Watching the World Cup in a pub in Berkeley. People were jammed in everywhere.

Our office had a party Friday night. We went to a place for drinks and pizza.

Well, that's nice to see; free parking. Except for the part about having to pay if there's another machine. I looked all around the lot and didn't see one, but I was still scared they had hidden one somewhere that I wouldn't find.

A little fair in Menlo Park. I'm guessing these things are a little above my price range.

Nothing like going to a thrift store, finding 3 shirts that look nice, and then realizing that you had dropped them off a couple of weeks ago because they didn't fit quite right.

"Why are their fruit flies in the kitchen?" "Hmm, I don't know; perhaps all the rotting fruit you've left there for a week?"

This old man was in front of me at a checkout counter. He was really nice, but really slow. Of course, he paid for his purchase with exact change. I came out ahead, though, because he gave both me and the cashier a piece of hard candy.

This sign is in the park a few blocks from my home. Violators of what?

Gotta love people who are so cool that they have to take up 2 seats on BART.

I went to a movie at the Metreon in SF, and someone had left a package out front on the sidewalk (on the other side of the building from this picture). So, rather than throw it away, a whole ton of police officers had to come and block off the entire area, not to mention kick everybody out of the theater (actually, they might have left the people watching movies, since that was on the 3rd floor, but I'm not sure) because it just might be a bomb. After a couple of hours, they let everybody back in. Honestly, if this is how we react to every little box someone leaves lying around, the terrorists have won. Just think of how much money the theater lost from that.

Every once in a while a BART ticket-checking machine will break down (the one between the two with people going through them in this case). Its fun to watch because someone will always move out of the lines and try to get through the broken one, just in case it magically fixed itself or people were avoiding it for no reason whatsoever.

We had an office party at Dr. Hall's house on Sunday. There was a magician and balloon-animal maker, plus way too much food.