2011 Mar 06 | Tom Tits Experiment

Taking the train there.

We bought tickets and only then realized it was a pendeltåg, so we could have just used our SL cards. A $30 lesson.

The train wasn't too busy.

Our stop.

Tom Tits Experiment.

There's an outdoors section, but obviously it wasn't open.

Smoke thingy.

A smoke blower.

With different images projected onto it.

Another picture.

There are about six images that repeat.

This one even has the place's name.

Two-way mirrors that you can adjust the lighting on to either reflect or project more. If you get it right, your faces kind of merge; otherwise, one face image predominates.

OK, that was pretty weird.


Different-colored shadows.

You want multiple limbs for more colors.

A spinning color stick thing.

You could change the speed.


Making bubbles with air blowers on hoses.

Not bad.





A bubble wall.

Some sort of climbing wall + colored lights game. I think the goal was to press the most lit-up hand holds.

Ball races.

Rope on an electric motor.

Radio in front of a parabola.

A mock classroom.

Lots of puzzles.

A diver.

This was really cool. There was a spinning wheel in the middle of the table and you could place discs on it to roll around.

Perpetual motion (well, almost; dumb friction).

Multiple ball paths.

Don't know how it does that.

Riding a bicycle to create electricity.

Different switches.

You could make the lights or fan turn on.

A robot arm.

That stacked blocks.

You could tell it to do it slow, medium, or fast and then race it with your own blocks.

One of those avoid-touching-the-wire-with-the-metal-ring games. The robot arm obviously won this easily.

Scientists, what nerds.

Monica: "No way would they actually let you lift yourself up." Me: "See? It doesn't even go a foot off the ground." Although I was a bit disappointed; I wanted to get to the ceiling.

Room full of cool things.

And more.

Playing a ball labyrinth game.

I had one as a kid, but not nearly this size.



And she got it!

A giant board of pins you could push things into. Although at this point, I simply couldn't push any more; the resistance was too strong.

Pin indentations on my face.

And upside-down mirror.

Building an arch.

Is it gonna hold?


Hey, what's this? A ball just dropped into it. I wonder where it came from.

Around this way.

Through this loop.

Up to the ceiling.

Over there.

And finally to here, where you put the balls in. It takes about 30 seconds for them to make the route.

A bicycle -powered fan.

Neat stuff everywhere.


When you blocked a light path, an instrument or chimes or notes would play, depending on which setting you put it on, so you could make a song.

Lunch time.

This area was for people who bought their lunch here; there was a big room on the first floor with tables for people who brought lunch.

The almonds were the best.

Bird with a fish.

Nail chairs? I don't know about this.

Just because I've seen it on TV and done it before doesn't mean it will work this time.

Not too bad, although I could actually feel some.

Hey! That chair has them much closer together! Not fair!

Giant table and chairs.

Echo tube. Monica at first thought it was for kids to climb through, haha.

They had some different programs, too.

Although we didn't do any.

Curved mirror.

Pretty normal here.

Trace the star in the mirror.

Sure, she can do it because she does her hair in the mirror every morning.

The best method for me was to just ignore the mirror and draw it from memory.

Outdoor areas.

Although there was more than enough to do inside.

Putting sand on spinning plates. You could control their speed.

Tubes that play different notes.

Rings slide down different metals at different rates.

The coolest lecture hall ever; it's modeled after the periodic table.

And all the seats are labeled.

Metals of different density and weight.

A classroom.

Lots of liquids.

And lots of instruments.

Giant flask of something.

Shapes with different numbers of sides.

I think this was supposed to give you a feeling of having a ghost hand, but it didn't work for us.

Lots of optical illusions on the wall.

It looked like they were dancing if you viewed it through a slit.

3D stereograms, and even one made with coins.

You could watch the cooks preparing the food here.

A model of a male human.

Some neat artwork.

Another view of the outside.

A huge room on the top floor.

Heart and lungs.

Spinal cord.


A heat camera.

Replacement parts.

More stuff over here.

Body slices.

A memory game like Simon.

Some sort of game where you tried to move the ball using your brainwaves.

Although we couldn't really figure out which thoughts made it move.

Should we think about something in particular? Or not think at all? Thinking about music or music videos seemed to be the worst.

Lots of different glasses.

So much stuff to play with.

Even an autorefractor.

Although we couldn't get it to work.

And glasses to simulate different vision defects.

Testing monocular distance matching.

A model with a pitchfork.

Don't touch the wire!

Anatomy models.

A pregnancy simulator.

Lots of artwork.

Some with mothers and babies.

Although this set was different.

Pretty sure it was foreplay examples.

Not something you'd expect to find in a place meant for children.

More neat photos.

A spirometer.

Resistance on both the way down...

... and the way up.

A punching bag.

Lots of fun.


X-ray of high heels.

More x-rays.

Monica kept telling me to put my head in here, but since I didn't know what it was for, I was a little wary of that.

Trying to figure out where someone tapped on the tube behind you.

Fetus progression.

A hall of mirrors.

I see you! Although I don't know how to get there.

A cubic meter.

The records for the number of people to fit in it.

Will the fun never end?

One of those rooms that makes you look bigger or smaller.

Lots of stuff in this corner.

A narrow doorway.

Giant table and chairs.

A harness to jump high.

Aw, that's crap.

Try to make a bank shot.

Test your might.

Not bad.

Different strength levels indicated different countries?

Lots of balls.

Ooh, a slide.

You have to use a rug.

And it even goes outside!

Freaky jail cell.

A scintillating grid illusion in the bathroom where you see gray dots at the intersections.

The bathrooms.

I don't think that's advisable.

Nor that.

Nor that.

And definitely not that.

Awesome carts that move when you swing the handlebars.

Infinite lights.

I wonder how many other people strike a James Bond pose for this?


Giant swings.

Guessing the smells.

Mixing colors.

Playing with the musical lights again.

Oh, that's what you're supposed to do with the smoke thing!

Interactive floor display.

12-player In the Groove 2? AWESOME!

Although somebody set the difficulty really high, so all the kids quit.

I guess I'll have to do it myself.

Fun, but much more so with all the other players.

Walking stick insects.

Lots of bugs.

Time to go.

A bit more of the outdoor section.

A little promenade area on the way to the train station.

With lots of shops.

A central area with a bandstand.

More shops.

Napping on the way home after a super-fun day.