2010 Dec 18 | Pedal Party, Putt Putt Fun House

Playing rummy with Jenny again. We picked up each others discard for three turns, heh.

Teaching Jenny how to play 52 Card Pickup.

You don't see hardly any cars with this color-changing paint any more.

This is the neatest flower arrangement I've ever seen. Oversized roses, lillies, birds of paradise, bamboo, some long leaves tied onto a stem, and some other big cool flowers that I don't remember the name of.

Friday night Shu-Ling celebrated her birthday with a Pedal Party.

It's basically a big bar on wheels that a bunch of people sit around and pedal to make move while the owner drives. You can go up and down Washington street, stopping at bars along the way.

Our first stop was Sawyer Park.

A few quick drinks and then...

... back onto the Pedal Party.

Our second stop was Washington Grill.

Where we had some cupcakes.

Some were made by Shu-Ling's sister, and others were made by her friend.

Our third stop was Liberty Station.

Where we had a lot of fun throwing bags into holes.

Shu-Ling, one other woman, and I were the only ones to get a bag into the hole.

Back on again.

It really got people's attention.

Jenny and I.

Jenny with her drink.

Finishing it off.

At the end we all helped push it back into the garage.

And got a few more pictures of Shu-Ling.

Afterwards we went to the Porch Swing Pub for a bit of food. The group that was previously at this table left us their candy canes; sweet.

Everyone having a good time.

A video of the Pedal Party.

This looks like an accident, but I wonder how his back window got blown out.

Jenny and I had a coupon for Putt Putt Fun House, so we went there for the afternoon. The kids had more fun on these games when they were in demo mode as they could keep playing and it seemed like they were doing good, versus when they actually put money in, they just died right away.

Jenny playing Guitar Hero. We had unlimited rides but only around $10 per person for games, so we had to be a bit more choosy on those.

We also got free pizza and a drink. A cheese pizza was $4 and a supreme was $8, but the coupon didn't specify what type we could get, so we both got supremes.

Playing those games where you can't touch the wire.

Jenny didn't do quite as well.

The 3D movie with moving chairs was really neat.

This was Cosmic Coaster.

Going down the slide.

There was a light saying when it was open and you could go down, but the kids basically ignored it.

Playing mini golf.

Hey, it ate my ball!

We didn't realize it was the last hole. Here's where the balls go afterwards.

But it wasn't locked, so I could get my ball back.

Lining up a shot.

Another area.

With lots of games.

And a mini bowling alley.

Hey, the bumpers on her lane are up so she can't gutter; that's not fair.

Jenny bowling.

While waiting for the bumper boats we played a game on my phone.

Early on there was nobody here, so we waited a few hours to do these so we'd have other people to bump.

Although we ended up going after each other most of the time.

Big splash.

Another one.

We hit the other people every once in a while, though.

Really big splash.

Aw, man, I got all wet.

Down the leg, too.

The next ride was like bumper cars but that spin.

A climbing wall.

Lots of little optical illusions...

... and science facts.

Jenny on the climbing wall.

Going up.

Me climbing.

There was a timer, so you could press a button while at the bottom to start it and at the top to make it stop.

Time for another 4D movie: Haunted Mine this time.

Laser tag: you had to remember your number. I'm 22.

And Jenny's 13.

Man, I just hope we don't get beaten by a bunch of little kids.

It was a free-for-all, though; nobody was on teams.

I found a spot with three targets on the walls that gave points, so I shot those a lot, and then shot anybody who came by.

Jenny tended to hide in a corner and shoot out while nobody could shoot her.

And we're done.

Here are the scores.

I'm #1 with 12,425 points, which almost doubled the second-place kid.

Jenny is #3 with 6400.

Ooh, we played this in Vegas. You have to avoid the lasers while running across and back.

The faster you do it the more points you get.

Jenny loved this game.

Especially because it gave us a lot of tickets.

Playing air hockey.

Always a good game.

A giant stuffed gorilla in the middle of the ceiling.

This little kid (second from the left) just flew up and down the climbing tower.

This worker could watch the movie and the people watching it.

Time for a third movie.

And another round of climbing.

This time I did the hardest wall, which starts with an overhand which nobody else could get past.

I did, though.

And all the way to the top.

Which was a bit hard because this girl on the stairs kept talking to me, and I felt like I had to keep talking back.

Another round of the laser dodging.

Ooh, I got the third-highest score.

Everybody loves Skee-ball.

The toughest part: figuring out what goodies to get.

This was kind of neat: the cards had a record of every game we played.

Picking out a stuffed animal.

Our loot.

And a bonus: some kid gave us his bag of candy.