2010 Oct 24 | Beer & Gun Club, Korean fest

The one thing I like about the optometry school elevator: the close door button actually closes the doors, unlike most elevators.

Cutting lenses in optics lab, which I TA. A couple of people dropped their lenses into the edger, so poor Dr. Stephens had to dig them out.

Got a new Chase Freedom credit card. It used to have really good rewards, 3% cash back, although now it's 1% cash back and 3% on different types of items on different months. The Citi one was really good for 1 year, but now it's not nearly as good either, although I always liked the silver writing on a black card look. Although the new Chase card is really pretty and shiny.

The older bunches of roses are marked down to $5, and they look like it.

Really pretty, but not sure if it's worth $20.

I want to get some patient records for my Grand Rounds case from this office, but they're always closed when I have free time. Hopefully this Tuesday I can stop by.

Arne's was damaged in the last major hurricane, but it's fixed now. They even got a brand new LED sign.

Looking for green, yellow, and red transparent covers for our Halloween costumes. First option was these glasses, although we only need six total, not 100s.

These were my second option: much better looking and wide, although not very deep.

What I ended up getting: mini shot glasses.

20 batteries for $14 and 24 of the exact same kind for $12.

Jenny pressing the peppercorns around the edges of our steaks.

Great, I have absolutely no idea how much a fluid ounce is.

Thankfully I can just Google it.

Soccer on Saturday morning.

Bracing for the ball impact.

Quick turn to the left.

Someone kicked the ball over the fence and into the little stream, so I ran and got it. Thankfully it floated towards a bank so I didn't have to actually go into the water.

Winding up.

This older guy was a really solid player and very nice.

Fighting for the ball.

Soccer injury: a little spot that got rubbed by my shoe. I'll take that over a bruised shin any day.

A tournament taking over a ton of fields.

Sexy ad.

Montrose Beer and Gun Club Cook-Off and Music Extravaganza at the Alabama Ice House.

Only $5 admission and unlimited food once you were inside.

Using a flame-thrower to cook a pig's head.

Jenny had to study, so I went with Lucy.

Lots of yummy food to sample.

Some bellydancers.

Live music.


More food.

Some more.

Even more.

Had to make sure to not miss by booths that had lots of previous awards.

These guys won a bunch, too.

Strong tree.

I know parking's a bit hard to find, but I think I'd rather walk another block than risk a ticket parking in front of a fire hydrant.

I don't like when places stamp your arm, but at least this one was really cool.

Afterwards we went to the Korea Festival at Discovery Green.

A singer.

Karate demonstration.

Jump kick to break a board.

Another one, but over the tiger mascot this time.

And another one, really high in the air.

The younger kids.

He did a backflip kick to open a ball with the dojo's flag inside.


Dancers with fans.

A little kid trying to pull this tree out of the ground. Yeah, good luck with that.

Dancer with a fan.

Dancers with jackets that opened up.

Another dancer.

More with fans.

guy who was really good.

Neat outfits.

It was pretty hot, so everyone tried to sit in the shade. However, as the day went on and the sun moved, so did the shade, so we and everyone else kept creeping back to stay in it.

There were a ton of people there.

Some birds flying in front of a nearby building.