2011 Mar 05 | skiing at Hammarbybacken

There's the hill.

Long line.

And it doesn't move very fast.

Kids playing king of the hill.

Some spots in line were really icy and slippery.

Kids pushing each other off this rock.

Probably had more fun doing that than skiing.

A view from the top, looking north.









Getting off the lifts.




Pretty view of the city.

Looking up one of the runs.

And down.

A steeper one.

Kids could just go under the board on the right rather than through the turnstiles.

The lift was one that pushes you up.

If you fell off, it was a steep walk back down.

Us again.

Looking down at the lift.

A pretty view while going up the lift.

Monica going down.


Sitting down.

More skiers.

The easy hill.

Ducks out on the water.

Sun right over the hill.

Another view downtown.

Interesting cloud.

Me again.

Monica with the Globe behind her.

Monica again.

The hard run.

Pretty steak.

And a big icy patch here.

Big ad.

Going up the lift again.

More people who fell off the lift.

It got a little crowded at the bottom of the lift, but it was never a really long wait; nothing more than five minutes.

Looking over the edge.

Going up again.

It was really windy and cold at the top.

The main run.

Some jumps.

People going over them.

Me explaining to Monica how my legs were when I was sliding down the ice on my side on the hard run.

The bunny slope had this moving walkway to go up the hill.

A guy pushing his bike all the way up the hill.

Neat cloud.

Over the Globe.

The line's a bit longer, but still pretty fast.

The hill again as we leave.