2011 Mar 08 | Ice Bar, iPhone games

The cops grabbing some guy for something. A rare sight here.

That's gotta be cold.

The mushroom, a common meeting place near a lot of clubs.

After a long night, might as well sit down on the escalator.

Cleaning the subway in the morning.

Kids sledding down a little hill.

Max is the Swedish McDonald's.

A neat hotel.

Monica cooking chili.

How our family interacts after a few days: I watch my movie on my computer while eating and she watches her movie on her computer.

Making chocolate chip muffins.

Usually people move to the inside seats so other people can come onto the outer ones, but here everyone was on outside seats.

Neat name for a sushi place.

Hope the train never has to use those.

Lots of vending machines.

Although interestingly, they all have condoms.

Don't block the train driver in.

Pretty sunset by City Hall.

It was funny the first time, but not any more.

That's an expensive pizza: $30 for a full one, $7 for a slice. Although it is in Central Station.

Pretty dresses.

Neat room.

Monica at the Ice Bar.

Getting a drink.

Pretty drinks.

Lots of people.

By the jellyfish sculpture.

More drinks.

There are little fish swimming around in these portholes.

Oh, wait, that's a whale. It's actually computer screens behind the portholes, not actual fish.


Us again.

Monica inside.


Semla in the hospital break room.

There are only a few TV stations.

This one shows a lot of US shows.

As does this one.

One of the problems with melting snow: the sidewalks get all wet.

It's actually better to walk on the snowy edges.

That's an interesting piece of art.

Some older equipment they still use at the hospital, like a Goldmann visual field.

And a Lee screen.

Although this one is brand new: a Topcon OCT.

Expensive chocolates.

$14 for a little bar, although it's supposed to be really good.

Birthday presents from mom and dad.


Birthday presents from Monica.

A book of mistranslations one of the orthoptists at the hospital lent me. This is one of my favorites.

As is this resume.

I finally figured out that this is how you close applications on the iPhone after Monica told me about it.

I hate being limited on my internet usage.

The reviews for iPhone apps are pretty much worthless. They're mostly advertisements for other apps and bad spelling.

Professional photos with the iPhone? I don't think so.

One of my favorite games, Angry Birds. I like the interesting levels like this one.

And this one is neat because you shoot the birds into the rocks to kill the pigs indirectly.

I usually hate levels like this one where you have to bust through a lot of boards.

Another neat level where you can make the pigs all fall on each other.

Lots of TNT: that's fun, too.

It's like plinko.

Pretty background.

A big level.

Another fun game.

It's an overhead shooter.

Although there are lots of pictures of scantily-clad women.

Pretty sure those proportions aren't possible.

That one's not so bad.

Sexy scientist.

Like the old bomber pictures.