2011 Mar 03 | Monica, Cafe Opera bartenders

A neat bird.

Pole dancing.

Now that looks cold.

One of the waiting rooms in the mainly-pediatrics section of the hospital.

And the other one. I know which one I'd rather wait in.

Big fluffy dog with the construction workers.

They can make these work through fabric; too bad they can't make them work while still in your pocket. Well, maybe they can, but it would create some really nasty radiation?

Some new posters that are all over the T-bana.

There are seven different ones.

And I think they're pretty attention-getting.

As is this one.

Mainly because as you pass by, a bunch of guys in the background become visible and then disappear again, which is quite freaky.

That's an interesting outfit. I bet her shins are warm, though.

The end of the (red) line to the north.

This woman was slowly and bumpily pushing her kid down the stairs, so I helped her carry it down.

At Odenplan.

"Unisex" skirt?

Not sure how many guys are going to wear that.

This old lady was only buying this tiny little slice of butter, and she could lift her arm enough to put it on the belt, so I lifted it up for her.

Honestly, why have the cents? Especially if you round them down at the end.

I didn't think there was any way this could be good, but it was actually very tasty. Good job, America.

One of the posters in the hospital explaining how you have to wait here while the dilation drops take effect. Pretty sure if that's what I had to do while waiting, I'd be more than happy to get the drops.

A doctor, nurse, and I were discussing whether this stain on the elevator button was blood or coffee.

Usually pointing and grunting works pretty well when you can't speak the language. In this case, some lady came up to me speaking Swedish, I asked her if she spoke English, and she said, "Gynekologi" while pointing up at her crotch. Yeah, it worked, but it was rather awkward.

No peach schnapps, although I could either find everything else or a decent substitute.

Neat machine in the grocery store to get fresh orange juice.

Putting glow-in-the-dark stars up in my bathroom. What a nerd; she's actually making a real constellation and is enough of a perfectionist to be using a picture she copied from the internet.

Neat machine in the grocery store to get fresh orange juice.

Oh, look, the same.

Wall 1.

Wall 2.

Wall 3.

Wall 4.


Playing with the plasma ball.

Better hope it doesn't give you cancer or something. And don't touch my laptop after playing with it, either.

Looks like purple bones.

I don't like how these numbers are set out.

Yeah, yummy bread day!

The newspaper rating different stores to buy semlor. 7-Eleven got a 0 in both taste and appearance, ouch.

This sheep creeps me out.

Fettisdagen is almost here.

Not sure what this red strip of light is in the overhead lights.

I didn't order meatloaf, but the other day I wanted meatloaf and got something else, so it balances out.

A ton of people waiting for the T-bana.

Lots of alcohol for Jell-O shots.

Drinks at Tudor Arms, supposedly the best pub in Stockholm.

So crowded.

Anywhere near the water is usually pretty.

Especially at night.

Neat little walkway.

Cafe Opera schooltender challenge finals.

I love the laser here.

It makes all kinds of cool shapes.

These hamburgers smelled soooo nummy, especially because we were pretty hungry.

Neat candles.

The KI guys.

They did some pretty good flair.

These guys were their opponents.

Not any flair, although they did make some neat drinks that were on fire and others that smoked.

They probably used dry ice, although I don't know if you can drink something after that's been in it.

Monica and I.

Some of the crowd.


And more.

A guy cleaning the dividers between the escalators. All he has to do is hold a cloth and the escalator does the rest.

It sure makes it easy to find them.

A neat gate.

Cool little bowling alley and restaurant downtown, although it's $65 for 1 hour of bowling per lane Monday-Friday after 4pm, ouch.

A lot of female mannequins here have nipples. Which I guess is more realistic, but it's a little distracting.

We were looking for ping pong balls and got all excited when we saw this sign. Not quite it, though.

Here are some!

Taking a picture of a guy taking a picture.

Those are, uh, interesting.

Hope that ice is thick.

Ooh, I like this shirt.

Buying hotdogs from a street vendor.

Cheap and fairly good.

The glass was broken out of this divider.

Monica running up the escalator.

Lots of people looking for rooms. I wonder how desperate they are and if I could stuff like four of them in my room and charge a couple hundred kronor a piece.

Making Jell-O shots.

A cool room.

This Asian on the left had interesting hair. That's gotta be a wig, right?

Pretty view from Gondolen, especially around sunset.

The other way.


I love these shoes. Sparkly.

This couple left that almost uneaten snack on the table. I was gonna grab it after they were gone, but they hung around until the waitress took it, sigh.

Orange hair and blue leggings. That's interesting.

Monica pointed out that the t-bana cars are all named.

The music at this place sounded fun.