2010 Dec 25 | driving to SD, Christmas

Interesting coupling of crepuscular rays behind the building downtown with the big cross.

Another pic farther south.

This was fun. Spent almost an hour waiting in line at Comcast to return my modem. I should have been able to just drop it off and leave in a few seconds, arg.

Dumb truckers to pass the other trucker 1 mph faster than him. Saw one guy pass them to the right on the shoulder.

On long drives, I usually notice about 5-10 other drivers who I keep seeing. This was one of those guys.

During one two-hour period, I passed 75 cars, and this was the only guy who passed me. Unfortunately for him, he was changing lanes too aggressively in a city and drew some unwanted attention to himself.

I always kinda want to go to this theater when I pass by it.

I washed my windshield at a gas station, but I created this mark right in front of me, grr.

Going through Dallas.

One of the neater buildings.

Lots of overpasses.

Around Ardmore there were tons of giant Christmas light displays; really neat.

This is retarded. A toll road in the middle of Iowa with only two stops: a beginning and an end.

This freaked me out. I saw the cop lights and slowed down, even though they were on the other side of the interstate. And then I saw a body lying in the road. I couldn't figure out how that happened, but they had a news story on it. That was close; a few minutes earlier and he might have jumped in front of me. http://www.ksn.com/mostpopular/story/Man-who-jumped-in-front-of-couples-car-has-died/mFEaJqd3k0GH0uGNQAClew.cspx

Wait, am I really, really lost?

I got to watch the lunar eclipse from start to end.

Aw, such a waste staying at a motel with a pool and not having time to use it.

This gave me a good reason to eat fast and get going: Sixteen and Pregnant on the TV.

That's a lot of cows.

Neat clouds.

Don't wanna go off the road over a frozen river.

The small towns are really dying.

Ugh, snow.

Tons of farm equipment parts.

It's like the cloud was torn in two.

A gigantic culvert.

A lot of the farm houses have tree lines to protect them from the wind and snow; this guy must really hate being cold.

The new bridge into Yankton.

And the old over-and-under one that I miss.

Don't think I've ever seen these before.

Tiny little accident with a ton of cops.

Had to wait off to the side of the road for this house to pass.

The guy who stopped me saw some trail mix I had and mentioned it, so I gave him the entire bag.

All their buildings are super-bright yellow.

A ton of beaver houses.

Somebody went off the road there.

I hate this snow that blows across the road.

Another big truck.

So is it Save Smart or Save Mart? So ambiguous.

Neat church.

Nice house.

Love the electric green color.

The havoc subsidies play on prices, as demonstrated by ethanol at the gas station.

My Christmas present from Monica: money for Sweden.

Monica opened all of her presents from me within two minutes of us getting home, heh.

Aw, my sister baked me chocolate-chip pancakes that say "Hej" (Swedish for "Hi") with my name.

Back to dominating at Rummy.

Pretty snowy tree.

Don't forget to duct-tape your pants onto your boots.

Or this happens: dad took off his boots to knock the snow off of his socks.

I hate it when the pheasants get shot near the head and I get blood all over my hands when carrying them.

Lots of pheasants, but they're all dug down into the snow.

Gotta get enough for a meal.

Well, it's not quite a blizzard, but it's blowing snow.

I don't think we have enough bread.

Best dish washer on earth.

Hey, there are roosters in our driveway (because dad puts feed out there)! Too bad they fly away the second you open the door.

Monica cooking baruschi.

How to exercise the dog: take her out to the dam and let her run around.

Dig, dig, dig.

I just hope a badger doesn't come out.

Second part of dog exercise: have her run behind the truck the rest of the way home.

Uh oh, she brought a pheasant wing in.

But with that look in her eyes, I'm sure not gonna take it away from her.

Here comes the train!

Cheap dog toy: bottle without a cap filled with food.

The girls have matching pajamas.

The dog loves brazil nuts. Pretty sure the shell's not very healthy for her, but oh well.

Hey, you didn't even wrap the individual gifts, just the box you put them in!

Well, it's almost wrapped.

Everybody unwrapping presents.

Who doesn't love bubble wrap?

Ron's awesome visor...

... with built-in shades.

That's a lot of junk.

Mom with some presents.

The Super Rope is a little hard; no matter, this scissors will do the job.

And everybody's out.

Makit & Bakit Suncatchers that I made as a kid. The cat was my favorite, but I put one crystal in the wrong spot.

Monica's. That's a pretty sad looking rainbow.

Melanie's. Silly owl.

Ron's. Haha, he must have just piled on the snowmen crystals because they didn't even completely bake.

Out hunting again. Lots of snow on the plants.

There are tons of pheasants in here, but it's hard to get them; they tend to fly away pretty early.

Although the heavy snow sometimes makes them sit under trees until you get right up on them, which is nice.

A hawk up on a telephone pole.

Tons of tracks here.

And even some deer out in the field; too bad it's not in season for them right now.

The stop sign has been shot up a bit.

Lots of pheasants out in a field, but no way to get to them.

Walking the trees by our farm for pheasants.

What a lazy dog; she's running along the railroad tracks rather than going through the deep snow. You're not gonna find any pheasants up there, dog.

Lots of pheasants, but mostly hens.

Wanna look at the nitrogen capsule in Guinness? Just smash a bottle open.

Keeping the beer cold.

Bored while at the table; how can I entertain myself?

I'll just make a top out of a toothpick and a mint.

The family eating.

I'm holding the buns for grandma and the sweet potatoes for Monica, but I want a bun, so this is the only way to get one.

Great, sugar from the glasses on my lip.

Presents again.

Melanie handed them out.


And more presents.

Dad got some guns.

More presents.

And more.

And even more.

Gotta love the little random junk mom always gets us.

Dad making dogs sit for food.

They got some.

And this one can sure jump.

Wow, he gets high.

All four dogs in the same room = chaos.

Millie is lucky they're only playing.

"Come on, Ron, stop standing on your tippy toes, stretching your neck, and puffing out your chest!"

There we go.

The four kids with grandma.