2010 Dec 12 | Paintball, Christmas party

So I've lived here over a year, and there's a Dairy Queen I go to nearby every once in a while. However, I have to go up to this stop light and wait for the turn signal, which is a bit of a pain.

And I finally realized I could take this entrance from the feeder road instead. And it's not like I didn't know about this entrance; I pass by it every single day, and I've seen it from Dairy Queen every time I eat there. My brain just never connected the fact that it was there with the fact that using it would save me a lot of time.

Jenny got a coupon for a personal trainer for a week for us.

After our workouts with our personal trainer, I can barely breathe, have perspired what I swear is half my body weight all over their equipment and mats, and can barely drive home because so many of my muscles have been pushed to failure, while she looks like she hasn't even broken a sweat. One of these smiles says, "I'm happy!" and one says, "Hurry up and take the picture because I can't breathe and smile at the same time right now and I'm about to pass out."

Teaching Jenny how to play Rummy. As you can see, she's deep in though. "Go ahead, discard that ace, I'm sure I don't have any."

Helping out as a judge at a grade school science fair. Hey, I did some of these exact projects, including what items around the house have the most bacteria. Some interesting ones I recall: a girl showed that oil will kill fish (my thoughts: "You can't do that! You'd need animal subject forms to show that you wouldn't hurt or kill the fish! But then again, you need to kill the fish for your experiment. Might as well do it before you'd get in trouble for it."), a boy who grew beans in different liquids ("What kind of beans did you use?" "Uh, the kind you eat." "Well, what did they look like? How does your mom make them? "They look like beans. And she boils them." "OK, I give up."), a kid who used different kinds of lights to see what affect they would have on worms (which was interesting, except his results were "nothing" or "wiggled"), the kid who found that people should be vegetarian (no real experiment, just some articles, and his conclusion was because "My dad says so"), and of course, the kids who used petri dishes and obviously had doctors or scientists for parents.

Dinner at Arirang Korea Restaurant, where you cook the food yourself at the table. "No, lady, we don't want the special! Quit asking!!!"

Ah, this is the life; snacking on chocolate chip muffins while watching National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

A quick bite at Little Bigs. I like the outdoors TV.

Playing paintball for a few hours with Lucy.

We were shooting at this post to make sure our guns worked, and I think I accidentally shot this poor little lizard. Sorry, guy, I didn't see you hiding there.

Lucy: "I didn't get hit." Everyone: "But you're covered in paint!"

Heading out.

Digging in.

Right in the face.

Not only in the face, but through the mask an onto the nose and cheek. Yuck.

Our team for this round.

Lucy shooting around a corner.

Another woman doing the same.

Not a lot of cover, especially since they have the high ground, but it's better than nothing.

Whey you get hit, you raise your hand and gun in the air so people stop shooting you.

Me waiting for someone to pop their head up.


Some of our teammates.

Me shooting again.

Walking onto another field. I hate this one; you're so close, and they run around and shoot you from like 5 feet away. Plus, the paintballs are really loud hitting the wooden buildings when you start, which is really scary.

Dive! Then crawl.

Sophia and Lucy.

Team #1 of a giant battle.

Team #2.

This area with the two forts facing off is my favorite.

Lots of areas to run around in.

Some areas to shoot from.

And lots of stairs to go up and down.

Where the other team starts.

Shooting around the trees.

My video camera taped to my facemask.

It was nice that they kept the games going quickly so we didn't have to wait too long.

But we had enough time to take a break and reload.

Our group.

Sophia and Lucy getting read.

Our team heading around the side.

Me: "Did I get hit?" Someone on my team: "Yeah." Me: "Hmm, better make sure by taking a picture of myself. Aw, crap, I did get hit." I was walking off and talking to the ref, and he actually wiped it off and said keep going, ha, but I said I needed a break anyway.

Me: "You got shot in the face." Lucy: "No, it was a ricochet." Yeah, sure it was. ;-)

Jamming herself into the corner to try to avoid getting hit.

Shooting through the holes.

Some guys up top.

And shooting around the sides.

Shot right in the chest.

And sweating like a pig.

Nice bruise.

Our bruises. Hers not only looks like it hurt worse than mine, she could actually survive if it were a real bullet.

Although this was the worst of the day. Right in the forehead, ouch.

"Got any ice?" "No, but we have some ice pops." "Well, at least they're frozen."

We went to Jenny's office party Saturday night. Guy at our table: "There are shrimp at that table." Jenny didn't even say anything because she was already sprinting over there.

Some of the group.

Another group shot.

Yummy food.

Jenny with Millie, her boss.

Everyone was taking photos by this tree.

Jenny and I.

Jenny, Millie, and Don, her coworker.

Me, Jenny, Don, and his girlfriend.

Jenny and Millie with the CEO's girlfriend.

Jenny by the pretty ice sculpture with lights inside.

A nice sunset.

Although it's hard to get a good picture while driving.

Ooh, dumb truck is in the way.

OK, that one's a little better.

Cooking with Lucy. Pheasant, deer sausage, eel, rice, salad, and chocolate-chip cookies, yummy.

Hard at work.

Mixing the cookie batter.

And we're done!

Lucy trying the deer heart.