2010 Oct 17 | TOA billiards, Epic Dance, ghosts

I always have the urge to try to drive up the ramps like they do in the movies when I see trucks like this.

Old Miami Dolphins plate on an Old Corvette. Cool.

Downtown in the morning.

Jenny got a new cookbook, so we tried out a recipe. I love these slap chop devices for cutting up vegetables and things.

One sign of a good cook: drinking the wine you're cooking with while cooking. :) But never turn your back on an Asian while cooking. They'll invariably grab all the spices and dump more in.

It ended up being really good.

Volleyball on Saturday. Had a few new players and some people who hadn't shown up in a while.

Nice tip.

Good set.

Long reach.

Two are better than one.

Two on one.


Fight at the net.



Good hit.

Another pushing match.



The group.

Saturday night we went to Slick Willie's to play billiards with optometrists on the TOA board. Here David is explaining the rules of the tournament.

For the first round of the tournament, we had to play against Dr. Newhouse's husband, Mike. Who proceeded to destroy us.

But hey, he bought us a round of shots, so that was cool. Or maybe it was part of his plan to make us play worse. ;)

Playing against Jenny, and I was stripes. This is not good.

Some of the other players.

Mostly students.

But some optometrists.

Who were pretty good.

Me lining up a shot.

And another one.

Dr. Newhouse talking with some of my classmates.

We had the whole section to our group.

Jenny with one of the waitresses.

David announcing the winners of the first raffle.

Jenny lining up her shot.

Jessica, one of my classmates.


Jessica again.


Jenning shooting.

Dr. Newhouse playing against another optometrist.

Her lining up a shot.




Jenny laughing after completely missing a shot.

Raffle number two.

Dr. Gee (one of my attendings), Jenny, and I played a game of cutthroat while he waited for the next round of the tournament.

He was pretty good.

He had even brought his own cue stick.

I shot, then Jenny, the Dr. Gee. And somehow Jenny always managed to stick the cue ball behind other balls so it made his shots harder. Good job, Jenny!

He and I were down to one ball each, but he took me out in the end.

Right after that we went to Epic Dance at Club Mango, with different dance troupes around Houston showing off their skills. Our friend Angelica had mentioned it, and the girl close to us in the yellow shirt was one of her friends.

Guys from the first group.

Guys and girls dancing together.

Nice outfits.

The emcee.

My favorite couple, especially because I loved her dress.

Belly dancers.

Belly dancer with a sword on her head.

Intermission, where some audience members just went out and danced. A woman in a red shirt right in front of us was really good.

The emcee for the night was part of this group.

A hip hop group.

Really good couple.

Another hip hop group.

Video of the different groups.

We had class 8am-5pm on Saturday and Sunday. Here we got into groups and answered questions. Our group won, although we didn't win any prize.

It got a bit boring, so Lauren and I played Dots and Boxes. As you can see, she killed me. I guess she knows the only real strategy to the game, which is called the double-cross strategy.

That evening Jenny and I went to a ghost walk. We ate at Cabo beforehand because it has a really nice outdoor balcony. Poor Jenny's straw sunk down into her drink.

Reading the Houston Press.

A view the other way.

The legs of one ad look like the go into the other one.

Cute ad: dog with glasses.

A neat little corner in the restaurant.

Market Square Park, where we met for the tour.

Neat sculpture.

Cool waterfall fountain.

A mini Niko Niko's in the middle.

Pretty car.

First stop on the tour: La Carafe, haunted by Carl, a former bartender.

The oldest building in downtown Houston, an old bakery.

Our tour guide used a microphone with a speaker in a fanny pack. Never seen that before, but it looked like a brilliant idea.

Two guys up on a roof who apparently knew we were a ghost tour, because they kept making ghost noises at us. They're lucky they didn't become ghosts themselves; pretty dangerous hanging out up there.

Our group.

Neat structure nearby.

The group looking at the Donnellan crypt.

The door to the Donnellan crypt was just to the bottom-right of the "DTS" graffiti. Jenny and I were gonna sneak down there, but we couldn't figure out an easy way to do it, especially when it got dark.

Brewery Tap, with William the ghost.

Neat gate cover.

The tour guide taking pictures of everyone hoping to get William in a picture with them.

Two men, David James Jones and John Christopher Columbus Quick, were hanged here in 1838. They were dug back up by a group of men, including physicians, who removed their heads. Later it became the Bayou Lofts.

Where the men were hung.

Our last stop.

A man fell down an elevator shaft at the Spaghetti Warehouse and his body was found by his wife, who died a few days later. The upstairs women's bathroom is the closest patrons can get to the shaft.