2010 Oct 31 | Halloween: Montrose, Hush

The porkchops we bought were a little too fat, so we ended up having to cut them in half. Not the easiest task in the world, but not quite as hard as I thought it would be.


Nice, clean paint job on a nice, clean Vette.

We were trying to make it to a restaurant by 6pm since they had a prix fixe meal that was $5 after that time, but we ended up being a little too late. We would have been late anyway, but then we had to stop for this train, so it was actually kind of nice because then we could blame being late on the train, not ourselves.

I'd like to skip the entree and just have one of each dessert.

I wonder if it's legal to hang a political sign here; it seems like there'd be laws against putting them in certain places.

Thursday night we went with a bunch of my classmates to eat out and chat, which was a lot of fun.

On Fridays I rotate between clinic at UH, San Jose clinic, and vision screenings. The equipment at the San Jose clinic isn't the best, but it works. Well, usually; the beam compartment on this slit lamp tends to swing to the left rather than staying where you put it, which makes taking intraocular pressures more of an estimate than an exact measure since you need an extra hand to hold it in place.

I only order large meals when the Monopoly promotion is going on at McDonald's because that way I get 4 of the peel-off stickers rather than two. However, it seems like half of the time they're out of the box that has them, so I get a normal box, like here, the fries are missing the stickers. And actually, I think last year they had stickers on the fries, nuggets, and the drink. How exasperating.

Yep, had to get in line behind the person who tries to use all of their expired coupons on items that the coupons aren't actually good for after the clerk already scanned all of their items. Sigh.

A 2am run to Wal-Mart to get hats for our costumes. It was a bit cold, but I was in a t-shirt and shorts. Jenny wasn't quite so brave.

A ladder tied on underneath the truck. Neat idea, but I really don't see how it would work; surely it would get stuck on a bump or something.

Working on the wiring on our costumes.

The Montrose Crawl for Halloween, first stop Brasil for some food.

Guy on stilts. He couldn't sit on chairs; he had to sit on tables instead.

Outside Etro, our next stop, where Jenny ran into some of her friends.

I think this was supposed to be a jellyfish.

We ran into Juwon and Judith, too.

A view of the crowd. The miners on the left stand out.


Some other costumes.

A bunch of people we play volleyball with were there as well.

The line for Anvil was way too long, so we skipped it.

There were cops stopping traffic for people to go across the street, which was nice.

A quick run through Boondocks.

Crowded in here, too.

People out on the porch.

Anvil from across the street.

One of my favorite costumes: a body-painted Harley Quinn.

Another great one: Mr. Freeze.

Onto Catbirds for our next set of drinks.

Ninja turtle.


Just a weird thing. Four arms and three heads.

And two giant penises.

Jenny with him.


Nice smattering of different costumes.

Another group.

Breathalyzer on the right.


Some people in the corner.

A guy enjoying Jenny's costume.

Onto Royal Oak.

Gotta love when people pose in character for photos.

Group of people.

Kinda funny seeing everyone in costumes eating at McDonald's.

Neat costumes.

Lego characters. These people didn't make it into the finals, and they were pretty annoyed about it. Although I would have been, too, since they were really great.

Just a guy in a shiny outfit.

Star Wars.

Ghostbuster and Slimer.

Random group.


Female Village People group.

Ooh, shiny.

We got a pool table right near the door.

Cruella De Vil and her Dalmation.


Some women.

Haha, I loved this costume. He sure got attention.


Because of the crowd, it was almost impossible to shoot from that end of the table.

I really liked these costumes, too.

The bar was pretty packed.

Jeremiah got into the finals, very nice.

Cruella was another finalist.

As was Harley Quinn.

And a group of five people dressed up as Spaceballs characters.

Frank The Bunny.

Mr. Freeze.

B-Boy Storm Trooper.

And the winner was the Spaceballs group.


Us in our costumes. Jenny was a Stud Finder, and I was a Size-It Guage. Not too hard to make, but they were more to interact with people. They actually came out really good.

Volleyball on Sunday.

Waldo diving for the ball.

Jenny getting it.

Me hitting it over.

Sunday night was the Exotic Erotic Ball at Hush nightclub. Some women dancing around on beds.

Jenny with one of the drink girls.

There were some pretty good costumes here, too.

Jenny borrowed Wolverine's claw for a picture.

There was an airbrush artist who was painting people.

This woman was going around putting beads on people; fun.

Kind of hard to see, but the guy on the right has a giant fake sparkly penis, which was rather humorous.

The most revealing costume I saw there.

A short video of us at the Montrose Crawl and then at the Haunted Trails. A stud (green light), a dud (red light, although his friends had told Jenny to pick that one when he came back), and a bunch of people screaming and laughing in the dark.