2010 Dec 05 | DB, Joystix, Dickens on the Strand

We took Board Part II at the Hilton on campus. There was this neat bench outside with different-colored pads. However, the wind kept blowing them off and an employee kept going back and putting them back on.

A bunch of us went out to Chacho's afterwards to celebrate.

The women around me couldn't finish their drinks, so they all asked me to. Oh boy.

Afterwards Jenny and I went to Dave & Busters to use up the extra points she had on her card. Aw, so sad; only six tickets so far.

Me: "Oh, no, you're not gonna play these horrible games! Nobody ever wins anything!"

I wonder if the guy who sets these up carefully places the coins like that or if the games are designed to do it automatically.

Oh, wow, that's like 15 tickets. Maybe these aren't such a rip-off.

Oh, yes, Whac-A-Mole, greatest game ever.

Hit them! Hit them!

Some DDR, which Jenny gave up on halfway through because she didn't have good shoes for it.

"Oh, yeah, here's more a game for me. Gonna destroy Jenny, haha." Few minutes later: "OK, how did I just get beaten by a button-masher who has no idea how to play?"

Jenny's job was to jump in when I was about to lose to the computer. "Now?" "No, not quite." "Now?" "No, I'm still OK." "How about n..." "Now now now!!!"

Me taking out the boss of the game, oh yeah.

Gah, more of these dumb things? These weren't as good because you couldn't move the coin slot, at least according to the master here.

I still don't think you win that many tickets; maybe we should play something else.

OK, I take back everything I said about the coin pushing games. These were all off of one coin.

Shoot the water at the target.

We don't even have enough credits to play the cheapest game in the entire place??? Guess it's time to go home.

And we're done with Low Vision!

Just the gals.

Some Christmas lights along a road.

We went to The Big Easy so Jenny could dance blues a bit.

This was a nearby club. Nice car outside.

I hate hate hate delivery confirmation. I go to the Post Office to pick up the package when I finally get some free time and apparently they sent it back out for delivery that morning and it wouldn't be back before closing, arg!

Jenny went out dancing with some friends on Saturday night, so Shu-Ling and I went to Joystix for their Pac-Man Fever. We got there early, though, so we played a few games of chess first.

Ah, air hockey; the old standby.

You want to get on this one early in the night because it really fills up later on.

Gotta love being able to beat games like this without spending $20.

Right, right, right! Left, left, left! Pull it in, pull it in!!!

To be fair, I've played this game a bit before.

This one was a bit boring; they were really slow.

Going for the top hoop.

Mortal Kombat II was the game of the night. A few guys and I stayed there and played it for over an hour like in the good ol' days. Ah, brings back memories of playing it with my brother. Although people had to look up moves on their cellphones cuz it had been so long since they had played, lol. I was the only one who pulled off a babality and a friendship, though. :)

Tons of pinball games, and I suck at all of them.

This game is sooo sensitive. And I didn't know you could crash into a bridge; come on, I thought it was just part of the background!

Loved the cop car in this one. You can even turn its lights on and off like you're chasing someone. :)

111, not bad. Although my arms were dying afterwards.

She's on fire!

This is a bit worrisome; I might get beaten by a girl. =/

Whew, that was close. I wonder if she let up in the end to avoid bruising my fragile male ego, haha.

The cops had pulled someone over and they had stopped in the entrance to my apartment complex. I'm always a bit wary when I see this; you never know if there might be some nut with a gun.

These cones had been up yesterday blocking off the outer lane while they were working on it. Not sure how they ended up like this, but I thought it would've been more fun to set them up in a way you could drive back and forth between them like a race car.

So much packaging for such small items.

I'm always a bit annoyed at the Christmas displays rich people have because they don't put them up themselves; they hire a company to do it for them.

Ooh, this is unlocked and open, gotta look inside.

Wonder what CO2 is used for here.

Some runners at the gym Jenny and I are gonna go to for a personal training session she got a coupon for.

The hair around my ankes still hasn't grown back where the boots rubbed on them during Thanksgiving. There's a bit of a scab, too, which I'm sure isn't helping.

Some neat apartments.

And another fun afternoon of volleyball.

Jenny won tickets to the Nutcracker, so she, I, and two of our friends went. It was at the Wortham Center.

Orchestra, row G? No, that can't be right. We got these tickets for free. Surely they're not way up there.

Wow, sixth row from the front. Awesome!

Orchestra pit.


Quick, take a picture before the show starts!

Jenny and I.

The cast at the end.

Some of the characters were taking pictures with people up near the entrance. Because of my dumb camera, this one came out a little blurry.

But this one came out great.

Neat sculptures.

One of the carriages downtown.

More nasty popsicles that Jenny loves. This time they're peanut.

The front drink holder was too small for our OJ container, but that's easy enough to fix by just smashing the corners in a bit.

Sunday we went to Dickens on the Strand in Galveston. How nice, the horse gets to stop and eat some grass.

Victorian bed races.

Bed #2.

Bed #3.

Announcing the winners.

There were tons of neat costumes.


The Merrie Mary show, straight from San Francisco.

Spinning a rope.

A big yo-yo.

The audience.

She had the kid imitate everything she did, although she had a whistle and he had a duck call. Here he's shooting the audience.

Took a while, but she got it.

Uh oh, started her dress on fire on little bit during this part. But it happened yesterday, too, so she was ready for it and got it out quickly.

Two big strong guys shaking their rears.


Making sure he has strong legs.

She took their wallets and used them to demonstrate that people should tip at the end of the show.

Climbing up.

There she goes.


Playing with his hair.

"Don't look up my dress!"

And she made it.

She got this hoop up through her body.

Ooh, juggling fire on the balance beam.

More outfits.

Not exactly health food.

Pirate show.

Making wire.

Pounding it out.

Lots of accessories on her costume.

Planning out which shows to see...

... and how to get to them. Not that we stuck to our plan at all.


More costumes and food.

Nurses dressed up like in old times.

Pretty jewelry.

Guy with a vulture.

The vulture liked to run around in the audience looking for food, which scared all the little kids, haha.

Jenny posing with an owl.

Elephant and camel rides.

Aw, a petting zoo.

Lots of animals to pet.

Aaawwwwwww, he's soooooo cute! We have to pet him!

Jenny petting the pig.

Me petting it.

"Look at the camera!"

Interesting-looking chickens.

Ice skating rink, although it was fake ice.

The roasted nuts and old-fashion root beer were great.

The woman on the right had whas was probably my favorite outfit there. It didn't have a lot of accessories, but it was very sharp.

Queen's Parade.

These vendors had a radio set up to listen to the football game, nice.


This bee really liked the sweet old-fashioned root beer.

The Other Brothers comedy juggling. Using a whip to knock the flag off a target.

The one on the left always reminds me of Mel Gibson in Maverick.

Especially difficult to do since the stage was pretty tilted.

Looking at outfits.

Great outfit.

Sword swallower.

All the way in.

The audience.

More of them.

Swallowing a balloon.

There it goes.

And gone.

Jenny running away after tipping him. She looks really impressed by the nail he pounded through his nose, haha.


Interesting sculpture.

Only stepping on the track.

More costumes.

Nice to have some hot wine because it was pretty cold out.

Grabbing some food.

I like the bells on this dress.

A big group walking around together.

Campbell and Wilson duo.

Kids checking out the pirates.

Steampunk Square items.

I like the bird with the tophat, ha.

It's gonna bite ya!

This guy was pretty impressive.

That's pretty good, too.

Kicking it up with his foot.

High up.

And down low.

Owl purse.

Neat candles in shaped and polished rocks.

That doesn't look very healthy.

More musicians.

That looks pretty.

More singers.

Neat dresses.

Jenny: "I bet you like her outfit." Me: "Sorry, what did you say? I was staring at something."

Lanny Kibbey, magician.

Cards with red and blue dots.

Tie a knot by whipping the rope.

Having an audience member help him out.

He forgot the stars.

"Hold it like this."

"You broke it!"

And another band.