2011 Feb 12 | snow, sights on T-bana

We had three pink eye patients this morning, so we were pretty much bathing in alcohol by noon.

Maybe the person who's supposed to pick up the scrubs is sick?

Here comes the snow!

That's about $4.50 per box. Which wouldn't be so bad, except that each box is only 0.30 ounces instead of 3.0 ounces like normal, which makes it like $45 for a box. =/

I save about 30 seconds by walking up the escalator rather than just standing. I timed it.

Lots of snow in the morning.

Which resulted in no patients for about an hour. The buses weren't running at all, so it took some of the staff 3 hours to make it in. Some doctors who were working the next day decided to just sleep in the hospital overnight rather than dealing with that mess again.

A Chinese supermarket right across from the hospital.

Now that's the proper way to travel in the snow.

I made myself a little map of how to get to the post office and a few nearby stores. I thought they'd keep any packages we'd get in the office of the building, but apparently not.

This guy was stuck, so another man and I pushed him out.

Although by the afternoon at least some of the buses were running again.

I don't think this was a crash, but I'm not really sure why this car is sideways. He drove away with no problems, though.

The Solna Business Park by the Sundbyberg t-bana station.

And I'm here. I wonder if it'll be all weird or something.

Nope, just like a normal post office. Even has the same smell.

Ouch, that's not cheap.

The nearby ICA Maxi.

They had those little hand-held scanners so you can add everything up as you pick up groceries.

Part of the reason for the Maxi: they have random household stuff.

It was pretty big.

Although the American section was terrible.

John said the artwork at Västra skogen looked like a face in profile. I thought he meant this and I've been looking at it for days trying to figure out how it looks like a face. Then I noticed this.

Ah, yeah, OK, that looks like a face.

People are apparently annoyed that others aren't recycling.

My room number is 1113. This room is in the exact same spot as my room if you come in from the door on the other side of the hallway, and it's old room number is 113 (the old numbers are on the side; the new ones are on the top), so there have been a few times I almost tried to go in here. Thankfully putting a picture of a lolcat on my door has pretty much solved that.

When I plug my jailbroken phone into my computer, it says "internet tethering," even though my laptop is already on the internet. So hopefully the laptop doesn't switch over to the phone on it's own because that would pretty much instantly eat up all of my bandwith for the month.

A care package from my parents.

Oh yeah, that's American.

We ended up walking from the Skanstull T-bana to the Södersjukhuset on Friday night because the bus stop said something about the buses not running. It wasn't too bad, only about 10-15 minutes, but we were all pretty cold by the time we got there. Thankfully the buses were running later on.

Söderhallarna, a food hall with lots of little shops, fresh food, and places to eat.

I stopped by the English Shop, but the only thing on my list they had was Jell-O.

Although it was the normal 3-ounce size for $4, much cheaper than the other groceries stores I've seen it in.

There are tons of shops selling all kinds of different food items.

And also little places you can eat lunch.

Near the front is some more seating.

Fresh fruit and flowers.

A pub in the hall.

More little restaurants.

Nope, not gonna buy any of that. Ick.

Aw, that looks like fun. I'm pretty sure I could take all of them at king of the mountain.

The Globe from Södermalm.

A Myrorna near the Skanstull T-Bana. Those are some beautiful pants.

These guys were going to some "dress as crazily as you can party." Thrift stores can certainly be one of the best places to find clothes for that.

Hammarbybacken, the little ski hill in Stockholm.

Ooh, I think that little windmill on the left is Skanskvarn, a restaurant. I wonder if it's open?

Might as well hike over to it and see.

Although I can't find a direct path to it. Oh well, gonna have to go through the snow.

The patio is definitely not open.

The entire place is drifted in. So much for eating there.

The snow was much deeper near the restaurant that I had anticipated.

Ooh, that looks interesting. Although when I checked it out on the web, it was a little too expensive.

I saw about 3-4 pairs of gloves left behind today.

Ooh, I know the word secondhand!

That's kind of neat, but it'd be harder than using chips.

All kinds of random toys in addition to clothes and household goods.

You don't see love dice and other sexy items in thrift stores back in the US. Well, maybe San Francisco / Berkeley.

The Globe from the T-Bana.

A cemetery.

The laziest bus I've ever seen. It only runs 5 times a day.

At the outdoor T-Bana stations, most people huddled inside the building where the turnstiles are. It wasn't heated, but it was still warmer than being outside.

A guy dancing as Michael Jackson at Sergels Torg in Central Station.

He had all the moves down perfectly.

Honestly, watching this guy was more entertaining than various shows I'd pay $50+ for.

So it was worth throwing a couple of dollars in his hat.