2011 Jan 16 | panoramic views at night

It rained today. Which is nice, because it means it's actually warm enough to rain. But it's bad, because that means ice everywhere.

Gondolen Restaurant near the Slussen T-bana.

The other side.

Hey, the sidewalk is for pedestrians, not parking cars.

I've seen lots of single pairs of gloves, but this is the first lost hat.

That's a long ways down.

Don't slip.

And good luck with that; it's like 100% ice.

Little path through the snow.

This part was crazy; it was so icy I practically skied my way up.

"You have to plan your route. It's not always a straight line, is it?" In this case, sticking to the sidewalk would get your shoes soaked.

The little lookout area over Fjällgatan.

Some info on the place, I guess.

Looking west.

And panning towards the east.

Aw,now some big building is in the way.

OK, almost around it.

Almost there.

Looking east.

A panoramic from the above pictures. Everyone says this is a great spot, but the big building kind of gets in the way.

Second stop: Katarinavägen.






There were a lot of people taking pictures here.

Gigantic puddle that would probably be up to my waist if I stepped in it.

Another insanely icy street. It was best to actually walk in the street where the tires of the cars had worn the ice away and you could walk on stone, which actually had some traction.

Great, if I slide down here I'll have to hope I can grab onto that tree or else I'll probably fly into the river.

Lookout point number 3: Monteliusvägen.





Another group that I took pictures for.

Panorama #1 of Monteliusvägen.

And #1, which gets a bit farther down but has black spots from where I didn't get pictures from.

Lots of ice chunks.

Neat building.

More ice chunks.

This little pathway was pretty nice, with some viewing areas with benches.

Although I don't think I'd want to sit down now.

Great, another wonderful stairway.

Another view across the river.

Might as well get another one with me in it.

The two stitched together.

Wonderful, another icy street I have to walk up.

Everyone else figured this out, too: it's much easier to just walk on the snow beside the stairs than on the icy stairs themselves.

Hey, this doesn't look like that great of a lookout point. Maybe the internet was wrong.

Oh, wait, up there??! Well, it did say a hill called Skinnarviksetberget, although I never saw the Kattenvägen sign.

This was by far the hardest one to get to in this weather. There were like islands of icy rocks that you had to jump from or else you'd sink into super-deep snow.

Looking south.








Great, now I just have to get down.

Oh man, I'm gonna die.

Ending the night with a good deed. This cab driver was stuck on the ice and his fare was trying to push him. They weren't going anywhere (I could hear the tires squealing for a few minutes from up on the hill), so I gave them a hand and and after a bunch of pushing and rocking, we managed to get him on his way again.

A map of the four lookout points I went to.