2011 Jan 02 | hunting in SD

Monica, always stylish. But perhaps not the best outfit for 20-degree weather.

Pretty snow on the trees.

"Hey, what's that? Is it a fox? Oh wait, it just went into that hole; it's a badger! Don't let the dog out or we won't have a dog any more. And roll up the window if it comes out of the hole and starts running towards the truck; I'd rather not have a badger, a dog, and two people inside a pickup cab." Pretty cool; I don't think I've ever seen a badger before.

One of the cats comes out to say hello.

Monica feeding the cats.

Wearing Mom's mukluks.

A sundog.

And it goes all the way around.

Snowy trees.

If the handicapped parking sign is covered in snow, does that make it invalid?

I hope that's a tractor the city uses to clean the streets and not some farmer who drove in to have coffee.

Snowmobilers were here.

I know that's normally a valid parking spot, but since the whole row is moved over because they can't see the marks due to the snow, you should be smart enough to not park there because it doesn't leave enough room behind you.

We stayed at the Ramada in Aberdeen, which has a problem with the outer doors not closing properly, which means the hallways out there are about 40 degrees. And one time we actually got a room out there; it wasn't fun running back from the pool through that.

"Hey, the preview shows some peppers on my side of the pizza! They better not actually make it that way!"

Driving around Aberdeen looking at lights.

There were a fair number of houses with nice ones.

Gotta love parking your car out near the highway because if a blizzard comes, you'll never get it out of your driveway otherwise.

The dog chasing a rabbit.

The dog very interested in a neighbor's cat which is walking on top of the pickup.

Playing fetch.

"Bring it here!"

Just gotta make sure she doesn't grab my hand; I don't need my fingers looking like the middle of the branch.

Plowing through the snow.

Dad clearing out the driveway.

Dumb shoes. I paid a decent amount for them and they're wearing faster than cheap ones I've bought in the past.

Oh well, a little shoe polish and they're looking a lot better.

Love this belt, but even the smallest size was too big.

That's an easy fix, too; just need a hammer and a nail, then a scissors for trimming the edges.

Sunset with the train going by.

Oh, great; now what does she have?

A bird head and neck. Wonderful toy.

Some little birds eating the bird seed.

Uh, oh; some blue jays are here.

They're so mean.

Getting through this drift was easy, although getting out of the driveway onto the highway required four-wheel drive.

Nasty weather.

Ooh, I can re-memorize the books of the Bible while playing rummy.

Honestly, I was only there for a few hours and it doesn't even seem like it's snowing much. How did this much snow pile up?

Getting ready to go out.

The dogs tend to fog up the windshield.

Visibility is about 50 feet here. Hope no semis are coming.

Here we go.

We hear some pheasants, but can't see them.

It's not so cold if the trees block the wind and you keep moving.

It's pretty windy out.

Bob iced up.

The dogs got some, too.

As did I. The eyelashes on my right eye kept trying to freeze together, which is no good because that's my shooting eye.

A 200-point hand, sweet.

Scraping the inside of the windshield while driving into town.

Yeah, don't have much visibility here.

Main street.

We parked out by the road and walked to the house in anticipation of the giant drifts that will come.

Watering the cats.

Which we have to do daily because the water freezes.

Lots of snow already.

Not getting out of the driveway.

Mom actually wanted me to brush the snow off her deer.

This is insane. They just got covered up again in 10 minutes, anyway.

Took my glove off for less than 30 seconds and my hand was doing pretty badly. You wouldn't last long if you were driving and your car got stuck.

Bob taking the dogs out.

Hank covered in snow.


The dogs can play fight for hours.

Don't think I'm gonna interfere with them after those looks.

Tug of war. Hank could just throw Selby around like a rag doll if he wanted to.

Hank all covered in snow again after going out for a few minutes.

A video of the blizzard progressing.

Snow everywhere.

Lots of snow on the roof.

At least this side of the driveway isn't quite as bad.

Dad and Hank.

Gotta brush the snow off the satellite dish.

The drift was so big Dad had to crawl up it.

Here comes the sun.

Hey, snow isn't supposed to get in here.

That's a funky looking snow drift.

Mom's angel is still there.

The road is pretty drifted over.

Lots of snow on the road.

Even more in the driveway.

That's a big drift.

The dogs helping Dad shovel.

The trucks are pretty drifted in.

Although this isn't quite so bad.

Sunrise with a sundog to the left.

The dogs watching a neighbor clear out our driveway with one of his smaller tractors (which is still way bigger than ours).

Dad and mom.

Mom marking the propane tank with a sled. Having a tractor ram into the propane tank would be really bad.

One of the reasons why I don't like wearing glasses.

Lots of boots.

Even more.

Cleaning out the guns.

There's a lot of them.

Dirty barrel.

Pretty clean barrel.

And all done.

The neighbor pushed a fair amount of snow.

Mom has to have her deer cleaned off.

Scooping snow out of the pickup's engine.

They're mocking us by being right on the road.

We saw a lot of pheasants...

... because they're so easy to see against the white background.

Gotta get out of the way of the plow.

Some of the roads are borderline passable.

Another spot with lots of snow.

The dogs are helping watch, too.

Even worse here.

Always lots of birds here, but hard to get them.

Walking back to the pickup.

Looks like a guy tried to drive his minivan out of his driveway, only made it halfway, and is now going in with a Bobcat to dig it out.

Lots of pheasants eating the feed in our driveway.

I stand corrected; that's a lot.

Tons of pheasants now.

Watching them.

Out for another day of hunting.

Lots of birds here, but they flew away before we could get them.

I went out and around to walk on the other side of these trees. The snow was up to my waist and it was exhausting even walking the little ways that I did. And all the birds got away, arg.

Walking back to the truck.

Dad trying to scare the pheasants into flying.

The dogs watching intently.

Definitely don't wanna poke holes in your tires from those branches way out here.

Oh, now what's the dog doing?

Hey, she caught a pheasant all by herself.

That's some deep snow.

Really gotta work just to walk through it.

Probably the most pheasants in a single group that I've ever seen in my life.

Walking out to another tree grove.

That's a lot of bales.

A few horses.

The pheasants are safe around the cows.

Really deep snow.

Once you can't see gravel any more, you really don't know how deep the snow is, so here's Dad going out to see if we can make it through.

Some deer.

And some more. Probably the biggest herd of deer I've ever seen. Two groups met up and there were over 20 deer. All perfectly safe in this hills that nobody can get into.

A golden eagle flying around.

Which is why none of these pheasants would move.

Some more pheasants hiding under a bush.

On our way to another tree grove.

Looks like great cover, but there were only a few hens.

Got back home and our neighbor had brought over his big tractor to really open the driveway.

He pushed the snow way out into the field.

And even opened up this side.

We can actually get the vehicles out of the quanset.

Dad digging out the Pilot.

Mom going to feed the cats with a shovel and a milk jug of hot water.

She has to roll over the drift. She was smart and went over the buried car; less snow to sink into there.

The rake is to let anyone on a tractor moving snow know where the car is so they don't smash it up.