2011 Feb 09 | Fettisdag, iPhone, Bishop's Arms

Another pretty sunrise.

The only size of scrub shirt they had around was XL, but it really wasn't too bad.

Scleral buckle surgeries are pretty cool. You'd think the a band of silicone around your eye would catch on something or have some other adverse effects, but apparently not. And I like how the surgeons lasso the external ocular muscles so they can use them to drag the eye around.

Needed some cheap boots for when I go to Lapland. Myrorna, here I come. :) Although actually I had been looking around for about a week and didn't see any, then thankfully these showed up in the right size.

Honestly, who would ever want something that ugly in their house?

Oh come on, what's this? Oh well; it doesn't affect anything I actually use AFAIK.

The dumb elevator doors sometimes don't close quite all the way, so the elevator will start to go up, stop, wait, start again, etc until the door seals, which can be annoying. Although I did figure out that pulling the door shuts closes it about 2-3 seconds faster.

Skyping with Monica and the parents.

The fact that the cleaning schedule isn't in numerical really bothers someone as OCD as myself.

While Robot Wars is good, Red Dwarf is better, and that's what I'll always think of when I see Craig Charles. Like how Joe Rogan was great in NewsRadio and just plain annoying as a UFC announcer.

Ah, good to know the Swedish vending machines aren't perfect, either.

So far I haven't resorted to buying these, but the ice can be pretty slippery, so I might in the future.

Don't think you'd see an ad like this in a US paper, at least outside of the Bay Area.

I played some chess on Monday at the university. I actually played two games against the chess club president. The first was a closed game (which I'm not a fan of), and he won. Then I played the Sicilian for the second game to open up the position and won.

They store the chess sets in a little area in the MF building.

Which has a secret entrance here, in the women's bathroom.

Which would make coming out of that entrance possibly awkward during the day.

I also paid for the trip up to Lapland. She only took cash, and I was a bit wary of hauling this much around, but thankfully I avoided getting mugged.

I was hoping to get up early to see the sunrise from different places around Stockholm this week since I'm starting a bit later, but the overcast sky isn't cooperating.

You say "torg" like "tory," and because I learned some basic Swedish with CDs first rather than by reading, that's how it's actually in my brain. Which is good, because I'm pretty sure I'd never remember to say it correctly if I started with reading first.

Gotta take a number to be helped. Privat and reparationer I understand, but what's företag? Maybe I need to pick that one. If I grab the wrong one, I'll have to get another ticket and wait for 10 minutes again. Arg, the uncertainty is killing me. Thankfully I grabbed privat, since företag means "business."

I had previously heard you had to sign a contract to get a SIM card for the iPhone 4, but then I heard somewhere that you could get a prepaid data card, so I headed to some phone stores. Phone House and Telenor said they didn't carry them, but Telia said they did. Well, actually, he kind of lied; the iPhone 4 uses micro SIM cards rather than the standard-sized ones, but that was solved by simply cutting it down a bit with a scissors.

Out with AT&T, in with Telia.

Although to get the card to actually work, I first had to jailbreak the phone...

... then use Cydia to get Ultrasn0w...

... and then unlock the phone with Ultrasn0w.

And then, hello Telia! I had planned on buying the data plan for a month, but he said they only had a yearly one. I was worried at first, but then he said the cost was 500 SEK for 0.5 GB per month, which is only like $80 for an entire year of data. You add money for calls/texts separately, but that's pretty cheap, too, so I basically pay more per month in the US that I'd pay per year here. =/

This is why I hate iTunes; it automatically does all this stuff I don't want it to do. Like making me "authorize" my computer.

And then even removing all the apps from my iPhone! It was easy to reload them, but still, how annoying. The only reason I even used iTunes was to load some songs onto it to use as ringtones. I have to be careful to not let it upgrade the phone or it won't be unlocked any more. Bad Apple. If I buy something, I should be able to decide what to do with it.

Tuesday we celebrated the Fettisdag (although we were a month early), which is a Swedish tradition of making buns on the last day before the Easter Feast.

Everybody busy in the kitchen.

It was a bit crowded, but it worked.

Getting closer.

And closer.

And they're done!

Now just need to cool them.

And make the whipped cream.

Other toppings.

Everybody digging in.



Dumb ice. I just about didn't make it up this incline. I started to slide backwards, but I managed to find a few areas I could get some traction.

The longest escalator in western Europe is at the Västra Skogen t-bana. If I'm feeling particularly athletic at the end of the day, I'll even walk all the way up it.

This train was only 1 minute earlier than the next one, so some of us decided to let everyone pack themselves on that and we'd wait for hopefully a little more room.

I wonder why there is a container of glow bracelets among the nurse supplies at the hospital.

They stop taking new patients at 4pm.

Velvet ropes at McDonald's?

Still on my quest to figure out how much fries cost. I bought a small hamburger, small fries, and small drink, which cost 33 SEK. So that means a small fry should cost 13 SEK, but since he didn't give me a receipt, I can't be sure. I'm pretty sure there's a conspiracy against letting me be sure how much fries cost here.

Ooh, a little playground hidden away in the back of the McDonald's.

To heck with Lapland, I'm having my birthday here!

100 poker chips costs around $25. I think it's actually cheaper to just save all of my coins and use them instead, although I don't quite have enough for a real game.

People are always sitting on these steps at the Gallerian.

Just in case you missed the first two signs.

An outdoor bathroom at Slussen.

The men's side is free.

Although it only has a urinal.

The women's side is pay, though. Talk about sexual discrimination.

A neat little pathway and bridge.

It doesn't look that sturdy from below, but it's fine.

Looking out across the river.

I bet that apartment isn't cheap.

Another part of it.

Wednesday night some of us went to the British Arms pub for drinks.

Part of the group.

There were all kinds of different items on the ceiling.

And even some pretty stained-glass windows.

More ceiling stuff.

Honestly, paying $1 to beat a level of a game? That's just horrible.