2010 Oct 03 | Best of Houston, Astros, hawks

Aw man, I found two unused drink tickets from the wine festival in my wallet after we got back from it.

This sign is at the Dairy Queen drive through. There's something about the woman in it that weirds me out a bit. Not sure if it's her too-blue eyes or her sideways glance or her smile or what, but I shiver a bit every time I see it.

$2 for that giant back of chocolate animal crackers? Jackpot!

That has to be one of the unhealthiest cereals ever: chocolate + marshmallows.

This guy was hauling around some wood chippings or something. Nice way to "accidentally" cover up your license plate if you need to do so for some reason.

We went to the Best of Houston party Lucky's Pub on Thursday night. We found tickets online for only $5. This big truck was out front.

The crowd listening to the band.

A 3D movie of places around Houston.

There was a pole-dancing demonstration by some instructors of a pole dancing class. It just happened to be the same class that a friend of mine takes, and we ran into her there cheering on her instructors.

Pretty impressive.

As is that.



The girls.

Gotta be pretty flexible...

... and strong.

A little dancing.

More dancing.

And then climbing.

Don't think I could do that even on solid ground.


That's a lot of hair.

Dancing on a chair.

Don't hit your head.

Free appetizers.


And even more.

They also had a mechanical bull set up outside.

Falling off.

There was a guy who actually controlled how and how fast the bull moved.

And he made it much easier for the women than the men. Most of the guys he spun off in around 10 seconds whereas he let the women stay on for around 30 before doing anything difficult.

This guy was pretty drunk, but that just made it funnier.

Falling off.

Me on the bull.

An interesting art car.

They also had one of those blow-up jumping houses...

... in the shape of a robot.

More people falling off the bull, haha.

And there goes another one.

She held on a little longer.

A van with videogames inside...

... and out. Here Jenny's playing Mario Kart.

Me playing.

A few of my classmates and I went out to eat. The parking lot was completely full, so some people got a little ingenious about how they parked.

Jenny found a deal online for a free Astros baseball game on Friday night.

Us in front of the park.

All the people with the online deal had a private room.

Which had free glasses containing energy bars.

And even better, an open bar! Hard to beat a free game plus free unlimited drinks, including alcohol.

Unless you find out that there's a special on the hot dogs they usually sell for $5 a piece which are only $1 tonight. So game + drinks + dinner cost only $5 total for the both of us since we bought 5 hot dogs.

A view of downtown over the top of the stadium.

There were three people sitting alone, which we thought was a bit sad...

... until their friend / significant other joined them.

A player catching the ball.

Some rather, uh, large people who sat right beside Jenny, which made her get all mad, haha.

We can barely read the giant screen above us.


At Richmond Arms for a going-away party for a friend of Jenny's. The guy played the guitar with his tongue.

Saturday afternoon I went to the Take Me Outdoors Houston show at Discovery Green. Some microscopes to look at feathers and things.


Turtles and caimans.

Lots of booths.

A safari company that sponsored part of the event.

From the other side.

A demonstration with an owl flying around.

Funny shirt.



Which flew up on top of the stadium.

And then back to one of the trainers.


He was a little worried about the big dog back there and kept looking at him rather than flying. Dumb people who bring a predator to a bird show.

A video I made of the different birds flying around the audience. At 0:25 I almost get my head taken off by the vulture, but I managed to roll backwards and keep filming while upside down.

A conference of the Anglican church, although with a name like North America Ablaze, it sounded more like a stoners convention.

Three identical white pickups hauling three identical red four-wheelers.

Big crash on the opposide side of the highway.

Jenny studying and eating one of the most disgusting things known to man: a green bean popsicle. Oh well; I guess it's much healthier to enjoy something like that as a snack.

I love this bright green house in the Heights, although I think it's a real estate agency.





A fight at the net.

Good hit.

Jumping hit.

Low dig.

Hitting it over the blocker.

The other side doing the same.

Hitting it up.

Jump spike.

Running for the ball.

That evening we went to Dding Ga Dding Ga to sing karaoke for Judith's birthday party.

"Hey, I found the English songs in the sea of Korean!"

Judith and another friend singing.

Judith blowing out the candles on her cupcakes.

Then we went to Belvedere for drinks and dancing.

The bathrooms have frosted glass so you can kind of see through them. Cool or creepy depending on your point of view.

We initially didn't have a private table, but we all pitched in and got one.

Well, actually we paid for a bottle of vodka. The table came with it.

Although the bottle worked out pretty nicely; a few drinks for everyone.


Judith with another one of her friends.

Everyone having a good time.

OK, time to dance.

The place wasn't packed, but it was fairly full.

Watching the Sunday afternoon football game at Maple Leaf Pub.

Then we moved over to Sant Dane's, which was on the same block, for the next game.

It was pretty busy, so it was actually faster for me to pull up their menu on my cell phone than to try to find a physical one.

The best thing about the Raiders are the fans.

And another round of volleyball on Sunday.



Good control.


Swinging away.


Aw, someone landed on my foot. Not too much damage; just a little scrape.

Marina setting.

Hitting it above the blocker.


Better two people go for it than nobody.

Good bump.

Michael with a jumping hit.

Big spike.

Diving hit.

The group.

Great dive.

Big spike.

Running hit.

And another.

Going for a spike.

Trying to hit the ball when it's right along the net is hard.

Blind behind-the-head hit.


Spike and block.

Again a little miscommunication on who gets the ball, haha.

Jumping for it.

Who will win?

Here it comes!

Big hit.

And another shot of the group.

Me with a running hit.

On Sundays, there's always a different group that plays soccer in the open area by the volleyball courts.

And always some people playing basketball, too.

Some weird vehicle where everyone was pedaling to make it move.

Aw, come on. That's not a very manly opening to Sunday night football.