2010 Sep 26 | improv, dance, Oktoberfest, wine

Huge line of traffic at the exit from school. Thankfully I was on a side road and could actually cut through a parking lot.

The first few weeks of school this parking lot was completely packed around 10am. Now that students are starting to skip classes, though, there are usually some open spaces near the edge.

They had these signs advertising this statue all over campus.

This is it. I'm not sure what it is since it hasn't been unveiled yet. Although you'd only have to go and lift up the garbage bags around it to see it.

I wonder what these cones are for?

Some guy driving on the gravel beside the railroad tracks. I'm sure he works for the railroad, but if this road ever gets backed up, I might have to keep that in mind.

I seriously have to stop putting bows on the little presents I give her, because otherwise she does super-cute stuff like this with them.

A comb Jenny brought me from China. And a drinking die.

Some little snacks.

Dinner at Tradicao Brazilian Steakhouse. I haven't been this full in years. I ate too much, and then ate some of her leftovers. Those pork ribs were awesome, though.

An interesting little airplane on a random road in Houston.

I'm pretty much always going to take Yale now instead of Heights because it goes under the train rather than having to wait for it.

Longform Improv at Rudyard's.

Hilarious skit about racism while working at McDonald's.

View from the back.

They were all pretty funny.

Some of our group.

Playing pool afterwards. Don't miss that shot.


Another easy shot, at least if you can hold the cue well.

The bathrooms there were pretty interesting.

Lots of graffiti.

I don't think this stall is handicap accessible.

Almost never do the reserved seating at Miller Outdoor, but we got awesome ones: C5 and C6. (Yeah, nobody around us reserved tickets and all the seats were empty, but hey, I was still really excited).

We were thinking of going up north for the evening, but the horrific traffic made us decide to stay in Houston.

These birds kept circling the telephone wire, then a few would land, the others would circle again, a few more would land, etc. I wonder why they didn't all land at once?

Sunset in the Heights.

The 16th Annual Weekend of Texas Contemporary Dance at Miller Outdoor. One of my favorite acts, playing out a relationship through life. And they were TALL!


On swings.

Cool planks that moved up and down.

With fans blowing paper around.

"Page 1 of 55." Honestly, why do they even bother?

Warming up for soccer in Saturday morning. It was still wet, so the ball left a trail in the grass.

Nice header.

Fighting for the ball.

Nice chest trap.

Taking off down the field.

Kicking it away.

Nice foot trap.

Here he comes!

A skirmish over ball control.

Chasing the ball down.

Although now it's starting to be soccer season for the schools, too, so we're gonna have to find another field to play at.

Bird by the water.

Wow, this was a bit scary. There's a big hill, but right on the other side of it traffic was backed up so far that people had to slam on their brakes to avoid crashing.

Although once it backed up past the top, the people could see it.

Eating at Cici's Pizza because they have a cheap buffet deal going on. All the people there are so fat, though, so we don't really fit in. I like how this family threw a few of their kids in child carriers in the corner.

Some girls dressed up for some outing. We liked the blue dress on the left, but it didn't seem to fit with the others.

Dark cloud in front, light cloud in back.

Oktoberfest in the Woodlands. We had initially walked up to the Cynthia Woods pavilian to get tickets. The lady at the counter said the cheapest they had was general seating for $40, and we were like, wait a minute, I thought it was $10? There were a few seconds of confusion until I asked if it was Oktoberfest, and she said nope, that was a block down; this is the Rush concert.

Band playing with some dancers.

Food stands.


Bier Madchens.

People watching some dancers.

The dancers.

A water taxi that you can take up and down the stream.

Teaching people a dance.

Us in front of one of the tents.

It had rained a lot and was really muddy. Not the best time to wear your new white shoes. :(

More people dancing to a band.

More food stands.

We bought 10 tickets and use 8 on a beer. There were only a few things that cost 1 ticket, including a pickle or Skittles. We both got pickles, but afterwards I decided I should have gone with the Skittles.

Another band.

A guy we saw cooking lots of hot dogs while walking along the back of the booths.

Passing by the Rush concert again. This couple was really dressed up; the woman even had a pearl necklace. Seems pretty overdressed for a rock concert.

Next we went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch UFC 119. The place was completely packed and was only seating full groups. I wandered around and managed to find two seats at the edge of the bar. Then the people to our right left, so we moved over and had awesome spots.

Hey, how did they get those hats?

By ordering a beer and a shot. Well, we're getting us some hats, too, by golly!

This woman looked extremely unhappy to be there for quite a while, so we assumed she was out with an old rich guy, but he was actually young and good looking. So much for stereotypes. And she seemed to have a little more fun as the night went on.

Eating at the Breafast Klub. Fairly long line, but it moves fast.

We ate outside.

If he put the "Foor Store" banner on there just for a tax write-off and it worked, that man is a genious. I wonder how much you would save?

Although this car has a few too many business stickers.

A Hummer actually being used for something.

A neat entrance to Sabine Park.

Sunday afternoon we went to the Houston Wine Festival. Tickets were normally $25 per person, but we got a really good deal where we got two tickets for two days for $40. We split those with some friends who went on Saturday, so we ended up only paying $10 a person.

Some people eating under the shade by an old house.


Lots of little booths.

Free samples.

More booths.

There was a big main tent with lots of wines, but the lines were really long there, so we just stuck to the smaller booths.

A booth where they taught you how to make a little painting.

Spinning a wheel.

A nice little pond.

Artwork for sale.

Getting some more wind.

Another row of booths.

The big lawn.

Watching the ducks by the pond.



The lawn with some skyscrapers in the background.

A woman feeding the ducks.

Muscovy ducks.

Jenny with the Get Grouby mascot, a daily coupon site.

More wines.

Lots of other wine-related merchandise.

One of the bands. Jenny knew them from dancing and they dedicated a song to her.

Us relaxing on the lawn.

Someone put a hat on this fire hydrant.



Nice dig.

Waldo with a power shot.

On the ground after a diving dig.

Swinging away.

Keeping their eyes on the ball after a diving dig.





Hitting it up.


Tapping it over.

Here it comes.

Who can push longer?

Gotta love the backwards-facing, over-the-head wild swings.