2010 Nov 07 | Renaissance Festival

Crash right by the school in the rain.

This parking lot was almost empty about 30 minutes earlier; now it's completely packed.

That's seems like a ton of money for a little container of popcorn.

I like how it says "good source of calcium."

Well, that's interesting.

Awesome catered lunch; so much good food I had to use two plates. The interesting part is I usually don't like catered lunches nearly as much as going to the actual restaurant, but in this case it was the opposite: the last time I ate there, I didn't particularly like it.

Why did he double up on so many items? Was he out of other things or just feeling lazy?

Jenny and I playing with a mini Nerf gun, seeing who could get their dart closest to the turtle at the bottom.

I wonder why radio operators can get their own license plate; there are so many other hobbies out there that don't.

For when you only want to eat half a banana. Some inventions are brilliant; some are less so.

Jenny mixing her own makeup.

Some chickens in downtown Houston. I wonder why they're there.

My dishwasher has been leaving a white film on my dishes lately. It kind of half washes off, but not completely. Weird.

Just noticed my new credit card has a neon green edge, which I think is incredibly cool.

Stuck in traffic, I was really tempted to take this previously-used "shortcut."

Some cops on horses in the Woodlands.

A pot-luck dinner at Jenny's boss' place.

Friday night we went up to the Renaissance Fair. We went with Alley and her boyfriend, and we stayed in her tent, which was really nice.

Hanging out at the campfire.

At the main campfire, there were a bunch of lasers. If you stood in the right spot, you could get one on your hand.

Or your head.

Although it probably would be a bad idea to look right at one.

Some neat coats with Christmas lights on them.

Some people playing with lasers over the fire.

There was a trailer by the campfire, and the guy who brought it showed us inside. He had gutted it and made it pretty nice. We mainly liked it because it was warm inside.

Lasers on the ground.

Drummers and dancers.

Time for bed in Alley's huge tent.

Hey, where's Jenny?

Ah, there she is. It was quite cold at night.

Yummy breakfast.

Which Alley cooked.

Everybody loved the bacon and blueberry pancakes.

Alley's tent.

Some other tents.

There were a ton of people camping, but most people were in small groups. The nice thing was this area was allowed to be loud and was more of the party campground, whereas another area was a quiet area, so people who wanted to have some more fun could without other people being bothered by the noise.

Every weekend there is a different theme. This weekend was Roman, so a lot of people were in togas.

Some guys who made some really big axes completely on their own. "Quick, take the picture, I can't hold it much longer!" :)

We made it to the festival in time to see the parade.

Big kings.

Scary outfits.

A really big sword.

Lots of people were in other Roman gear like these guys.

And these guys.

The Ded Bob Show, where the whole audience said, "Bonk!" when he hit people with his giant soft hammer.

Most of the shows sent people around with bags to get tips at the end, but this was brilliant. He told kids to get money from their parents and bring it up to him.

Tons of hats.

Jenny in a particularly big one.

A device for carrying your cup. There were lots of neat things, but they were all really expensive.

A guy with a big staff.

Another set of costumes were the just kind of weird ones, like the couple on the left here.

Wine and Alchemy, which had belly dancers.

Dancing with swords.


Tartanic, which were bagpipers and drummers.

King of the Log, trying to knock each other off.

Some really good togas.

Jumping on trampolines with bungee cords.

A couple of togas with another "weird" outift in between.

Lots of swords.

Interesting painting.

Our group. Adam, I, Alley, and Jenny all rode up together.

Jenny and I decided to go with togas because it would be the cheapest way to dress up. We ended up buying cloth, a few accessories, and then just putting them together than morning, since they were pretty easy to do: just wrap the cloth around a bit and pin it in place. Although it was good I brought some extra safety pins with me for quick "repairs" as the day went on.

Adam and Alley.

Some more neat togas.

Jenny with a couple who had some great outfits.


I loved this one.

One of the chapels.

Another one.

The Sturdy Beggars doing their Mud Show.

They each had half of the audience cheer for them.

Eating mud.

Great costume.

Cast in Bronze, playing bells with a piano.

Riding on elephants.

Bull costume.

Some pretty flowers in the garden.

Neat little area.

And another one.

A huge guy with a huge sword and a band.

Wooden roses.

One of the many musical acts scattered around.

Dragon costume.

Centaur costume; this guy is always popular.

More Roman togas.

One of the announcers at the jousting event.

We were in the front row right in front of one of the knights, and Jenny and Alley were picked to put the favors on the English knight's lance, which was really cool.

Our knight.

Jenny putting the favor on his lance.

Here they all come.


Another round.

This was funny. The squire for England wouldn't give the other knight any weapons and they got into a "fight."

And out come the swords.

This area is where a ton of people with the best costumes hung out.

This woman was a lot of fun and insisted on taking photos with all of us.

With Jenny.

With one of Alley's friends.

With me, and Alley laughing in the background.

With Jenny and me.

And with Alley and her friend.

Remy had gotten mustard on his pants, and she managed to scrape it all off leaving no stain, which amazed us all.

Nice outfits.

Some more.

And some more.

Guys who took a picture with your kid getting "beheaded."

The Greek area, where we had our favorite food of the fair: souvlaki.

Some really weird costumes.

Kristoff the Insulter making fun of this woman.

Hanging out by the campfire again with a pinata Alley had bought.

We could see the fireworks from the campground.

A firedancer by the main fire.

Pinata aftermath. Always nice to be able to just wander over and grab some candy throughout the morning.

That had to have been cold.

This pole on the tent wouldn't stay in place, but thankfully I had some duct tape in the Jeep, and it kept the pole up the entire time.

Fall asleep at the campfire with your shoes on and you might get glitter all over you.

Yummy breakfast on Sunday, too.

Drinking circle. Alley taking a drink while getting a massage, and a guy doing push-ups while being whipped for not saying the correct words when passing the drink.

Jenny with the accordion which she and Alley had run around with all night serenading other campers with.

A video of some of the fun we had.