2011 Feb 17 | Global Friends welcome dinner

Lots of cameras in this t-bana station.

A little warming hut at a t-bana stop. It's not heated, but it's at least a little warming than being outside.

Ooh, a case hidden in the snow! I wonder what could be inside... A bit of grit? A piece of money? The treasure of the Sierra Madre?

Aw, man, empty.

North from the tranebergsbron (Train mountain bridge).

And south. Which is actually a pretty view without the sun blinding you.

Lots of tractors.

These cute little houses of all different colors are so much better than the rows and rows of gray multi-angled roof houses that you see in any new development in the US.

It's amazing how much colder it is standing on snow or ice than on concrete.

Guy in a pink coat.

I can't believe people are actually outside working construction all day when it's 20 degrees out.

A woman feeding the pigeons at Central Station. That would so be mom if she lived here.

"Free Push-ups." Good thing I actually watched for a while and didn't just assume it was free hugs; I'm not sure how cute Swedish girls handle being hugged by random dudes.

I love the entertainers in the t-bana. This guy was playing his xylophone and the little kids were getting money for him from their mother.

If you sat in the seat and left your kid in the stroller, I think there's a good chance someone could pull it out right before the doors close and be gone before you could stop the train and find him.

Security guards of some sort, I'd assume, although they're not working too hard right now.

On Sunday we had a welcome dinner with Global Friends for the exchange students.

The food was pretty decent, although they ran out of pizza.

Apparently the "English version" is what the Swedish version sounds like if you sing it, not the translation. Well, that's good; I was kind of worried there for a second.

There was a pretty good turnout.

I don't know why people would turn down free food. :)


Aw, that's so nice.


They kept asking trivia questions about Sweden throughout the night, then tallied up our scores, and this group won. I think they cheated (cuz we did, and we still didn't win).

I wanted some cheap markers, but they're so expensive everywhere. Sacher & Ting to the rescue!

Still can't find cheap poker chips anywhere, though.

Everybody who uses the kitchen takes turns taking out the garbage. I think most people are pretty good about it.

Hard items to find in Stockholm: whipped cream in a can and cherries without pits (although they don't have stems, and I want those, so maybe I'll de-pit regular ones, we'll see).

Dumbest sign ever. I was walking with my hood down to stay warm and almost ran right into this sign, which has been perfectly placed at face level.

The optimal place to stand at the Fridhemsplan t-bana stop when going to Västra Skogen is by this candy machine because when you get off, you're right at the first stairs / escalator.

A group of guys playing at Fridhemsplan.

Vasterbron (west bridge) from Rålambshovsparken.

North Södermalm from the same spot.

A little playground in the park.

Even the locals had trouble with these stairs. There were a few footholds dug out on the right side, but pretty much nothing on the left, so people basically just held onto the handrail and slid down.

Aw, come on, nature. I get up early, walk out here in the freezing cold, and you block the sunrise with clouds.

I greatly prefer the subway to the buses, mainly because (1) I've waited for buses that have never come (2) I've had buses take a different route and completely skip the stop I needed.

Aw, poor traffic light. He's still changing colors at the right times like he doesn't even know what happened.

$2 for a stamp? For that price, this had better get to the US in a reasonable time.

Is driving a 4-wheeler in traffic legal here?

Oh, come on. This is the recycling bin for hard plastic containers. Pretty sure that means without all of the cookies still inside them. What a dumbass.

There are three H&M stores here on separate corners. Or maybe it's one big store that's somehow interconnected?

Wednesday night beers: Bauer.

That's, uh, interesting.

It was a pretty nice little place with some pretty expensive drinks.

Security was blocking everyone off from entering the lower t-bana level for a few minutes.

This is as far as this truck made it up the hill on the first try. And this is a really slippery spot; I've seen lots of people fall down right at this intersection.

He had to back down and get a running start from the bottom of the hill to make it.

Security checking everyone's t-bana passes.

A big monitor up in the ER has rotating slides, and this one says: "Acute is chemical injury, significant blow, pointed violence."

"Acute pain and impaired vision, part of the visual field missing."

"Not acute: routine inspections, certificate, verification of glasses."

"Not acute: Stinging, aching, itching and burning = dry eye. Stye." There are a few more, but you get the idea. And yet, a fair number of the patients who show up in the ER have dry eyes or just need glasses, which is really annoying when you have people waiting who are going blind or are in extreme pain. At least they're pretty good at triaging them to to be seen first.

I love this; all different kinds of flavored water, and it's very pretty, too.

Ooh, cake in the break room today.

Now that is a great fixation target.

$2 for a 1.5 liter bottle or $7.75 for 3.3 liters in cans. I really want the cans, but cheapness wins out.

You get a lot of benefits when you have kids here, but hauling them up and down escalators is not one.

My main use of YouTube on my phone: figuring out how to beat whichever level I'm currently stuck on in Angry Birds.

Ooh, this is a cool app. It's supposed to wake you up when it senses you're in a lighter part of sleep.

And it even tracks your level throughout the night. I wonder how accurate it is, though.

Aw, man, I'm using up my internet allowance on my phone too quickly. Gonna have to keep it just for maps and emergencies instead of using it all the time like I do in the US. Although in the US I usually use around 600-700MB, I'm supposed to have 500MB per month here, and it feels like I'm using it about the same. Hmm.

The presenter said I was probably the most distance webinar attendee they'd had so far, heh.