2010 Sep 19 | Beatniks, Taiko drummers, VB

Oh, man, going to Wal-Mart late on a Sunday night is a bad idea. Even at 9pm the lines are still huge.

The first set of people in front of me used a coupon on every single item and argued on the prices on about a quarter of them.

Then the woman directly in front of me couldn't get her card to be read. It was a certain type of card the clerk couldn't just type the numbers in, either. So the woman just walked away from the register and left all of her items sitting in the bags. The crazy part was she had enough cash IN HER HAND to pay for her items but didn't use it.

The parking lots are full, so people have started parking on the side of the street here. Never seen that before, although it loooks like they're not getting tickets.

Ugh, going to the main campus to get a transcript. I forgot how horrible this is. First I had to wait forever, and then when I got there, the woman just sat and talked to her friend the entire time instead of me.

Then when I went to pay, this guy was paying $1300 for tuition. He paid it in $100 bills. I would have been pretty scared to walk around the neighborhood by UH with that kind of cash.

Ooh, I hate these injuries. I was making a line in the sand for volleyball and caught the front of my toe, which bent it back. Then it ripped open and started bleeing right where the nail enters. It doesn't hurt too much, but it's still annoying.

Tons of mosquito bites, too. Gonna bring some bug spray next time.

There are some cockroaches around, so I bought some traps. The problem is a lot of the roaches seemingly don't want to go in; they just run around. They're supposed to eat the food inside and take it back to their nest to kill other roaches, so rather than smooshing them, I pick them up and drop them into the traps, which seems a bit silly.

Hey, where did this day come from?

I like this card...

... because while I did read 2-5, I really wasn't paying much attention. It got me, heh.

Cupcakes from Crave. They cost $3.25 each, but they're pretty neat.

Free movie at Studio Movie Grill.

This guy is riding his bike on the road to the university. My general rule is you should be able to keep up with the speed of traffic for whatever road you're on, no matter what mode of transportation you're using. If your car doesn't go very fast or you're on a bike, get off of the fast roads. Otherwise, you're not only being a nuisance, you're creating a hazard and endangering yourself and others.

This parking lot always gets 100% full after a few hours, and this guy parked part-way in another spot; not a good idea. I kind of wish I had an old junky car that I could park one inch away from his side so he'd have to go in through his passenger door and jump across without worrying about him scratching my car.

I hate this sign. I'm sure the "select" is so people can't claim 75% some random thing they found in the store, but then I'm worried something I want that's in these shelves won't actually be 75% off.

Vision screening at an elementary school.

Dumb traffic.

This guy cut me off and then wouldn't let me merge into his lane. I was pretty annoyed, and I thought about jumping out and stealing some of his wood. It'd be pretty easy to do, and rather humorous, I think. Although not worth the potential consequences.

Accident across the highway; that's one smashed-in hood.

A few of us showed up to play soccer on Friday night, but there weren't enough for a game, which was too bad because the weather was beautiful. We just sat and watched these two groups practice foodball instead.

Saturday and Sunday we had a practice management class from 8am to 5pm. They didn't want people sitting in the back, so they roped it off.

That evening we went to the grand opening of Beatniks, which was a store selling 50s-style clothing that a friend of Jenny's was opening.

Always gotta like free food.

Some neat dancing shoes.

Jenny met some of her dancing friends and we tested out how flexible and balanced we all were. I did pretty well, probably partially due to taking karate as a kid.

Lots of people in a small space.

This woman was modeling one of the dresses.

After that we went to Miller Outdoor Theater for Japanese Taiko drummers. Because we were getting there after the show started, though, there wasn't any parking nearby. However, some people were leaving early, so we just waited until they left and then took their spot.

Lots of people, as always.

Guys using swords.


More drummers.

And more.

The sword guys again.

A gigantic drum.

Sunday afternoon was volleyball.

Shane running to hit the ball back in.

Waldo trying to spike it and Danny trying to block it.

Michael hitting it over his head.

Going for a block.

Better to have two people try to hit the ball than nobody.

Shane tapping it over.

Another spike-block attempt.

Good dig.

All four people went for this ball, heh.

Going for a spike.

Battle at the net.

Afterwards Jenny and I ate at Star Pizza, which is only a block away.

My tinfoil hat.