2011 Feb 20 | Spy Bar, brunch, boat tour

Lots of people waiting at the bus station.

The sign I made for Jenny's arrival.

Hmm, I think your "scarf" lost about 90% of it's fluffiness.

In front of Central Station.

Goodies from the US: a slot machine iPhone charger, a coin purse, and some McDonald's honey.

"You can wear that sweater here, but please don't wear it to the club tonight."

Jenny's first fall on the ice.

Which scared the bunnies away.

A guy in the t-bana playing some music.

I like this clock at Skanstull.

Salla and Eve opening presents.

Some red Converse shoes.

And some cartridges for her electronic hookah.

I love the smell of chocolate + vanilla.

Pre-drinking at Jägargatan. King's Cup, Circle of Death, Ring of Fire... whatever you call it, it's fun.

There are hundreds of variations, but these are some of my favorites.


Shots from Eve.

Which she kept bringing. :)

Plastic cups = fewer dishes.

Aw, such a cute contact lens case.

White Women Can Jump.

Oh yeah?

Waiting at the t-bana.

In Spy Bar.

Which had neat lighting.

Jenny and I.

All four of us.

The women with some drinks.

Neat ceiling.

More drinks.

Bottoms up.

One of the bars.

Another view.


Can't sleep in with these light curtains.

Although Jenny's pretty well insulated from any external stimuli, haha.

Grabbing some eggs to cook for the brunch.

Jenny making the bacon.

Going-away brunch for Aamu.

Tons of good food.

Trying to catch a quick nap on the T-bana.

The winter boat tour.

It starts just east of the Kungsträdgården T-bana.

The outside deck.

It was pretty cold, but they had reindeer skins to sit on and to cover up with.

Us with our reindeer-skin blanket.

The ship was actually an ice breaker.

Which was necessary because there was tons of ice.

Back towards the northwest.

Lots of buildings.

And lots of ice.

The Vasa museum.

Big chunks of ice.

The Vasa museum again.

Building up on a hill.

The main city.

Gamla Stan.

An old ship.

The Royal Palace.

A bridge.

East of the Royal Palace.

To the northeast.

The ROyal Palace again.

Gamla Stan.

A very expensive retirement home.

Neat building.

Birds on the ice.

Giant summer house.

The God the Father statue, with Him placing the stars in the sky.

Another view.

The first set of islands of the giant archipelago.

There's an old army artillery gun here.

More islands.

Heading back.

A map of our route.

The inside area.

View off the back of the boat.

The oldest automatic AGA lighthouse, which Gustaf Dalén won the Nobel Prize in physics for inventing.

A tour guide described all the sights to us.

Some neat buildings.

The sun is getting close to going down.

Off the back from the top.

By now pretty much everyone had gone inside.

The city.

The TV tower.

There were occasionally large flocks of birds standing on the ice.

Some would fly away when we got close, but some stayed.

I like this crane that looks like a giraffe.

Grona Lund Amusement Park.

Almost done.

Our ship.

Some nearby buildings.

And some sculptures in the park.

Jenny hangs onto the railing really tightly. I guess she doesn't want to fall.