2011 Feb 03 | Stockholm etc

I hate coins. They're such a pain to deal with and they're hardly worth anything. They're worth a little more in Sweden than in the US, though; the 10 SEK one is worth about $1.40 or so. I counted, and I now have about $35 in coins sitting on my desk. Gonna have to take it all some day and use only coins to pay for stuff.

This train went right through without stopping.

So everybody went over to this side. This was the first time I realized I could take either side of this platform; I had always only taken the other side up to this point. Considering I've been here nearly a month, that's rather sad.

I'm getting to watch a lot of surgeries at the hospital, plus seeing the patients before and after, which is great. The retinal surgeons remind me of people to put boats together inside of glass bottles.

Always good to take a time out to make sure you have the right patient, right operation, and right eye before operating.

There's a little cafe inside the hospital with different meals every day.

It's actually pretty good.

The American food section at DagLivs. Macaroni and Cheese, Rice-A-Roni, Pop Tarts, Dr. Pepper... yep, that's pretty much spot on.

Peanut butter and jerky. And the jerky is about the same price as it is in the US (although that's probably more because it's so expensive). I don't know about the marshmallow fluff stuff, though.

Apparently Americans love alcoholic drink mixes.

$6 for cheesecake mix and $10 for brownie mix? Guess I won't be having those until I'm back in the States.

Pie crust for $5.50, ouch.

For some reason my desk has strips of invisible tape all over on it. I tried to pull them all off, but I still occasionally find one.

I love this store; they're always changing the pretty dresses on display.

McDonald's is actually pretty cheap to eat at if you stick to the equivalent of their dollar menu (10 SEK = $1.40). Bumping the drink up to a medium is an extra $1, which isn't so bad. Six Chicken McNuggets cost $5.50, though! At almost $1 per nugget, I think I'll wait until I'm back in the US to have these, too. Although it looks like I didn't get charged for the fries, so maybe those are included in the price of the nuggets or maybe she just forgot? Guess I'll have to go back and see.

Don't think anybody is going to be using scuba gear any time soon.

Ooh, one of those plasma balls at the thrift store! I've always wanted one, but they're a bit too expensive for my to justify it. Not at thrift store prices, though. :) Although wait, it has a UK plug.

They have a huge box of power supply cords there, and the plugs fit fine, but they were all AC only, and the plasma ball has an AC-DC power supply. I guess I could try to stick one in and see what happens, but I wussed out and bought a UK to Swedish power adapter at a store instead. A bit more expensive ($5), but not too bad, and better than possibly blowing it up.

It actually can get a bit chilly in my room, and lots of stores have space heaters for around $20, but so far I'm doing fine just keeping a sweatshirt and slippers on.

Wait, a clipper for palm hair?

Ah, nope; a hair clipper you hold in your palm. Dumb ambiguous adjectives.

Yeah, it works!

At the hospital, you need to swipe your card and then enter your PIN number to get into certain areas. However, sometimes this one is just stuck on open when I get there.

Wednesday is bread and fruit and cheese day in the employee break room.

Seeing how far back I can be from the little laundry sack and still make a basket with my balled-up scrubs. Hey, it provides a bit of entertainment.

Almost everyone has to go through the front door of the bus to pay, but people with strollers go through one of the back exit doors because the stroller won't fit through the front door. So I guess they get to ride for free, then? I'd consider getting a fake baby and a stroller, but I think they still have to pay for the subway.

A hooka at a thrift store. Hmm.

Leather coat, leather pants. Nice.

I've only seen two people cheat on the public transportation. One was a guy who hopped through a back door on a bus, and one was a woman who slipped through the side of the subway turnstile. There's not much room there, but after she pushed it a bit and squeezed, she made it through.

I beat level 50 of the jewel game on my phone.

Great, now how am I supposed to entertain myself when I have a few minutes to burn? I'm not gonna haul my iPhone around just to play Angry Birds.

I hate this setup. Every time I want to use the microwave, I have to squeeze around the coffee pot, and I worry I'm going to knock it onto the floor. When I try to rearrange them, other people put them back like this. Grrr.

Inflammable. One of the dumbest words in the English language, along with irregardless.

I hate the new caps on the Opti-Free contact lens solution containers. I have an old one, though, so a screwdriver and a minute later and I have my nice old cap on some fresh solution.

A lot of people use the giant IKEA bags for laundry.

Why is this broom and dustpan locked up? Is the person who cleans really worried someone is going to steal them? And if so, why can't they be stored somewhere else?

Interesting outfit.

Some people playing hockey.

I love reading through the menus of the expensive Valentine's Day meals, even if I don't actually go to them. Yummy yummy.

Wednesday night beers at Southside.

It was a pretty big group, and I ran into a few other people who are going to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday. Although they're from Wisconsin, so they actually have Packers shirts, heh.

Haha, Metro, the free daily newspaper, had a story about Punxsutawney Phil.

As far as I can tell, the big picture of this couple is the "after" one. If that's what the Swedish consider fashionable, I don't want to be fashionable in Sweden.

All of the scrub pants have a little metal disc in them. I wonder what that's for?

Giant fans in the subway.

Aw, this was so cute. The little kid was carrying the grocery basket for his mom, but it was so heavy he was barely managing it.

The only midriff-baring shirt I've seen so far. Considering it's around 35F, I was surprised to even see one.

It annoys me when people don't put a little divider after their items at the grocery store. What am I supposed to do, reach all the way over them and their groceries to grab the next one and do it myself? So I just go the passive-aggressive route instead and put my items right up close to theirs. Which always freaks them out a bit and makes them instantly put a divider down.

Wait, a guy wearing a coat that says "skank?" Um, OK. And as far as I know, it doesn't mean anything different in Swedish.

But there are some words that look dirty but aren't. Almost "gang bang" means "pavement."

Almost "twat" means "laundry."

Vag = road.

Slut = end. You see this one a lot as "slut rea," or "final sale."