2011 Jan 07 | driving to Minneapolis

One of Grandpa's big fish.

Another one.

How many fly swatters do you need in one place?

Grr, my external HDs arrived late, so I'm not gonna get done transferring all my files before I leave. I guess as long as they're still here when I come back it's not a big deal, but I hate having unfinished stuff like this.

Ooh, some lucky girl is gonna get a big ol' box in the mail. I wonder what could be inside?

Oh, man, I knew I shouldn't have laid down that AKQ.

The dog recognizes the bucket we use to water the cats, so as soon as she sees it, she flies to the door of the cathouse.

The dog is quite interested in the cats.

Both cats came out for some water.

The dog catching a snowball.

Up on the snowpile.

Jack-knifed semi. Wow, that's bad.

The roads were pretty good, but the visibility varied a lot.

Can't see for the few seconds after a plow goes by.

That's, uh, interesting.

It's great finding a big truck who's going about the same speed as you are. That way you can just stay behind him and see if he goes in the ditch or let him smash into any cars that come into this lane.

Thankfully we never got in a big chain of cars behind someone slow like all the people on that side of the road.

What a horrible time to have a flat tire.

Wow, a Pamida. I didn't know those existed any more.