2011 Jan 23 | Debaser, Djurgården, English Shop

Aw, what a polite sign.

Again, not the best English, but it gets the point across.

Good stuff.

Everybody on the elevator!

Uh oh, we're overloaded. Gonna have to split up.

On the way to a bar/club, we ran across this ball. Soccer time!

We ended up going to Debaser.

They had a live band.

And this side was the bar.

Out on the dance floor.

Dancing it up.

Interesting hair.

Haha, this guy was sliding down the baby carriage ramp.

Brr, it's way too cold for an outdoor market.

The kids' section at IKEA.

Seriously, you want me to put together my curtains? You have to iron the flaps at the top closed.

If you want food here, you order it at the little kiosk and then pick it up at the counter.

No way I can remember those names, so I just remember green FHS.

It happened sooner than I would have liked but later than I had expected: had the switch on shower when I wanted to use the faucet. And it comes on fast.

The problem with reserving laundry times: sometimes, nobody shows up for their reservation. I was the only one who was doing laundry during this time, and all the spots were reserved.

Off for some tours on Sunday with Global Friends.

The Nordic Museum.

Some ships in the channel.

Neat bridge.

Some horses. I'd want a blanket, too.

Our group (half of the people went somewhere else).

A map of Djurgården.

Walking along a pretty channel.

Neat house.

People riding horses along the path.

Coming around our side.

We're almost to the eastern end.

All of the dogs had sweaters on, too.

A guy out fishing.

This kid jumped on the ice and it broke. Thankfully he didn't fall in.

A view to the east.

Ooh, a duck.

Sorry, but it's a bit too cold for me to have a picnic.

Lots of ducks.

I wonder if I could catch any if I went out onto the pier.

A bit of grass under the benches.

A little area with a sculpture and some fruit that fell off the tree.


Not sure what building this is, but it had a neat waterfall.

Smart ducks: they're standing up on rocks.

The Viking cruise ship line docks on the other side.

Here comes the dachshund again.

To the west.

Our group again.

It was pretty icy here and the was only a flimsy little fence to the side; don't wanna fall in.

To the southeast.

On our way back.

Kaknästornet, the TV tower.

Some neat walls inside.

Not sure if these really fit, but they're still cool.

The observation deck.

Looking south.

Looking southwest.

Looking west, back towards the city.

Looking northwest.

A panoramic to the east.

A panoramic to the west.

There was a fence up which made it a bit difficult to get pictures.

Inside there were nice little places to sit.

Although there weren't a lot of them, and they were all taken.

Ooh, they all look so good.

Our group on a coffee break (fika), which is a huge deal in Sweden. Coffee breaks are pretty much required everywhere.

The tower from the bottom.

A fake person climbing up the side of a building, heh.

Neat chandelier in the Gallerian.

Back to Medborgarplatsen/Södermalm, where Debaser and lots of other clubs and bars are.

Looking east.

Lots of really short dresses / skirts / shirts + tights in Stockholm. I hope those tights are warm.

The English Shop, which stocks British goods.

Such as Jelly Belly jelly beans.

Although I have no idea if that's a good price or not; the things are expensive even back in the US.

Lots and lots of Jelly Bellys.

More candy.

Pound cake.

Ooh, yummy cereal!

$21 for a box of Lucky Charms?!! I'm gonna have to tell the people who come visit me to bring these and we'll sell them on the black market. Hello, import/export business.

A little skating rink in the square.

Haha, and ad asking "Are you single?" on a Starcraft 2 replay I was watching.