. Since the city charges for additional trash bins, people hide trash they can't fit into their trash bin into the recycling ones.

I'm sure this is a guide for the city water or power or something, but I think it's funny. "Where is the USA?" "Uh, all around you."

Ah, Berkeley, where you occasionally meet someone walking down the street smoking a joint as if it's a cigarette. Actually, more people would probably give you dirty looks for smoking tobacco than marijuana here.

Every once in a while, someone really sets up camp on BART.

These guys bought over $100 in groceries, and they were whining about getting charged twice on some $2 item that they though was "buy 1, get 1 free" or something.

I always thought this meant that the toilets were only for workers. I've found out it means you can't just walk in off the street and use them; if you're a customer, you can.

Reason #37 to keep a job: you don't have to buy the entire stock of Ramen noodles when the store has a sale on them. Ugh, Ramen for like 4 months straight.

Watching the World Cup.

If the air quality is bad enough, BART has "Spare the Air" days, where you can ride for free. They recently had 3 of them in a row, which used up all of the funding they have for them.

It's $6 to get in, and if you leave, you have to pay again.

Kat, one of my co-workers, had her birthday party at this park in Antioch. The pool is right by the lake, and I thought it was neat how there is a beach in the pool. We BBQ'd and had a water-gun fight.

Afterwards, we went to the house of one of her relatives. We played assassins, where everybody sits in a circle and gets a card. Two cards are aces, and those people are the assassins. They have to wink at people, who then die and turn their card over. The others try to figure out who the assassins are. If you think you know, you need two other people to back you up. If you're right, the assassin dies. If you're wrong, you and the people who back you up win. Pretty fun.

The Pride parade in SF. They started with dykes on bikes.

Some of the groups would stop and perform, like these cheerleaders.

Impressive balloon costumes.

Other costumes.

They had these large flags/blankets that people could throw money into for AIDS research and things like that.

More costumes.

Bruce, who works nearby and comes over to visit us at work every once in a while. He always has one of the best costumes at these things and usually ends up in the newspaper the next day.

More costumes.

One of the more interesting floats. They were actually whipping the guy tied up. That's gotta get old after 6 hours or so. They probably switched people every once in a while.

A biker who kept going back and forth.

Feathery costumes.

Up top, some people stood on trash cans and the like to get a better view. Right below them is a girl who stood next to me. The people in the parade handed out a lot of stuff, about half of which were bead necklaces, and she tried to get every one. I went for the candy instead.