2011 Mar 04 | Jell-O shot party, Pure

We had a party Friday night where Monica and I made Jell-O shots. Some we made the night before.

Monica making the Jell-O.



Lots of pouring.

And some more.

Don't drop them!


Putting the whipped cream in the middle.

Extra alcohol.

Ones with gummy fish.

Sex on the beach.


Orange slices.

Red, white, and blue layered.

Ones with gummy bears inside.


Jolly Rachers (and they tasted exactly like them).


All of them.

Monica and I.

Some of our early friends.

And it begins.

Taking a shot.

Trying the orange.

Only a few people so far.

Fun with the oranges.

More fun.

Still getting ready to go out, but have to try some shots first.

Downing one.


Cherries in the bottom.

Having some more.

The mojitos.

Gummy fish.


Hey, no fair using straws!

That's cheating.

More shots.

Some of the girls.

A few more people showed up.


And even more people.

Good thing these people showed up; we were worried we'd have to finish them all ourselves.

Although they didn't really have that much alcohol in them.

The alcohol we used.

Still going strong.

Come on, you can do it.

There you go.

Getting crowded.

Trying some out.

Stained tongue.

Really crowded now.

Ooh, some people brought desserts.

Still some shots left.

People on the couches.

And chairs.

And standing.

Having fun.

Even more people.

Big group now.

It's really a party.

Everyone is still doing the Jell-O shots.

Although some people brought other drinks.

And more other drinks.

Shots and a beer.

Two shots.

Still going strong.

Still having fun.


Me with a shot.

Still crowded.

Everybody doing a shot.

Still food left on the table.

Getting a piece of pie.

The shots are starting to run out now.

But people are still having fun.

And there's still more dessert.

Onto beer.

More beer.

And wine.

And the Jell-O shots are gone.

Off to a nightclub and drinking in the elevator.

Drinking in the subway station.

Running off to pee in the park.

Because of the long line.

Interesting decorations near the women's bathroom.

Pretty fun club.

Lots of lasers.

Our group dancing.

And posing.

Even some card tables.

Lots of lights.

Pretty chandalier.

Dancing some more.

Taking a break on the couch.

Flaming presentation.


And waving their hands in the air.

Another room with different music.

Lots of people.

And some of our group again.