2010 Sep 12 | soccer, screening, VB in rain

A fill-in-the-blank game on the side of a cereal box. If you mistake that "E" for an "F," it's almost really dirty.

This was a conundrum. There were some Skittles just barely hanging there like someone had selected them but they got stuck and didn't fall. I wanted Skittles, so I put my money in, and two dropped. I thought there was a chance the person who had first put their money in had gone to get additional money to get their pack, so I left the other one at the bottom of the tray so they could get it if they came back. Then again, the next time I walked by there were a bunch of school kids there, so more than likely one of them grabbed it for free. Oh well; I did what I could.

It was a slow day in Low Vision, so we started a Dynavision tournament. It's designed to teach patients to learn how to scan to the sides better and improve their peripheral vision as well as measure their progress, but we saw how many hits we could each get in a minute. The current top score is 100.

And we played with these prism glasses.

Although they take a while to adapt to. I'm supposed to be pointing straight at the camera.

Darren trying to get used to them.

A funny sign at the Meineke I take the Jeep to.

Slow day in clinic = me watching a squirrel outside.

A group of us went to a bar called the Wet Spot to watch the Vikings vs the Saints.

There were these annoying internet game casters right behind us, though.

I'd probably stick an umbrella on my wheelchair, too, if I had to ride it around outside a lot. It's hot.

Friday evening we played soccer at the fields by the rec center.

It was a little annoying because the intramural office wouldn't let us use their nets or goals, so we had to use some cones.

It was still pretty fun, though.

We didn't have a whole lot of players.

Although more showed up later.

Most of the players were actually pretty good, too.

The only thing I didn't like was that a few of the players were pretty aggressive. I got my shin scraped up a bit, so next time I think I'll wear shin guards.

Saturday morning I helped with vision screenings for the Special Olympics athletes.

They also had other areas, such as physicals and hearing screenings.

Checking visual acuity.

Eye alignment.

Color vision.

Intraocular pressure.

External ocular health.

Internal ocular health.

A flashing light is a great way to get them to look where you want.

Checking out with the doctors at the end.

On my way to volleyball, there were some people selling water and Gatorade at the stop light. Normally I don't buy anything from them, but I only had water in my cooler and there is a guy who likes to borrow a Gatorade from me when we're playing, so it actually worked out perfectly.

Waldo going for a spike.

This woman, her kid, her boyfriend, and her mother, whom she referred to as "Grandma," showed up.

"Come on, Waldo, don't spike on Grandma!"

Then again, Grandma was really competitive.

Her boyfriend liked to just tap it over into a hole on the defense.

Waldo spiking again.

Behind-the-head hit.

Going for a spike.

Great dig.

The group.

"Oh no, we got the drunk pilot!" Or hopefully he's just practicing.

I hate this intersection. The left two lanes split off from the right two, and the right two are always backed up. What makes it worse is people try to jam in from the right lanes at the last second, so instead of merging smoothly, they make everyone slam on their brakes.

Aw, man, a train.

Oh, no it's not. Just the little tram. Nice; I only have to wait for a few seconds rather than like 10 minutes.

There was a free Oktoberfest event at the Museum of Fine Arts on Sunday. I got lucky and found a parking space right next to it.

A radio station was giving out free movie passes, and I got there right before they closed up. Lucky timing.

Some dancers.

Lots of art projects.

Making your own art.

Free beer from St. Arnold's.

More artwork.

Free dance lessons.

They ran out of St. Arnold's beer, so they had to grab some Coors and Bud.

More dance lessons.

This is the parking lot at Spotts Park where we play volleyball.

However, there's no shade, so I park on the side of the road here. I only have to walk a little bit farther, but the Jeep stays a lot cooler.

This guy was trying to get his girlfriend to run around with him, but she wasn't too happy about it.

I think this graffiti is new.

Kids sliding down the hill at the park.


You're not quite that high, Shane.

Me hitting it over the neat.

Michael setting it.

Another guy jumping but the ball's too high.

Diving back to get the ball.

Here comes a spike.

Destinee serving.

And setting.

Me about to spike it.

Us double blocking Shane.

Going for a spike.


"Dude, don't block the set," my teammate told me. I know, but last time they hit it over on the second hit, those sneaky players.

Uh oh, it started pouring rain. What will we do?

Play in the rain, of course.

It got a little harder to move in the giant puddles, though.





A bit of an aggressive set; I think she had it, heh.






And another hit.