2011 Jan 13 | Stockholm - walking around

You can actually figure out a fair amount of Swedish without knowing it. Acute heart attack, call for help, ring 112, start CPR, ring X 23094. The only thing you wouldn't get is X = anesthesia, but you have the number anyway.

The charts aren't Snellen, but actually fractional is probably easier to understand than 20/XX.

It's snowing!

You have to twist the little know on this microwave to add 15 seconds.

The handwash at the hospital.

It's just alcohol, which means it's really watery and I'm not a fan.

The doctors in anterior segment, where I am for two weeks.

I can never figure out if I have to push or pull on a door to open it because it looks almost exactly the same from either side. So I get up close, place my hand on the handle, and pause thoughtfully as if a deep insight just struck me when in actuality I'm trying to push and then pull the door open.

Once you're inside, you don't need a passkey to get out, but you do have to hit the little switch with the lock symbol or else the alarm will go off.

Dumb extra letters in the Swedish language mess up their keyboard, which makes it a bit slower to type. Although IIRC German keyboards were worse.

You have to get really close to automatic doors for them to open. It's good because I don't like doors opening when I'm just walking past and I'm sure it saves a ton of money on heating, but it's annoying because if you're going in you have to pause a bit to let the door open.

The Mariatorget T-bana stop has wooden walls; neat.

The Hornstull T-bana stop is simply crazy, though.

I dunno; just random?

There were 4 sets of 4 cases with items and a hole in the back.

I like the ant with the anthill.

The thing on the left kinda looks like a dead animal on its back, and there's a pyramid on the right.

Ooh, major piece of knowledge of the day: you don't have to take the subway card out of your wallet to use it.

Although that doesn't help me a whole lot because my wallet has a separate compartment to slide cards out of and I'm worried if I pull my whole wallet out it might drag something else out with it and I'll lose that.

Cookies for $1.40. Normally I'd snatch them up, but they kinda look like they're from Christmas.

Gotta get a running start to get over that puddle.

Alcohol over 3.5% ABV is only sold at the state-owned monopoly Systembolaget stores.

They seem to have a decent variety.

A few from the US. No great ones from Texas, but they did have Anchor Steam from San Francisco.

Supposedly it's really expensive and there are horrendous lines on Friday and Saturday.

Signs protesting a new big building in the area.

Looking west from Västerbron.

There's a big tree on a hill to the southwest.

And to the east.

Walking down Hornsgatan you can see the top of Högalids church.

Zinkensdamms sports ground, where a hockey match was being played. I just about stopped because the smell of fair / sporting events food was in the air, and it smelled soooo good.

Ooh, can't let Jenny see this.

Another Myrorna.


Maria Magdalena church.

Some long stairs.

I think this is a poem, but I'm not gonna type it all out in Google Translate, especially because the picture is a little blurry.

Mamie (who I met on campus) mentioned a Meetup group was going to Akkurat Wednesday night, and I finally got there.

$7-11 for a beer.

I like ciders, and at least they were only $8.50.

The group. The place had a great alcohol selection, but we had like 20 people there, and it was pretty hard to talk with everyone because we didn't have enough room. We pretty much stayed in groups of 5-6, although really, that's a good size for conversation anyway.

And this is why I ended up walking a mile to get to Akkurat: if you type in the name of the restaurant, it puts you by the Honrstull T-bana, but it's actually near the Slussen T-bana. I don't understand why because Google Maps has the address correct. Google Maps seems to do this a lot with Swedish places I look up, too, which isn't a good thing. I enjoyed the walk, but it'd be a pain if you were in a hurry to get somewhere or didn't know where the closest T-bana was.

I think Swedish bananas are defective. Every time I try to open them, they split on the wrong side.

There was a long line of cars in the left lane, the bus was in the right lane and wanted to go straight, but we had to wait because the very last car was a bit in our lane. It was interesting because the bus driver just sat there; most American bus drivers would either honk like crazy or try to slip through.

Going to get checked for MRSA. The nurse said out of around 300 students they check, about 3-5 have it.

A pretty area near the library on campus.

The library.

Ooh, I spotted a pickup in Europe. Although it's a work pickup, and it's still pretty tiny, so it doesn't really count.

It was a lot colder today, which makes waiting for the bus suck even worse.

If I was a baby, I think I'd prefer to stay in my warm home, even though all the strollers are really bundled up.

Sometimes the doors on the buses open automatically, and sometimes you have to press the button. Dumb inconsistency.

Don't wanna lose your kids? Put neon orange vests on them.

Ooh, Calvin and Hobbes in the newspaper.

A newspaper reporter testing out the various shoe spikes.

Lunch wasn't great, but there was a lot of it. And either the server didn't speak English or didn't want to, and he wasn't very helpful or nice in any other way.

Looking south from the Sankt Eriksgatan bridge.

Looking east.

People take their shoes off when coming into a home, so lots of places sell slipper sets.

Dumb 1's that look like 4's. Germans do this, too.

H&M has some fairly cheap stuff, at least compared to other clothing stores.

Another time I learned something by feeling stupid. At this grocery store, you give the clerk paper money and put any coins into this little box. Well, I handed the clerk my coins, and he put them into the box for me. The dumb part was I had just watched someone else put their coins in the box, but I was so concerned with actually getting the correct amount that I forgot to do it.

I'm not sure whether this is more cute or scary.

The break room for the doctors and nurses in the hospital. I hate coffee, but since they all drink it on break, I put a bit in a cup and then fill it up with milk and some sugar. It's still nasty, though.

Lots of microwaves.

And even some cookies, yummy.

I usually hate ads, but I've been glancing through them to get an idea of how much stuff costs.

I gotta admit, I loved this ad. Still not gonna buy the stationary bike it's trying to sell, though.

Watching Yag capsulotomies today.

Great, another door where you have to hit the switch with the little lock symbol on it or the alarm goes off. Only this time there are THREE buttons. The first two are for the lights, and the farthest one actually has a little lock picture, but I didn't see it at first because that cord was in the way. Almost panicked before I finally saw it.

Hey, what's this?! I got to level 8 on the game on my phone and some of the jewels disappeared, making it impossible to finish the level. I don't know if it's crappy programming or if there's some secret I can't figure out.

There are no stairs into the basement of the dorms; you have to use the elevators. And you have to use the little fob on your keys; otherwise the elevator won't go down there. I guess it's to keep unauthorized people out of the basement, but since every single door down there requires the key fob anyway, it's rather pointless and is really annoying because sometimes it takes quite a while for an elevator to get there when I could have taken some stairs on 3 seconds.

Hmm... you can reach your hand into the mailboxes and touch the mail. This is how the mailman puts the mail in, but it seems like it would be pretty easy to steal other people's mail.

I reserved the sauna for a few hours. There's a bathroom in there.

Some benches.


Foot cleaners? That's my best guess.

And the actual sauna.

Some people who are moving out put up signs of stuff they were selling. A ton of dishes for 150 SEK ($21) is a whole heck of a lot cheaper than what the stores are selling it for. Heck, just the plates and silverware would be more than that in the cheapest store I could find. Sweet.

I have lowered myself to looking up tips on how to beat my phone game using internet walkthroughs. Unfortunately, they weren't any help. Dumb game.

The washers had instructions in English, but not the dryers. So I took a picture and went and typed it all into Google Translate. Didn't want to take the chance that I might start my clothes on fire or something.

A hanging dryer. I was in too much of a hurry if it didn't work right to give it a try this time, though.

Ooh, that reads like "free clothes" to me.

Although I wouldn't want to take anything that someone had just accidentally forgotten to take up to their room for a few days. Especially because they might see me wearing it around.

Although I wouldn't want to take anything that someone had just accidentally forgotten to take up to their room for a few days. Especially because they might see me wearing it around.

OK, the whole having to reserve the sauna space is retarded. All the times on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings are booked. What if someone books it for only themselves, like I did? What a waste. Maybe I'll put a post-it on the door saying anybody else who wants to come in when I have it reserved is welcome.