2011 Feb 24 | Gondolen, Danderyds hospital

Haven't use the tools I've bought much, but they do occasionally come in handy. Like to tighten up my door lock.

Or a frying pan handle.

Lots of bread and butter and cheese for breaks at the hospital.

I didn't want to stand outside in the cold waiting for the bus.

But if I stood inside here, I could see it coming and get to the stop before it left.

You have to sometimes be careful with the buses. Two different ones arrived at the same time, so if you needed the bus that was farther back, you actually had to walk back to it because it pulled away from the curb and left rather than moving up to the bus stop and stopping again.

They cut off the broken traffic light by the university, but it looks like that other one got hit as well.

One of my favorite places on the bus because you can kind of sit on the bars and it's fun when the bus turns.

This guy is almost always here in the Fridhemsplan subway station selling CDs. You'd think the cops would hassle him, but since he never gets aggressive, maybe they just let him be.

Dumb filled garbage cans.

Her sweater matches her slippers.

"Um, Jenny, maybe I should clean and you should dry."

More rabbits. :)

Interesting little snow piles around the sticks.

View of downtown Stockholm.


Plowing the streets.

With a tractor, too.

All froze up.


Jenny wants some.

The Gongolen, a rather expensive restaurant with a nice view.

The entrees were fairly good.

View to the east.

View to the southwest.




It was pretty empty when we got there around 6pm.

But it filled up by 8:30pm, the time we had to leave.

The waiter brought around a big basket of different types of bread.

Although the picture on the menu didn't help my appetite.

Ooh, nummy dessert.

It had fudge sauce which was in a separate container. The fudge was so good we poured it all into the cup after everything else was gone and ate it straight.

You can go up another level and walk around.

Out onto this little bridge.

Which goes across to some small roads.

The tiny elevator.

Looks like this guy got in trouble for something.

Max, the Swedish McDonald's.

For the next two weeks, I'm doing pediatrics at Danderyds hospital instead of St Eriks.

One of the major reasons I don't wanna start smoking is because I don't want to have to stand outside and freeze to do it. I saw one guy out here in a hospital gown wheeling his IV around with him.

Some kind of construction at the hospital. That looks cold.

Although if it snows they cover everything up and stop.

Somebody left this Popsicle on the table at lunch. I wanted to grab it, but somebody might see me.

I don't think on top of the hot radiator is the best place to store extra toilet paper.

Wait, these bulbs have mercury? I haven't played with that since college when we broke an old thermometer. Time to break some lights!

I think I learn more Swedish watching The Simpsons than in any other manner.

Annoying for someone as OCD as me: some of the washers have a 62-minute cycle...

... and others have a 56-minute one, even with the same settings.

OK, what is this? Maybe a sign used to be glued onto the circle or something.

Apparently someone is annoyed about people making their reservations incorrectly.

Jenny bought some tapioca pearls to make pearl tea.

Uh oh, the washer flooded.

The slipperiest spot I come across is this area right outside the subway.

A big St. Bernard.

Looks like some kids sledded down the hill.

Some artwork at the hospital.

I think these guys have the best view out of a break room that I've seen so far.

Some trees.

And even the city.

Not to mention an outdoor patio for when it's nice outside.

The Lang stereotest. It's quick and easy (no glasses required), but I think the monocular clues are too obvious.

Even the hospital uses Ikea silverware.

There's a little library in the hospital with new journals.

An article about residents being employees, not students.

I hate these things. They restrict my toilet paper turning freedom, and even worse, if the TP is weak, it can tear before I want it to.

I'm on the 8th floor, and the exit is on the 4th.

If the elevator is on the 4th floor, it takes about an equal amount of time for me to call the elevator, wait for it, and take it down as it does to walk down the stairs.

A neat chocolate Jenny bought.

Guys setting up the Lidl displays for the next day right before closing.

I do this every time I beat a level in Angry Birds. Gotta enjoy the simple things in life.

These doors have lots of stickers saying they're out of order, but the stickers are pretty small, so people still walk right up to the doors and wait for a few seconds before realizing it.

I don't even want to know what that is.

OK, now the garbage is actually overflowing. Dumb floormates.

A pretty sunrise.

Which lights up the whole room.

A neat river on the way up to the hospital.

Sunrise in the other direction.

I wonder what a purse that tiny is for?

Metro is a free paper put out every day.

That's one fit woman.

Their comics are much racier, but I usually can't figure out what they're saying without using Google Translate. The naked lady is saying she had nothing to wear in her closet, and the woman in the red replies that the same thing happened with Karen (who's also naked in the background).

A mall at Mörby Centrum felt much more like an American mall to me. Here was a toy store.

Ooh, I loved this game as a kid!

Although US malls generally don't have liquor stores (then again, you can buy strong alcohol in way more places).

Fairly busy around lunchtime.

A little food area.

Apparently there's a huge book sale these few weeks.

They're still not cheap enough for me, though.

Long line at lunch.

The food court.

At first I thought this might be a normal part of the wall decorations.

But I think it's actually graffiti since this sign is talking about fixing the defect as soon as possible.

These little wheeled cart things are awesome.

This was really confusing. Someone put the subway map on upside down, but since I was looking at it backwards, it took me a while to figure it out.

I hate waiting at the outdoor subways; it's so cold.

On the way to the Globe.

A little shop near the Globen T-bana.

With the most random assortment of items I've seen in Sweden.

More completely-unrelated stuff.

Hey, pigeon, don't roost above me.

There were a ton of subway turnstile jumpers at the Globen T-bana. I'm not sure if I just noticed a lot more because I was waiting there and there are this many cheaters everywhere or if there are really more jumpers here, but I was surprised how many there were.

Some people I wouldn't have guessed would sneak through, like this guy.

Whereas these teenagers were running from outside the building, so it was pretty obvious they were gonna jump.

Although most people actually didn't jump; they kicked their leg in front of this electronic eye (that releases the bar when people come from the other direction), which released the bar in the wrong direction enough for them to squeeze through.

Another surprise jumper since she had what looks like a pretty expensive coat on.

A woman and her daughter who snuck through. Starting young; how sad.