2011 Feb 26 | City Hall, Royal Palace

City Hall.

This is the Blue Room, called that because it was originally supposed to be painted blue. However, the architect changed his mind. He also originally wanted a glass ceiling.

The largest organ in Scandinavia. Some of the pipes are so large they they were placed horizontally in the balcony.

The Green Room, where you can see one of the heating holes and a display of St George and the Dragon.

The pillars represent men and women.

The Hall of Three Crowns.

The chest had its insides torn out, which greatly upset the maker.

The Golden Hall, where the Nobel Prize dance is held. 10kg of gold leaf were used. At the end is the Queen of Lake Mälaren.

The Royal Palace. Just in time for the changing of the guard.

A room where kids could dress up in old-time outfits.

This was actually really, really heavy and a pain to get on.

Aw, it's closed.